1DG threw her bag onto the bed. It had been a year since she and her sister destroyed the evil witch. One would think that life would be getting back to normal, but normalcy was clearly something foreign in the O.Z. She was followed around by servants, many of whom she could hear whispering behind her about rumors that circulated the kingdom. Many of them about DG herself. She was asked about critical choices that had to be made about fixing the once crippled kingdom. She couldn't even imagine giving her thoughts about these choices. She'd hardly been there for a long time and the memories she had from her childhood of the O.Z were few and far between still.

After a strong confrontation with here sister in the garden, DG had had enough of everything. She was tired of words and phrases like 'princess', 'your highness', and 'are you alright'. Oh, that one killed her. To go through one day without being asked if she was alright would be a magical one. She was a big girl, she would tell you if she wasn't alright. She wasn't a princess. Had she known that home would include twenty-four hour supervision, horrifying gossip, and complete loss of privacy she would have searched for home in Hollywood. What she needed was to get away and go on another adventure. One far from this place.

Throwing a few shirts and pants into the bag, she quickly zipped it up. After a brief look around the room, DG headed towards the door. She could hear the footsteps of men outside of her room. 'Always guarded,' she thought to herself. She turned back towards the room and sighed. She needed a plan be. Walking over towards the window, she opened it, looking down towards the ground. Although not located at the tip top of the palace, she was still a good distance from the ground. She noticed the large tree to the right of her window. She could throw her bag down and then shimmy down the tree if she stretched out far enough. Of course she could completely miss and fall down to the ground, landing with a sickening thud. She thought about her fight with Az, it was a risk she was willing to take. Heaving her bag over she wished herself luck.

Az was crossing the grand foyer when she thought he saw something fall from the sky. She walked over to the window, but stopped when she saw Cain enter from the study. She smiled, nothing made her day brighter than a little Cain hunting.

"Well if it isn't our very own knight and shining armor. Save anymore damsels in distress?" She cooed as she walked over to the man. Cain stopped and rolled his eyes. He thought he'd get at least one day without the persistent pursuit of Azkedillia. There was only one princess he would even considering pursuing and that would never happen. "How are you today?" she said putting a hand on his shoulder. He pushed off her hand.

"I'm good Azkedillia. Have you seen your sister?" he asked. Azkedillia rolled her eyes and smoothed back a stray hair.

"I don't know, we had a fight earlier. She's probably sulking in her room." she crossed her arms and eyed the handsome man. She was about to say something when a voice piped up from the opposite window.

"Well than she must be good. To be able sulk in her room and run from the palace at the same time is quite the achievement." Glitch shrugged. Az turned around the face the man.

"What?" Azkedillia asked. Glitch pointed out the window. Azkedillia walked to the door, throwing it open. She peered outside, just as DG took off down the carriage path and into the open field.

"DG!" Az yelled, running after her sister. The wind was starting to pick up and the clouds had begun to darken the once blue sky. "Where are you going!" DG ignored her sister. Glitch, whose main job was to reclaim his title as the queen's advisor and witness to everything in the palace, took this as a duty to the crown and took off after the princesses. Raw spent every moment attached to the hip of Glitch, so he naturally took off after his friend.

Cain groaned. DG was going to be the death of him. He pulled his hat down and took off down the path.

"DG!" Azkedillia called out again.

"WHAT!" DG spun around. "You can't stop me! I'm leaving!"

"Like hell you are! Do you know what this would do to mother and father? Come back NOW!" AZ yelled lunging for her sister. She grabbed her arm and began pulling her back to the palace. By now Cain had caught up with Glitch and Raw and the three were attempted to pull the girls apart. The sky was darkening and the wind was howling. It was amazing they were able to see anything with everything flying around them. Raw stopped and looked up behind the group. His instincts were to run, but he pulled on Cain's coat. Cain looked over at Raw and then out to where Raw was looking.

"Oh sweet mother." His face grew white. He swallowed, looking up at a dark cyclone that viciously tore a path across the gardens of the palace. He turned to the group, calling out to DG and Az.

"Ladies I think it's time we go in!"" He yelled. The girls kept pulling at each other. He rolled his eyes reaching blindly. He grasped onto DG. Throwing her over his shoulder he began to retreat to the palace. He tried to run, but the wind was too strong.

