ChosenMibhar: Hi, this story is the continuation to 'The gift that changed Sesshomaru' but you can still read it without getting too lost so enjoy!

Chapter 1: Where do I go from here?

…"But—But he just tried to kill me before you decided to show up!" Kagome yelled while pointing an accusing finger at Sesshomaru. "What's to keep him from killing me now!?" she demanded.

Yuriko sighed. "Weren't you listening?" She asked. "I know humans are hard at hearing but come on! Sesshy-sama will not kill his mate, especially now when she's caring his pup, right now" Yuriko emphasized the last two words.

Kagome grew wide eyed. Involuntary a shaking hand rose and rested on her stomach. "Now?" she said airily.

Yuriko smiled pleasantly. "Now" she confirmed.

Kagome fell to her knees. Though it sounded impossible but she sensed no falsehood coming from Yuriko; the nymph was telling the truth. InuYasha meanwhile was cussing up a storm and Sesshomaru, who rarely showed emotion, had his eyes wide in surprise.

"Now we know you're lying witch! Kagome is a virgin! She can't be knocked up with Sesshomaru's pup!" InuYasha screamed at the nymph after his swearing rant.

"It was part of the spell" Yuriko stated calmly. "This baby was created as a result of their spiritual union You see I placed a spell and a curse on Kagome and Sesshomaru. The spell was to make them soul mates, and because their souls intertwined, the child was conceived"

Kagome awoke in alarm as she sat up in bed. She panted as her eyes darted around her surroundings. She spotted her desk, her laundry basket and her Orlando Bloom poster…her room. On her window still the sound of crickets reached her ears and in the distance were the muffled sound of city life; Honking cars, people and the public theaters. Her fingers relaxed their grip on her hello kitty bed spread, she was home.

With a sigh of relief she laid back down. 'It was just a dream… all a dream…' Her eye lids fluttered as she physically relaxed.

"Oi' Kagome you're finally awake" said a voice from the shadows. Kagome released a startled cry. "DOWN! SIT!" she screamed as her first instinct. InuYasha, who was sitting near her bed, slammed to down into the floor.

"It's just me wench!" stormed InuYasha as he sat up. "After we came out of the well, you fainted. You been unconscious for a day" he explained.

"S-Sorry InuYasha" Kagome apologized. If InuYasha brought her home when she fainted that means what happened in the Feudal era yesterday was not a dream! It was all for real and that meant…

Hurried foot steps where heard coming up the stairs. Suddenly the door creaked open. A woman in her thirties poked her head inside Kagome's door. "Kagome are you alright?" Ms. Higurashi asked concerned. "I heard you scream—"

"It's okay mama. InuYasha startled me by accident"


"Oh, okay then. Can I get you something? You have been sleeping for a whole day after all!"

"No mama, I'm fine and if I need anything InuYasha can help me"

"Alright then sweetheart" Ms. Higurashi said sweetly. "InuYasha does do a wonderful job looking after you" she said with a wink.

InuYasha blushed.

"Goodnight honey"

Kagome blinked. Her mother didn't mention anything about the 'spell' that was casted on her. "Goodnight mama"

Ms. Higurashi flashed another kind smile before closing the door and returning to her own bedroom.

"… …You didn't tell her…?" Kagome asked InuYasha once her mom was out of ear shot. InuYasha's dog ears twitched. He knew what she was taking about. "…I just thought that you should tell her" he said while suddenly finding the floor fascinating.

"…So you believe what that nymph told us?" Kagome asked.

"Do you?" InuYasha answered with a question.

Kagome lowered her head. "There's a part of me that does but other part doesn't want to…" she trailed off.

"I smell it in ya', Kagome……I didn't recognize the scent before but now that I know what I been smellin'…" InuYasha stated absentmindedly as he continued to stare at the floor.

"Well…" Kagome pulled back the bed sheets and slowly got out of bed. "It's not that I don't trust you InuYasha but I need physical proof…"

"Where are you going? Its 2 .a.m. in the morning" InuYasha said as he watched Kagome collect a skirt, a top and sweater from her closet and was about to go to the bathroom to change.

"I going to get proof" Kagome said. "In my time we have test we can take to confirm if a woman is in the 'family way'"

InuYasha raised his eyebrows. "Really? What's it called?"

Kagome couldn't look into InuYasha's eyes. With her face hot she muttered "Pregnancy test" and closed the bedroom door behind her.

Sesshomaru gazed at the fading stars in the sky, dawn was approaching soon. He was on a night patrol in the forest where his pack was camped to ward off youkai in the area. Though his surroundings were placid his spirit was uneasy. The miko was heavily on his mind. If word got out that 

the Great Sesshomaru-sama had sired a hanyou child with a human miko, his reputation would be ruined.

'The child must be terminated' Sesshomaru determined. Before word get's out…or before Naraku discovers it and tries to use it against me

Sesshomaru began to walk back to his pack wondering his options. Killing the miko would be the easiest route or maybe not…he remembered what happened when he tried that last time and now she had the power to subdue him… he growled at the thought.

