But Shika had already done it; he turned his face back to Genma and kissed him again, wordlessly showing Genma what he was feeling. Genma chuckled against his lips and returned the kiss, nibbling gently on Shika's lower lip, then lazily slipping his tongue into Shika's to explore.

Shika was trembling; Genma was practically holding him up. Finally, Genma released the kiss and smiled at him, his amber eyes full of a lazy heat. "Come. Dry off. I don't want to do this here; not only could anyone walk in, but…mmm. Your first time shouldn't be in the shower room of ANBU headquarters."

Shika laughed, his shyness and embarrassment disappearing. "Yeah, that wouldn't be a great thing. Where?"

"My house." Genma said firmly. "Rai's my room mate and he knows what's going on, so he won't bother us. Come, get dressed."

Shika nodded and reluctantly parted from Genma. They dried each other off, trading slow kisses and gentle caresses. Then they dressed and left, walking side-by-side. Ibiki was in the main room; he glanced at them and nodded shortly, but made no comment past a quiet, "You have someplace?"

Genma nodded and Ibiki nodded in return. Then they were on the street. Shika wondered impatiently how far away Genma lived.

It proved to be a long walk; Genma broke it up by randomly pulling him into secluded alleyways and kissing him, pressing him against the wall and driving Shikamaru to the point where he was about ready to tell Genma that the showers might have been a bad idea, but this alley looks fine, thank you. But they reached Genma's home and fell inside, already peeling their clothes off.

He was naked by the time they got to the bedroom; Genma wasn't far behind, pausing only to kick his pants off before pushing Shikamaru into the bed and falling on top of him, grabbing his wrists and forcing them above Shika's head while he fastened his mouth on Shika's.

His kisses were no longer gentle or slow; he plundered Shika's mouth mercilessly, tongue probing and claiming. Shikamaru moaned and arched into his body, gasping when he felt his erection sliding across Genma's smooth, hot skin. Genma's own hardness was digging into his hip.

Genma broke the kiss and attacked his neck, biting and licking, sucking on Shika's skin, his hand moving to knead the hard muscle of Shika's stomach. Shika gasped in appreciation and curled his fingers into the sheets. Genma slowly worked his way down Shika's throat, stopping to nibble on the sharp line of Shika's collar and then swerving to the side to roughly lick one of Shika's nipples. Shika gasped again, his hip bucking, and Genma's fingers dug into Shika's stomach.

Genma gave him a wicked grin and then fastened his mouth around Shika's nipple, sucking hard and swapping his tongue around the sensitive point. Shikamaru bucked again, crying out in surprise.

Then Genma's hands were gently playing with Shika's balls as he moved down Shika's chest, biting and licking at the taunt skin. Shika tipped his head up to watch, fascinated, as Genma came to his cock.

He was rock hard and straining; Genma gave a soft, appreciative purr and nuzzled it, stroking it gently with his cheek. Shika's strangled moan made his grin again. This time, he flicked his tongue out and gave his cock a series of small, kitten-like licks, working from the base to the head and back down again. Shikamaru nearly went cross-eyed with pleasure.

Genma kissed the soft head, then took it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the small hole, his hand still fondling Shika's balls. Teasingly, he withdrew his mouth and leaned over to suck the skin of Shika's inner thighs. Shika groaned a protest and arched his back, thrusting his cock into the air, wordlessly begging.

Genma lowered his mouth and slowly took Shika's erection into his mouth, relaxing his throat and continuing his motion until his lips touched the skin at the base of his cock. Then he carefully swallowed.

Shika nearly came off the bed in shock, his mouth snapping open and a heated groan escaping. Genma chuckled, and the vibrations against Shika's cock made him arch again, panting brokenly.

Then Genma started moving, and Shika was bucking helplessly into his mouth, a string of intelligible words falling from his lips. SO close…he could eel the pressure building, filling him.

But it continued, past the point where Shika thought he was going to die from sheer pleasure. After a moment, he tipped his head back and saw that Genma was doing something, pinching something, which was holding back his glorious release. Whimpering in protest, he wiggled, and Genma released his cock with a wet pop.

"Not yet." Genma purred. His amber eyes were staring at Shika with equal parts predatory heat, possessive amusement, and utter, complete lust. "Sit up."