"WYATT CAIN! PUT ME DOWN!" DG yelled, beating him on the back. She looked up ahead of her and saw the cyclone. Her large eyes grew even larger and began to pound on his back. "Run faster!" she yelled. He couldn't run against the wind. As the cyclone came closer, DG clamped her eyes shut and gripped Cain's jacket, anticipating the worse.

Keeping her eyes closed she heard screaming and she suddenly felt light as air as the cyclone pulled them all up into the air. Swirling and twirling in the air, DG felt like she could fly. She opened her eyes and expected a euphoric high but saw only dark grey . She gripped the air for something to cling onto.

All at once the storm stopped as suddenly as it started. The skies cleared and returned to their blue beauty. Everyone dropped suddenly from the sky, scattering across the soft grass/ DG sat up slowly, her head killing her. The landing was a little rough, not exactly the bump she imagined. She looked around her surroundings and swallowed. She had a bad feeling of where they were. She stood up and reached over to help Raw to his feet. He thanked DG and rubbed his head.

"Is everyone ok?" she asked. Glitch sat up and nodded. Cain stood up, grasping his hat firmly. DG looked at him, her head cocked to one side. After all that and he still had his hat with him. She thought she was magical.

"I'm fine." he said. "How are you?" He asked setting his hat on his head. DG shrugged and looked over at Az.

"I'm fine. How are you Az." She asked as she tried not to laugh. Azkedillia was flat on her back, her feet up over her head, her bright red underwear displayed for all to say. It wasn't quite the landing of a crowned princess. Azkedillia screamed and shot up. Her dark hair all over the place. Placing a hand on either side of her, she pushed herself up. She swatted away Raw as he tried to offer her a hand. She marched over to DG, her heals digging in the soft earth. Standing close to DG, she jammed a finger to her sisters face, almost poking her nose. Cain took a step forward, but DG stopped him by putting up her hand.

"This is your fault you know!" Az screamed at her sister.

"Yes because I conjured up a traveling stormed that threw us across worlds," DG said rolling her eyes. "Really Az, be serious."

"I was just saying. You don't have to get sarcastic." she crossed her arms and glared out into the surroundings. "Where are we anyway?" she asked.

"Well, judging by the bleak and dull landscape and the general lack of magic, I would say," she paused. "Kansas." Az's eyes grew large.

"Kansas?" she asked petrified. She looked over at her sister with a stunned expression. "Kansas? Your Kansas? As in-"

"'There's no place like home', Kansas," DG sighed. Az shook her head. This couldn't happen. She twisted her hand and tried to use her magic. Only a few little sparks flew out and then they fizzled away.

"No magic." She jammed her food in the grass. "No freaking magic. DG, seriously, get us out of here!" she yelled. Cain walked over with Glitch, helping him up. DG pretended to wave her hands around in a magical way. Azkadillia glared at her.

"Well at least mother and father know you've run away and they will have a search party out in only a matter of minutes." She looked over at her sister. DG scuffed the ground with her foot, avoiding all eye contact. "You did leave a note saying you were acting like a spoiled child and running away, right?" DG looked up at the bright blue sky. Everyone groaned.

"Well I'm sorry," she said throwing her hands up in the air. "I really wasn't counting on the whole Breakfast Club tagging along on my little getaway. Next time I decide to get swept up in a cyclone and thrown to another world, I'll be sure to leave a love letter to mom and dad." She put her face in her hands and rubbed away her aggravation. Now she not only had to find a way back to the O.Z, she had to have half of the royal palace trailing her. She looked over at Cain for any support.

"It's all on you kiddo. We're just following you." She nodded and looked around the bleak surroundings. Placing her hands on her hips, she sighed. She wanted an adventure, and she surely got one. Glitch walked over and slipped his arm through one of her arms, linking the two together.

"Where to?" he asked hopeful. DG took a breath and squinted as she looked down the dusty path.

"Um, we're about a mile away from the diner I used to work at. We can stop there, rest and get a bite to eat. I can see if someone can give us a ride to the farm house after." she pointed right with her free hand. "I think it's this way."

"You THINK it's that way?" Az asked suspiciously. Cain glared over at the young woman shaking his head. DG looked around.

"Well it's not like there are any scarecrows around pointing in either direction telling me where to go." She pointed out into the vast prairie landscape. "You're just going to have to trust me." She let go of Glitch's arm and started walking down the road. The four others looked around at each other, they had no choice but to trust and walk. DG knew what she was doing, they hoped.