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Shikamaru shoved his mask to the side of his face and leaned against the wall, gasping. The night was fucking cold, and the chill started to bite into his skin as soon as he'd stopped moving.

He had to stop, though. He was pretty sure he was about to throw up.

Fuck this shit. He'd known, going in, that it was going to be bad, but he'd not really anticipated how very bad it could be. ANBU wasn't a place for weakness. Shikamaru had thought he was strong.

Maybe I was wrong.

He leaned over, trying to quell the desire to spew the contents of his stomach (water and a ration bar; he'd eaten light) onto the ground.

He felt someone approaching and huffed, pulling his mask back into place.

"Hey." Another ANBU. A slender man, his ANBU mask firmly in place. Honey coloured hair. Shikamaru knew who it was; he wasn't a genius for nothing. But he didn't say anything. It wasn't worth it.

The other ANBU grabbed his shoulder and pushed him against the tree, his hands running down his sides, seeking injuries. "You alright?"

"Fine." Shika spat, turning his head away. He didn't like to be touched; he didn't want to be touched.

"Mmm." Genma completed his search and suddenly grabbed Shika's mask, flipping it up. "You're not fine."

"Stop." Shika said, suddenly weary. He didn't want to be babied either.

Nor did he want to admit, even just to himself, how very much he wanted to pitch forward and bury his face in the other man's chest, to have the other man wrap his arms around him and just hold him until the sickness past, until he felt warm again.

"Kid, it's alright." Genma said quietly. He reached up and shoved his own mask away, then touched Shika's cheek gently with his finger. "It's alright."

Shika lost the fight and brought his hands up to clutch at Genma's chest armour, his fingers splaying over the hard white surface, his body hunching and falling forward. Genma caught him and held him, steady as a rock.

Shika didn't know how they ended up on the ground. His back was against the tree and Genma was half-crouching, half-leaning over him, still holding him. Genma's hands were gently rubbing Shika's hips, right under where the armour stopped-the first point of availability. Shika trembled, still pressed against the other man.

Suddenly, Shika needed to be touched. Arching into the other man's body, he tipped his head back and moaned softly, his eyes fluttering shut. Genma's hands on his hips felt so good, so real, so solid.

Genma made a soft sound, someplace between sympathy and annoyance. Then he was kissing Shika, his lips hard and demanding, while his hand worked at Shika's pants. Shika kissed him back, unpracticed but needy.

Genma finally got his pants open and slid his hand inside, palming Shika's cock. Shika groaned, his hips bucking at the touch. His mind had gone, blown, shattered. He was fire and need and hunger, and Genma was the only thing in the entire world.

Genma's hand fisted around his cock and started moving, the friction making Shika whimper and writhe, their tongues fighting. Shika shifted his hands to Genma's shoulders and just hung on. Then Genma pulled his mouth and hand away and Shika whined at the loss.

"Shift down, kid." Genma said hoarsely. Shika mindlessly obeyed, feeling the bite of the bark against his back even through the armour. Then Genma was kneeling in front of him and Shika nearly screamed as Genma's tongue rasped along his length, from base to head. Genma swirled his tongue around his throbbing head and then took it all inside.

Shika bucked into his mouth and Genma groaned softly, grabbing his hips to still his movements. Genma's tongue throbbed against Shika's erection as he began to suck and move, taking more of Shika's cock into his mouth with each plunge. Shika heard continuous soft sounds, almost begging, and realized dimly it was his voice.

Genma pulled all the way back and then plunged his mouth down, his cheeks hollowing with suction. It was too much for Shikamaru; gasping, his body jerked and he felt his breath stutter to a halt as he flooded the older man's mouth with his essence. Genma took it all, sucking and licking Shikamaru's cock, making soft pleased sounds.

When Shika came back to himself, he was cradled in Genma's arms. Genma had finished cleaning him and tucked him back into his pants, then pulled him into his embrace and was gently stroking his neck, his eyes watching the forest warily.

"C'mon kid. Let's get home." Genma whispered. Shika wearily allowed Genma to stand him up. Before he pulled Shika's mask back, Genma claimed a slow, sweet kiss. Shika could taste a faint, slightly bitter aftertaste on his tongue. Then Genma pulled their masks down and they took off through the forest, heading back to the Leaf Village.

Shikamaru sat silently, his hands cupped around a mug of tea. The tea was steaming gently in the cool morning air.

Shika felt heavy and lethargic; it was too much of a bother to try and fight off the feeling. It had been two days since the mission; two days since Genma's strange and rather worrying blowjob in the forest.

What was that, Shika wondered. Why did I let him? Let him? Hah. I begged for it. And he did it for me. He didn't get anything back; I'm not sure he even got hard. Was it pity? Did he do it because he thought he had to?

Why do I care?

Shika sighed and lifted his hand to rub his face. He had another mission this afternoon.

He heard noises behind him and stiffened. God, he hoped it wasn't his mother. She'd been nagging him ever since he'd gotten back.

I need my own apartment, he thought with a sigh. But the thought of coming home to an empty, cold room wasn't appealing either. Maybe Chouji would like to be my roommate…

"Shika?" Shikamaru sighed in relief. His father, not his mother…

"You're up early." Shikamaru said quietly, shifting his fingers on the cup. Shikaku laughed and sat down across from him, giving him a sleepy grin.