Besides he would truly be a dog if he tried to kill the female who was carrying his child…He would simply have to find another approach… immediately an idea came to him.

'Ah, yes' Sesshomaru thought smugly. 'Through the mother

Sesshomaru sniffed the air. The wind was blowing sweetly and he was able to pick it up quick. He then ambled in the direction of what he was searching for.

It was an uncomfortable silence as the two teenagers journeyed into the night. They had managed to sneak out the house without arousing Kagome's family.

"……So how does a pregnancy test work?" InuYasha asked suddenly.

'Great ice breaker InuYasha' Kagome thought grimly with a sigh. "The woman has to pee on the stick and—"

"How pissing on a stick will tell you your pregnant?!"

"……It'll turn pink or blue"

"Why? What does pink or blue mean?"

"Blue means 'yes' you're expecting and pink means 'no' your not"


Kagome felt her cheeks heat. "Because…" She rejoiced as she saw the convenient store come into view.

"What happens if it turns another color? Does the color red mean twins?"

"Can we please drop the subject?" Kagome asked as they entered the store.

Sesshomaru gazed down at a patch plants before him; its leaves were holly green but underneath it, it was scarlet. He remembered that they were called Shippai or the 'throw away' herb. It was a midwife remedy for unwanted babies.

He knelled down and picked several leaves of the plant. Once he collected a sufficient amount he wrapped his harvest in a blue cloth and tucked it down in his chest armor. With an audible sigh he turned on his heel and strolled back to his pack just as the sun rose over the horizon.

"Hurry up Kagome! I been waiting for twenty minutes already!" InuYasha yelled into the bathroom door. After returning from the store he and Kagome decided to 'test' down stairs in the basement.

"Hush InuYasha! Don't wake my family!" Kagome warned. "If you won't quiet down I'll—oh no… …"

"We're in the basement! I doubt their weak human ears can hear us!"

Moments passed and Kagome had yet to respond.

"Kagome?" InuYasha asked.

Slowly Kagome emerged from the bathroom with a dazed look in her eyes. In her hands where blue dyed tabs. "I-I-I'm pregnant" she said quietly. She zoned out for a few minutes before it hit home. "OH KAMI I'M PREGNANT!!" she shrieked unknowingly hurting InuYasha's ears.

"Kagome, calm down—"

"I can't have a baby at fifteen!" Kagome yelled.

InuYasha was stunned. "Um why not? It's a good ripe age. My mother was nineteen—"

"Not in my time!" Kagome snapped. "Here it's called Teenage pregnancy and it's frowned on by society—especially when you're not married! Kami, now everyone is going to think I'm a slut!"

Kagome sat down against the wall and pulled her knees to her chest. "Where do I go from here?" she whispered airily.

"Simple, you're gonna have a pup" InuYasha stated confidently. He dropped down next to Kagome.

Kagome was surprised. "Are you sure? Sesshomaru is the father" she reminded him. She knew how much InuYasha loathed his older brother.

"Feh! Like I care? That bastard probably doesn't want anything to do with it! I'll claim it if ya' like"

Kagome felt relieved. "Really InuYasha?" she asked happily but then her face faltered. "…But it may not matter…you remember what the nymph Yuriko said" Kagome said with her voice going dry.

"However thereis also a curseif Sesshomaru does not fall in love with Kagome, confesses his love to her and earn her love in return before the baby is born…the child will die" Yuriko explained gravely…

InuYasha griped his Tensaiga. "Damn" he hissed under his breath. An uncomfortable silence settled around the couple as they stared off into the dusty corners of the room.

"…Then you got no choice…" InuYasha said quietly.


He griped Tensaiga tighter. His hair covered his eyes. "Do you want this pup Kagome?"

"…I-I" Kagome stammered. "Don't know……your kiss haunts me InuYasha……"

InuYasha moved forward and crushed their lips together. After a brief moment of pleasure, InuYasha broke the kiss...

"So does yours…" InuYasha replied.

InuYasha was cut off when Kagome unexpectedly kissed him on the lips. She pulled back quickly. InuYasha's eyes were as wide as saucers and his face was a tinge of pink…

Kagome snapped. "I can't just throw away my feelings! I love you InuYasha!"

"I love you too Kagome……but what about the—"

"Baby?" Kagome finished. "I-I don't know…but what are the chances of wooing Sesshomaru?"

"Who knows" InuYasha answered quietly. "But remember Kagome. Whatever you decide, I'm with ya'" with that comment InuYasha got up and walked back upstairs.

Kagome glazed after him till he was out of sight and then she lowered her head with a heavy sigh. She folded her arms across her mid section tightly. Only time will tell what she would do.


ChosenMibhar: I feel inspired to write this story so I hope you guys are enjoying the ride so far. This story has a lot of drama but I'll try to liven it up with humor when I can.

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