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Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: (New story!) Stepbrothers Sasuke and Naruto are having hard time getting along. One simple incident turns everything upside down and now they hang out until things evolve too much. How much is too much? (SasuNaru, twoshot, rated M for SEX and language)

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I Want You To Want Me

I have got a nice family (in some ways). It consists of me (Naruto Uzumaki for your information), my parents and my stepbrother Sasuke. Technically my "father" is not my biological one -I do not know who my real father is. I and my mother lived quite happily before she decided to remarry. Well, my father left before I was born, so no wonder. I am already 17 years old and my mother has needs too, although I try not to think about it too much -it gives me the creeps.

Me new father is strict but nice, I really like his politeness. He does not treat me and my stepbrother (his biological son) any differently. I do not know what is like to have a father figure, so it does not matter what he does -I like him anyhow. Okay, not if he beats me or my mom but I am sure you get the point. Sasuke (my stepbrother) is 22 years old and a bastard if I may say so. He is nice and well-behaved around our parents, but the rest of the time he just mocks and orders me around. I am not a child anymore.

The thing I hate the most is when he brings girls home. Our parents do not care about the fact that he brings always a different girl, or maybe they do not notice this. I think they consider it healthy to have needs or something.

I hate it when they ask me to go and get Sasuke and the girl for a coffee. I hate it because when I knock on his door, he never answers or even notices it. Then I have to open the door a little and see him making out with her even though I try to avoid it. I am quite sure he does it just to make me feel awkward. In reality, it makes me want to have a girlfriend of my own. Sigh.

The girls are always pretty like rose pedals and their eyes shine when they look at him. Pure admiration. I loathe Sasuke for tossing them aside once he is bored with them. I am jealous because I can never date girls like those. Girls with body like Venus herself and sweet as candy. I look at myself trough the mirror and all I can see is a skinny blue eyed guy with blond hair. I am so ordinary that it almost makes me puke. I wish I had the looks instead of my jerk brother.

Well, it is time to get Sasuke downstairs for a coffee again. I want to disappear and mostly because his newest conquest is cherry blossom Sakura -the girl I have dreamt of since years ago. I try to assure myself that Sakura is not that kind of a girl, but let us face it -my brother (our beloved wanker Sasuke) is a pretty boy and probably a sex god too. He knows I like her, which is why I hate him. He fucking knows.

Now I am climbing the stairs again and my feet feel heavy. I bet he does not open and I bet he does it purposely. I press myself against his door in order to hear what they are doing. I hear giggles. Why do I have to do this? I knock and wait for an answer. Nothing again. I grab the handle and press it down.

At the same time someone opens the door from the other side. In front of me stands Sasuke his hair messy and ruffled and wearing nothing else but his boxers. Fuck. Fuck. I am so surprised that I accidentally let my gaze wander over his body. It is not just his face that is pretty, and for a second I wish I could switch places with Sakura. Only for a second.

He just watches me with curiosity as I am standing in a stupor. Without me realizing he leans closer and asks hoarsely if I find his body so dashing that I have to drool. That breaks the spell and I answer angrily as if. As if his creamy, pale and perfect skin could arouse me…fuck. Coffee, I grunt. Downstairs, I continue. He grins and I take my leave.

In the dining hall we sit drinking our coffee. Sasuke sits in front of me and Sakura next to him. Mom and dad are at the ends of the table. Our parents chat with Sakura and they laugh; I love Sakura's laughter, it is so light and sweet. Sasuke just stares at me the whole time with an evil smirk. What the heck is his problem? It is late and Sakura has to go, we all bid her goodbyes and Sasuke and I head for our rooms.

I hear mom whispering to dad that she hopes this girl is the one. Oh, mother…they are never the ones. He is incapable for feeling love and respect. I go upstairs step by step dragging my feet with me. He passes me brushing my arm ever so slightly -shivers run down my spine. I enter my room and change into my pyjamas.

It is time to brush my teeth. I head for our bathroom which is located at the end of the hall, upstairs. I reach for the door and open it…what do I see? Sasuke brushing his teeth with only his boxers on. I gape for some reason and blush. I wait outside leaning against the wall. My cheeks burn. He comes outside and I try to pass him in order to get to the bathroom -quickly.

Suddenly he pushes me against the wall and says to me that I should not do anything hasty when he is not around. What the fuck?!? Before I can gain my composure he has already released me and heads for his room. I brush my teeth and return to my room. The guy is a nutcase and an idiot. I hop into my bed and roll on to my side.

My mind starts to wonder…he is only a wall away from me. What is he doing? Sleeping? Suddenly I remember the incident from earlier…his beautiful skin and that messy hair…I find myself panting and taking those thoughts further. I feel throbbing down in my boxers and I realize that I am hard. Slowly I slide my hand inside my boxers and fondle my member. I am so turned on I need a release. I start to jerk myself off. I am huffing and puffing and Sasuke is the only one I think of.

My door opens and I almost have a heart attack. Fuck. He is standing in my doorway and I feel utterly ashamed of myself. I know he knows what I am doing. With a deep voice he murmurs to me that did I not promise not to do anything hasty without him around. Somehow he is next to my bed and he climbs on to it. A good thing is that the lights are off so he cannot see that I am red as a tomato.

