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Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary[New story! Stepbrothers Sasuke and Naruto are having hard time getting along. One simple incident turns everything upside down and now they hang out until things evolve too much. How much is too much[SasuNaru, twoshot, rated M for SEX and language

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I step inside my room and lock the door. I had my very first kiss with a guy and non other than my brother. I should be feeling very guilty and indisposed now but all I can do is brush my lips with my fingers. His lips on mine. Now I know why every girl wants to make out with him.

I am so stupid -I cannot lust after my brother! I bet he would hate me for it. I need to take my thoughts away from this and start to search for a girlfriend. A REAL girlfriend and not the ones in porn movies I fuck in my fantasies. Let us see, is there anyone available in my class? That Hinata girl…I know she likes me for sure.

She is not bad ass looking either, why have I not noticed her before? Well, the reason might be that she is so shy. It is hard to start a conversation with her. Maybe I should ask her to come here and do homework with me (innocent, huh?), then Sasuke would not have to help me and I know he would love that since I am an idiot in math. That is the plan! Tomorrow…yes...

School morning again, fuck. Oh, but that plan! I almost forgot. I put my clothes on and run downstairs. Sasuke is already eating his breakfast and I wish him good morning. He looks at me like I am an idiot and all I can do is smile my brightest smile for him. Why are you so happy stupid, he asks. No reason, I reply.

He takes his car keys and I follow him to his car. He says he cannot come to pick me up today, since he has some things to do. I do not mind, I have some businesses too, I answer him. He seems a bit under the weather. Menstruation perhaps? Hah!

Well, let us see -math first thing in the morning…that means; Hinata! I walk over to her desk and ask whether she would like to come to my place to tutor me in math tonight. My parents are away so they would not bother us, only my brother is at our house but he leaves us alone. Hinata blushes, she is so cute! Never noticed that before either.

Shyly she promises to come and I sit next to her. We talk and have fun together -if I knew she was this amazing, I would have asked her out ages ago. We walk side by side to my house. She jokes a lot and all I can do is laugh my heart out. I grab my keys and I open the door. We leave our jackets and shoes and enter the living room. I head for the kitchen to get us something to drink.

In the kitchen I run into Sasuke. He looks like he has just woken up and he smells like fresh coffee. Lovely. Intoxicating. I have a girl with me; get a hold of yourself man! He looks at me and says he has something to tell me. What, I ask. Before he starts, Hinata walks in.

Did I interrupt something, she asks. Sasuke looks pissed. He asks me was she my business. It is not your concern, I reply. His eyes shoot flames at me, and he echoes my words "not my concern?" Yeah, not your concern. You always bring girls, why cannot I? Have you seen any girls here lately, he asks angrily. No, but that is not the point here. What is she to me, he continues with a tense voice. A friend, I reply.

Hinata looks uncomfortable so I take her hand and start to lead her to my room. You do not turn your back on me you little fucker, he shouts. What an arse. Suddenly I sense someone grabbing my shoulder and pushing me back against the wall. Sasuke holds me tightly against the wooden wall and it hurts me. Let me go, we have to do our math homework. She is here to tutor me! So I am not enough for you, he asks. What!?

Hinata is panicking in the corner and says that maybe she should come some other time. She gathers her things and runs through the door way. Look what you did, you asshole! I shout. Do not raise your voice, he orders. You are not the boss off me, let go you fucking gay ass! I kick him between ribs and his grip loosens. I hate you! I scream.

I take off running but he tackles me and I fall on the floor and hit my knee. He straddles me and grabs my wrists. He is bigger and heavier than me so I cannot make an escape. He is breathing heavily and he prevents me from wiggling to get free by pressing me hard against the floor. Untie my hands, I order.

His eyes glints and I am starting to panic. He leans closer and hushes me that I am his and his alone. I am not some object, you fucker! Then he presses his lips on mine. It feels like my whole mouth is on fire as he kisses me with such ferocity. His hands squeeze my wrists so hard it hurts. I cannot

help the fact that tears gather in the corners of my eyes and I surely cannot help the fact that I cry. Tears run down my face and I yell. You are hurting me, let go! I hate you, let go! Please let go, I am scared of you.