Shika pushed himself up, trembling. Genma kissed him again and then guided him to slide of the bed and kneel. Genma swung his legs around and straddled Shikamaru, his cock thrusting into Shika's face. "My turn."

Shikamaru willingly lowered his face and took the head of Genma's cock in his mouth. Remembering what Genma had done to him, he sucked lightly at the head, his tongue flicking around the soft, silky skin. Genma moaned softly, his hand coming up to stroke through Shika's hair. Encouraged, Shikamaru slowly pushed his face forward, taking Genma's cock into his mouth. Genma stroked his jaw and advised him quietly, coaxing him to loosen his jaw and to relax his throat until he'd gotten it all in.

"Good. Now move. Slowly. Be careful." Genma whispered softly. Shikamaru did as he said, bracing himself with a palm against the bed and pulling back, then moving back in. The feeling of Genma's cock sliding past his lips was intoxicating; there was a salty, semi-bitter taste in his mouth from Genma's pre-cum. It wasn't gross, but it was strange.

He began to move a little faster, then belatedly remembered his tongue. He flattened it out and wiggled it, feeling Genma's ridged smoothness sliding along it. Genma moaned again and went back to stroking his hair, watching him with half-hooded eyes.

"A little faster. Suck on it, Shika." Genma whispered hoarsely. Shika began to suck, and Genma's hand tightened painfully in his hair.

Suddenly, Shika pulled away, gagging a little. Genma patiently waited, his hand moving to stroke Shika's cheek. When Shika gave him an embarrassed look, Genma shook his head and reached out to stroke his cheek. "Shh, it's ok. Just takes practice. Don't worry."

Shika nodded. When he was in control again, he bent back over and took Genma back into his mouth, sucking and humming gently. Genma groaned and let his body slump back, still gently running his hands through Shika's hair.

Shika shifted his body a little and sped up, feeling his erection straining painfully. Just as he was about to reach down and grab himself, Genma pulled away from his mouth and bent over, grabbing Shika's chin and forcing it up so he could kiss him again.

Then he pulled Shika back onto the bed and stretched him out. Leaning over, Genma kissed him hungrily, then reached over and grabbed a bottle from the nightstand.

"Wh.." Shikamaru huffed. Genma gave him another kiss and opened the bottle.

"Lube." Genma explained, pouring some out into his hand and spreading it around. "So it doesn't hurt."

"Mmm." Shika felt Genma's slick finger gently stroking his hole and shuddered, and Genma leaned over to kiss him again, distracting him with lips and tongue and teeth while he gently shoved his finger into Shika's hole.

He wiggled it around. Shika shifted, frowning, and Genma moved to suck his ear, nibbling on the lobe. "Shh. It's ok. It gets better. I promise."

Just after the finger no longer felt so strange, Genma inserted another one. Shika bit his lip, shifting again. Genma scissored the fingers, wiggling and loosening his tight ass, gritting his teeth at the rush of lust that Shika's sheer tightness brought on. Shika was nervous; he was having a hard time relaxing.

Genma shifted, never taking his fingers out of Shika, and fastened his mouth around Shika's cock again. Shika bucked into him, actually shoving Genma's fingers deeper inside. Genma slid a third and fourth finger in while he sucked and licked Shika's cock, Shika moaning almost continuously and twitching, obviously close.

Genma pulled his fingers from Shika and poured more lube into his hand. Gritting his teeth again, he smeared the cool liquid over his aching shaft and then gently took Shika's legs, spreading them and moving to kneel between them.

Shika watched him, panting, his eyes hazy and his cheeks flushed. Smiling at him, Genma slowly, carefully shoved himself a little ways inside, watching the kid's face.

Shika groaned, shifting his hips, surprised pain making him grimace. So tight. Genma paused, just the head inside of him, and stroked his leg. "Shh. I know. But it doesn't last long; if you can get through the initial pain, it feels so good inside…"

"Mnngh." Shika managed, his fists curling on the sheets. Genma continued to stroke his leg, waiting for Shika's body to adjust. After a moment, he pressed further in, watching Shika's face closely. He paused again, nearly trembling, but unwilling to push it too fast.