"I'm taking a team." Shikaku said quietly. "Your mom's not real happy about it, but…there's a shortage of eligible jounin for genin teams, and the Hokage asked some of us older jounin to slip out of retirement and take them. We're having a meeting this morning."

"Oh." Shikamaru said quietly. "That's why she's being so…"

"Fussy." Shikaku nodded. "She's worried. Although it galls me to admit, I'm a little out of practice. But I can still fight…"

Shikamaru glanced at his father, smiling a little. "Yeah. You proved that during the invasion."

"Yep." Shikaku said with a smile. "I was kind of surprised, at first, that they didn't ask you, but…"

Shikamaru shrugged. Shikaku gave him a long, thoughtful look and sighed.

"You're in ANBU, aren't you?" Shikaku said abruptly.

"Yeah." Shikamaru wondered how much trouble he'd be in for telling his father, then dismissed it. It wasn't hard to figure out, even if his father wasn't the genius that Shikamaru was.

"Huh. Kind of figured." Shikaku hesitated, then reached out and touched his son's wrist. "You ok?"

"Yeah." Shikamaru said quietly, fighting the urge to shrug his father's touch off. "I'm fine. It's…hard. But…"

"But you're strong." Shikaku said firmly. Shikamaru glanced at him again and met his father's concerned, proud black eyes. "You'll be ok."

"Yeah." Shikamaru said. He wasn't sure he believed it.

Shikamaru tipped his head back and let the hot water pound into his shoulders. The mission was over; he'd done an adequate job, despite his internal confusion. For the millionth time since he'd joined ANBU, Shika thanked whatever kind soul had insisted on adding a shower room into the ANBU headquarters. He needed the shower; he'd come home spattered in blood and bone-weary.

He was so dazed he didn't feel the other presence in the room until someone touched his shoulder. Startled, Shika whirled around, his hand coming up to ward off whoever it was that had gotten so close.

Genma. Genma stared at him with concerned, amber-coloured eyes and grabbed Shika's shoulders, his fingers digging into his skin. "Hey kid. You alright?"

"Fine." Shika stared at him, the memory of Genma's lips on his cock making his mind teeter. "Fine."

"You don't look fine." Genma said after a moment. Genma's eyes seemed to bore into his skull, and Shika looked away.

"Kid." Genma's hand slipped under his chin, forced it back up. Then Genma was kissing him and damn if Shika wasn't kissing him back. Shika didn't know why he was, only that it felt so good and he was so confused and uncertain…

Genma pulled away, sighing. "Shikamaru. Don't. It's ok. I swear. It's normal; it happens to us all. It's mission sex and it's perfectly normal. Especially in ANBU; most especially with us."

"I…" Shika murmured.

Genma sighed. "You're a virgin, aren't you? Totally…that was your first blowjob." Genma sounded tired. "Shit."

"I'm confused." Shika admitted quietly, still not looking the other man in the eye. "I…"

"Shh." Genma pulled Shika against him and wrapped his arms around the smaller man, nestling Shika's head into his shoulder. "It's alright."

Shikamaru let himself relax and closed his eyes, his mind finally starting to clear for the first time since the mission.

It's about trust, he thought suddenly.

Trust and proving that you're alive and releasing the fear and pain and anger. It wasn't about the sex. It was a celebration of life. It was an expression of relief and of the bond between the ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Because at the end of the day, who else could possibly understand what you were feeling?

I think I understand, Shika thought with a sigh.

And it's not really something that can be explained. He laughed, softly, and Genma pushed him away a little, his expression gently inquisitive.

"Sorry." Shika met his eyes and smiled. "I think I just…just got it."

"They say you're a genius." Genma laughed back at him, and then Shika kissed him.

They both heard a sound and Shika stiffened a bit. Genma let him pull his face away but firmly kept him in the circle of his arms.

"Sorry." Raidou stumbled in, looking exhausted. Behind him, a ninja Shikamaru vaguely knew walked in, cradling his arm and looking drained.

"Bad?" Genma asked, idly stroking his hands down Shika's spine. Shikamaru relaxed, laying his head on Genma's chest and watching the other ninja.

"Pretty bad." The other ninja…Tenzou, Shika recalled suddenly, shook his head and hissed as the motion irritated his arm. "You two just back in?"

"Yes." Genma said quietly. "But separately."

Raidou studied them, his dark eyes thoughtful. "Breaking a virgin, Gen?"

Shikamaru flushed but smiled, shyness and that strange inner peace warring on his face. Genma laughed softly and continued his stroking motions, soothing Shikamaru firmly.

"Yes." Genma said again.

"You listen to Genma." Tenzou said with a smile. "He'll get you sorted out."

Raidou laughed and Shika blushed harder, shyness winning as he buried his face in Genma's chest.

Tenzou touched Raidou's back with gentle fingers and then walked over to Genma and Shika. "By all reports, you're doing very well. I look forward to working with you." Shikamaru turned and smiled at him, and Tenzou leaned forward and kissed him firmly on the lips. Raidou took his place and kissed him as well, and then the two turned and left, Raidou looping his arm steadying over Tenzou's shoulders.

Shikamaru was still blushing. Genma never stopped the slow, gentle motion of his fingers as he waited for Shika to make his decision.