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Main Characters: Uchiha Shisui, Uchiha Itachi

Theme/Prompt: "Let the world turn without you tonight."

Additional Notes: Yea, yea. More themes. They're kinda fun though. . .

The Forgotten One


He has changed. My eyes follow him as he moves across the training field, his movements so precise and fluid it is frightening. Never a misstep, never a falter, and I almost hate it. He has changed. I laugh a little, now, realizing that I have changed as well. There was a time when I had seen him as an annoyance, a little eight year old brat that tailed me through the streets and alleys and rooms until I would turn and scream at him. He never flinched when I screamed—indeed, he did not move an inch, not even a twitch. He still doesn't. Years separate us—scant years that mean nothing in the full scheme of things. I wonder. . . He speaks so little to me anymore, to anyone. Not even his brother. Odd, that is. I fear that something is not right. He worries me sometimes, and I know he knows this. However, whether he cares of my worry or not, I cannot tell. He broods, and I worry. That has been the unspoken arrangement between us for a while now, since he passed the Chuunin Exam. I suppose I should not worry—Itachi-kun is more than capable of managing his own life, not that he has any control, with thanks to his father. Fugaku-taichou. . . I disapprove of his treatment of his sons, but there is nothing I can do to my uncle. He is beyond my reach, and I fear . . . I fear that Itachi-kun may be as well, soon. It frightens me.

I am aware that Itachi-kun is far stronger than I shall ever be. I know it. He knows it. He trains relentlessly, and it, as well as his lack of speaking, worries me. I see him there, again, today. I know he is aware of my presence so there is no need to announce myself. He is in a mock battle with his father—and Fugaku-taichou seems to be losing, the way I see it. Something is burning in Itachi-kun's eyes, and I can tell that Fugaku-taichou does not like it. I'm not sure I do, either. In seconds, a moment of spontaneity on my part, I am between them, my kunai clashing against the katana Itachi-kun wields. I can see Fugaku-taichou's eyes widen in my peripheral but Itachi-kun only allows me a second of reprieve before he strikes again, attempting to kick my feet from under me. I know this technique well, having been the one to show it to him in the first place. It's a somewhat dirty move, but I had never seen a point to rules in battle. I flicker behind him, my kunai to his throat, which becomes a log as I feel metal at my back. I, in turn, use substitution with the log he had used—we stand facing off once more.

He glares at me, and I smile back—a usual thing. I put my kunai away, stepping towards him. "Very good Itachi-kun."

He does nothing more than narrow his eyes. I do not falter, but I am tense—he has yet to drop his stance and the sun is gleaming down the blade of his katana. Fugaku-taichou says nothing.

"How about we get some dango, eh? A reward for doing so well—to the both of us."

A tense moment more and he finally shifts, dropping the stance as he lowers his katana. Another moment passes and he sheaths it; I sigh a little. "Fine."

I know well that Fugaku-taichou is not happy with the proceedings—I see as much when I turn to bow to him. At this point, however, I don't care. "Well, we're off then, Taichou."

He grunts gruffly. "Fine. Have him back by tonight. He has a mission." He turns to leave as well, in the opposite direction.

I frown. This will not do. "Taichou," I call; he pauses, though he doesn't look back. "Taichou, forgive me, but I had planned to have Itachi-kun accompany me on guard duty—surely that would be an informative excursion for him?"

Fugaku-taichou says nothing for a moment.

"Please, Tou-san. I would rather like to join Shisui-san."

I blink in surprise and stare at Itachi-kun. That was the most he'd said in a while, and I was relieved to learn he had not lost his voice completely. I found I had missed the sound of it.

A bird crows somewhere and I suppose that Fugaku-taichou sees the futility of it, this ultimately petty argument; he agrees reluctantly and leaves us. Time passes in silence and soon we arrive at the small dango shop that Itachi so loved. He still does—I notice he increases his pace slightly as we near it and I can almost hear the childish laughter of who he once was echoing off the air and time. I smile sadly to myself. Fugaku-taichou and the Academy have certainly changed him. He finds us a seat; I sit across from him, my back to the street. We order and the waitress scampers away, twittering probably about the two "beautiful Uchiha." What a nuisance to be in this family, sometimes. . .

We eat in relative silence. Not entirely unusual, of course, but not necessarily welcome, either. The silence stretches and before I know it, we are done and not a single word has passed between us. I scowl at the stripped dango skewers in my frustration. Across from me, Itachi-kun is staring out at the passing crowd, his face utterly blank. It's how he is—no emotion—and somehow I find that sad. Perfect shinobi, imperfect human. Sometimes I wish he would show me a smile, even if it is fake. The day—or rather, afternoon—is cool, but not cold. I'm thankful—the cold is not kind to me and I wish to stay outside. I have a present for Itachi-kun, after all. I glance at him; his sharingan eyes are focused on me and I flash him a quick smile.

"C'mon—there's something I want to show you." I search his face for a moment for anything—a glint of curiosity, a flicker of mischievousness—anything. I find nothing.

He follows willingly, trailing behind me languidly, but I can tell that he is watching the clock inside his head; he is counting the minutes to his would-have-been mission. I know he feels that he should have gone on the mission, and I was shocked that he decided to come at all. Now I just had to keep him with me, for I feel that I will lose him entirely otherwise. I lead him to the gates and through them, past them, away from them—away from Konoha. His questioning gaze is boring a hole in between my shoulder blades, and really it's beginning to become irksome but I ignore as best I can. He says nothing as we walk through the forest, the twilight painting it dusty gold and velvet grey-black. I wonder if he even notices the beauty around him anymore or if Fugaku-taichou has beaten it out of him. I swallow at the thought and quicken my pace slightly.

We are nearly there when he finally speaks. "Shisui-san, what are we doing here? Do you not have guard duty to attend to?"

I can't help it; my laughter bubbles out of my throat and into the crisp night air, more carefree than I truly feel. "Itachi-kun, how long have you known me that you cannot tell when I am lying?"

His footsteps stop and I know he is angry with me—I can feel it in his gaze and in the air. I turn and smile over my shoulder. "C'mon Itachi-kun; a break will do you good." I take a few more steps, but he does not follow and I stop again, frowning this time. "Itachi-kun? Oh don't be like this. Forget the mission for once—come with me."

He glares but follows just as reluctantly as his father had given permission. Another five minutes or so and we arrive at my well-kept secret. It is a small river that runs through the forest, a small hill overlooking it and providing the prefect view of Konoha and the sky. Twilight is ending as we reach it, a blanket of blazing red and orange and black intermingling. It looks like fire behind the buildings. The grass is like silk as I flop down beside the bank, the river a silver snake that sparkles and glitters. Itachi-kun makes no move to join me as he stands at the edge of the forest. I sigh, heaving myself to my feet once more and trotting back to him, slowing to stop a few feet in front of him, my grin tired now.

"Itachi-kun," I mutter, scratching the back of my neck; I sigh again, shaking my head. "C'mon. Let the world turn without you tonight." He raises one thin eyebrow and I smile half-heartedly. Something has changed.

Finally, he shrugs and walks passed me to settle much more gracefully than I had on the green carpet. I watch him for a moment before following. For just a while, I fully intend to let my worries go. The world will keep turning, even if Itachi-kun and I aren't there, and I only wish he would realize that.


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