Shika gasped and bit his lip, his legs spreading wider as he fought to control the pain. Genma reached between them and fisted Shika's flagging cock, stroking it gently and rubbing this thumb over the sensitive head.

Then he pushed the rest of the way in and stopped, sheathed completely in Shika's pulsing, tight heat. He was trembling badly; it was costing him a lot to continue to wait patiently. The urge to fuck the kid into the bed was nearly…very, very nearly….overwhelming. He'd been with his fair share of people, virgin and not, but there was something so unbelievably fucking sexy about Shikamaru…

After a moment, Shikamaru cracked his eye and shifted his hip carefully, wincing. "Mmm. I…g..go ahead…I'm f..fine…" he whispered, his voice cracking.

You're not, kid, but you will be in a moment, Genma thought. Gripping Shika's hips, he began to slowly, carefully thrust, shallow searching thrusts. And when he hit his target, watching Shika's face transform from slightly pained to ecstatic was worth the cost.

"Oh, fuck! Mngn! Do that…again!" Shikamaru cried, arching his back and grinding his ass into Genma's crotch. Genma grinned ferally and hit the spot, grimacing as Shika's ass clenched around him. He slowly picked up speed, angling his hips to hit Shika's prostate every time. Shika bucked to meet him, moaning brokenly, his eyes fixed on Genma's face and his mouth open in an o of pleasure.

Genma shifted again and started pounding into Shikamaru, his back clenching. He wasn't going to last much longer. He decided to end it rather than draw it out; Shika could only take so much stimulation. Time for prolonged torture another night. Reaching down, he fisted his hand around Shika's cock and started stroking in rhythm with his thrusts, growling in pleasure.

Shikamaru's voice was getting louder; he suddenly convulsed his cock spasming in Genma's hand as his cum splattered on his chest. The sheer intensity of the movements of his muscles around Genma's cock pushed Genma over; he cried out and bucked into Shikamaru, gasping as Shika's rippling walls milked his seed.

Genma panted harshly and stilled, feeling Shika still trembling with the aftershock. Smiling a little smugly, he gently stroked Shika's leg until Shika's eyes opened and peered at him blearily, still dazed.

"G..Genma?" Shika whispered hoarsely. Genma pulled out of him carefully and leaned over to claim a kiss, a slow, lazy kiss that left them both breathless.

"Stay here." Genma stumbled to the bathroom and returned with a soft, wet cloth, which he used to gently clean Shika with. After a quick wipe of his cock, Genma tossed the cloth carelessly into the washing basket and crawled into bed, stretching out bonelessly next to Shikamaru.

Shikamaru turned and curled against him, almost purring. Like a cat, Genma thought absently, stroking his cheek. "You ok, kid?"

"Mmm." Shika rubbed his nose against Genma's shoulder and smiled. "Fine."

Genma chuckled. "Go to sleep."

"Can't." Shika murmured. "Mom and dad…"

"They'll understand." Genma said quietly. And if they didn't, well…it was high time that Shika got out of his parent's house anyway.

"Mm." Shika didn't look convinced, but he allowed his eyes to slide shut. After making sure he was really asleep, Genma snuggled into him and closed his own eyes.

Shikamaru dimly heard someone talking and groaned in protest.

"Not tonight." The voice sounded familiar, but Shika's sleep-fogged mind couldn't process coherent thought. "Too damn tired. I just didn't want to sleep alone."

"Crawl in." Genma said sleepily. "Just elbow the kid until he moves."

"Sure?" Raidou, Shika thought. Sighing, he sat up and wiggled over, making room, and then flopped back down. He felt a body slide into bed next to his and shivered, grumbling. The body was cold, damn it. After a moment, he sighed again and turned, snuggling into the damn cold body. Best thing to do was make it warm, then it wouldn't be cold, right? Right. Made sense to his mostly-sleeping brain, anyway.

"Told you." Genma said with fond pride. "Kid's fine."

"Mm." Raidou draped his arm over Shika's back and snorted. "Shut up and lie down, would you, you bastard?"

Genma chuckled and there was some more wiggling between the three of them while they all found comfortable positions. The last thing Shika remembered thinking was, strangely enough, that he hoped that Tenzou wasn't sleeping alone tonight either. Then he fell asleep.