His Warmth
A Harry Potter and Lavender Brown Drabble

Lavender had been inconsolable all day. Her baby rabbit, Binky, had died yesterday evening and she'd received the letter a few hours ago. She loved professor Trelawney, but why, just why, did the woman have to be right? Sobbing, still uncontrollably, in the Gryffindor common room during what should have been dinner, Lavender lay curled up in a ball, looking out into the eerie night sky. Her face was pressed against the cold glass, her once warm cheeks drained of colour to support her ever-redding eyes.

Silently, she sniffed, wiping the most recent tears streaming down her face from her cheek. Taking a deep breath, she sighed and hiccuped, longing for a chance to hold the soft creature close during its final moments, but she hadn't had that chance.

As she steadied her breath, she found a surprise warmth in a pair of strong arms that wrapped around her from behind and began to pull her close. She could feel her comforter's soft hair brush against her cheek, just like her Binky's tail used to. Once again sniffing, this time more audibly, Lavender allowed herself to relax in his embrace, finally resting her ear against his chest.

She'd always thought of him as the Boy-Who-Lived, never as another human being, just like her, who had to live through the rough times that life forced upon her and others. She was glad though, that he held her like he did. She could feel his warmth, his softness in breath - just like her bunny's.

A/N: Just a short drabble I came up with after spending some time at the Reviews Lounge forums. Tell me what you think.