He hovers above me and comes close -too close. What'cha doin'ya little birdie, he asks. I am beet red and cannot answer. You are such a naughty boy; cannot let things stay like this, he says. He rips my blanket away and slides his hand inside my boxers. I gasp and I am dumbstruck -his fingers feel chilly against my bare skin. I am paralysed and cannot help but feel turned on by his tactics.

His slender fingers wrap around my length and he starts to jerk me off. Oh, I love the way he feels me up, pleasures me with those amazing hands. I want more so I push my hips up and I moan. My toes curl and hands clench as I come into his hand. The orgasm is so immerse that it makes my insides twirl. Never had this powerful before. Ever.

My breath is hitching and my eyes are blurry. He grins and takes his hand away. He licks my cum off of his hand and wishes me a good night. He shuts the door and I am alone again in my room. What just happened? Did he give me a hand job? Oh God, we are brothers!!! Well, not technically, but still! I was enjoying it, I definitely was. How the hell am I supposed to confront him tomorrow??!! Now my head hurts. I need to sort out everything tomorrow, now I need sleep.

It cannot be morning yet…I am so sleepy, let me stay in bed. Whoa, holy fuck! It is past seven already -I need to get ready for school! I hop off of my bed and put my jeans on; yes, the tight ones. I grab my shirt and make my way down to have some breakfast. Thank you mom, it smells like bacon.

I enter the kitchen and look who is sitting by the table. Sasuke. Mom rails against me and Sasuke just stares with a wide smirk on his face. Last night, I forgot about last night. Somehow I feel the blush creeping on my face as he almost measures me. I try to hide behind my arms and shirt. Put your shirt on, mom remarks.

I sit in front of him and try to eat what is on my plate. The food sticks to the roof of my mouth and is it hard to swallow. Sasuke just gracefully licks his lips and it makes me think about last night…fuck, my crotch is showing a proof of living. Shit. I stand up hastily and say I have to go. My brother stands up too and says he can drive me to school. Hell no! But mom is happy and of course she tells me to follow my lovely brother. Come, he says and takes my hand. Fucking shit, I am blushing like a sappy school girl.

He has to drag me to his car and when we are next to it, he pulls me close. He lays his left hand on my back and with the right one he twirls my hair around his fingers. Then he whispers that I should be a good little brother if I want it to happen again. Hey, for your information Sasuke, I can jerk off without any help from you!

Shivers run down my spine as he strokes my lower back. The asshole leans closer so that our noses touch. Do not kiss, do not kiss. He does not do it. Kind of a disappointment. Not that I want him to kiss me, but I have always wondered how his lips taste like as every girl wants to savour them.

They look like rose pedals. He gets into the car and orders me in and to school we drive, hip hurray.

The look on everyone's face when I step out of the vehicle…amazing. My brother must be Adonis or something as everyone's jaw drops. Okay, I know he was really famous when he was still in our school, but this is ridiculous. Before I take my leave, he asks me to bend over. I do as he says and the fucker pats my head. I feel like a total brat. Yeah, thanks for making my day a living hell. He promises to pick me up too. What the fuck is wrong with him?

This has gone on for some time now. He drives me to school, picks me up and we chat a little. It is not anything big, just these little things. He helps me with math and I eat the carrots on his plate because he does not like them. He is almost like a real brother now if one forgets the fact that he jerked me off that one time. The event has not repeated itself and we do not talk about it.

I like his gentle side and yeah, he has not brought any girls here since some time now. Somehow I like to hang out in his room even though he is reading for his exams. I do not talk, I just watch him concentrate. I like it when his eyes flicker over the book when he reads. He sits his back against the bed where I sit on.

I have gathered up courage to ask him this personal question. It has been bothering me since forever. There just have not been anyone around to answer this and hell no, my mom is not one of them. Sasuke, I say. He raises his gaze and asks what. I want to ask you this question, but I do not want you to laugh at me. Okay, he says. He puts his book away and I position myself so that he sits between my legs, me on the bed and him on the floor.

I play with his hair because it helps me to form my question and ease my anxiety. How it feels to do it, I ask. To kiss, to hold someone? He presses his head down on the side of the bed between my thighs and looks straight up at me. You have not ever done it, he asks. Duh, if I had, would I be asking?

Do you want to know how it feels to kiss someone, he then asks. Yeah, I answer. He grabs my collar and pulls me down. Then he murmurs to me that he can show it, make me feel it. He pulls me down so that our lips crash on to each other and then he kisses me. The warmness of it fills my entire body as his lips roam around on mine. He licks my lips, nibs them and I slowly start to correspond to his advances. His lips are so soft and full, he tastes like the ocean; free and wild. His tongue scrutinizes my hole mouth and both our tongues dance like swan princess in the lake with magic all around.

His hand is in my hair now and strokes it gently; I love the way he makes me feel, yet, I cannot but just feel little guilty for enjoying it so much. I need to break free for oxygen and I pant my lungs almost out. He just watches me with a tint of pink on his cheeks and I know I am red as a tomato. Okay, now I know what it feels like. Well, I think I have to go to my room and let us see, hmm, do the rest of my homework. Yeah, that is it. On my way to my room and I ran into mom, who asks whether I had fun with Sasuke. I blush and I say, yeah. He helped me a lot…Mom asks if have a fever since my face is so red and I reply that might be, and I need to lie down.