Suddenly he yanks up. He stares at me with wide eyes and sees the tears running down my face. He looks at my wrists that are covered in bruises. He releases me and collapses on top of me. He cries and says he is sorry. My shirt is wet from his tears and he just repeats how sorry he is. He did not mean it; he did not want to hurt and he surely did not want to frighten me. He just wanted me to love him, want him as he wants me.

He loves…me? He says he did not want to see me with any girls and he just snapped when he saw Hinata. She is just a friend, I assure. You were with that Sakura, I say meekly. No, he says. He just wanted to make me jealous. Why were you only in your boxers then? I ask. She wanted to measure me for a sweater or some stupid shit that she was making, nothing else, he says. Why did you not have your pants then? I whisper. He says he needed to change them anyhow, so he decided to do it so I would have to see it and with her.

So, it was all in my head, huh? I am in love with you, he whispers. But why would a god gaze someone like me? Tears start to fill my eyes again as I tell him that I have wanted him and been in love with him since the first time I landed my eyes on him.

I was so scared you would hate me for having these feelings because we are brothers and would resent me, I sob. That is why I decided to find myself any girl available so I could forget you. Since I knew you would not look at me…I wanted to become invisible, I continue.

He raises his head from my tear soaked shirt and pulls me into a wet kiss. My every cell wants him so bad that it hurts. The kiss is passionate and we are hungry for more. I taste the desperation on his lips, I taste his whole being. Oh God, I wish we could stay like this, his lips on mine.

Can I have you thoroughly, he whispers to me. The words do not come out of my mouth even though I struggle; I just nod and clench him tightly. He raises himself up a little bit and gives me a sweet smile. Then he lowers his head again and presses his full lips against my neck. Shivers run down my spine as he tastes my skin, coats it with his saliva. His lips tickle my skin as he moves down to my chest and abdomen. He dips his tongue in my navel and nibs my skin. I am pure wax under his touch.

He keeps going down until he reaches the hemline of my jeans. He unbuttons my trousers with his teeth while touching me all over. I touch his hair and ruffle it as his lips devour me. He pulls my jeans away and throws them somewhere. I can hear the fabric meet the hard floor. Then he pulls my boxers away and licks his perfectly pink lips.

He opens his mouth and inserts my throbbing member between his lips. I am shaking and panting as he licks my manhood. He proceeds with his actions and takes it wholly inside his mouth. An impossible heat ravishes me as I feel his inner cheeks and tongue around me. He starts to bob his head up and down feeling me up with his tongue. All air escapes me as he blows me. Unbeknownst I start to push my hips, my manhood deeper into that cavern of deity.

He keeps me still so that I would not choke him. I want to come, please let me come into that wonderful mouth of yours. Before I explode, he halts his sucking and raises his head. Of fuck, he looks so erotic my precum and his saliva dripping from his mouth. He looks wild his hair messed up and he orders hoarsely to roll over. I do as he says and suddenly his slides his tongue inside my hole.

My whole back aches as the pleasure kicks in. It feels a bit weird but the tickles send strong vibes that almost set me over board. He retreats again and I can do nothing else but wince. He takes off his jeans and both of our shirts. Somehow it feels kind of odd to be naked under his intense gaze. He eats me with his eyes as much as I eat him.

I can see his manhood throbbing and it almost looks painful from my point of view. He pulls the foreskin back and I can only watch the size of his member. He sets himself behind me and puts the tip of his manhood at my entrance. Slowly but surely he starts to push it inside. I feel slippery because of the saliva and it goes in quite easily. His member pokes my insides and I feel I might break apart. He keeps pushing in.

It does not hurt precisely; more like it feels that my body is not able stretch that much. It seems it can. He is all in now and does not move. He lets me to have space, air. I clench the sheets, my knuckles white. Tears roll down my cheeks and I cannot help it. I press my head down on the soft carpet. Slowly but surely he starts to move and I let him, although my insides burn with agony. He keeps up slow pace until my pain turns into thrill.

I push my body against his organ taking it deeper inside of me. Faster, I plead. He murmurs softly and fastens his movements. Oh God, it feels amazing. His heat fills me up, soaks me with pure bliss. He pounds me hard against the floor and I cannot feel my legs anymore; not that I mind. My toes twitch as I find myself nearing the peek.

I moan and grunt as much as he does. Sweat drips down my arms as his body slams against mine. He takes my member in his hand and starts to stroke it in unison with his thrusts. I can only pant and I let him explore my every inch. I keep my head on the carpet because my arms have lost their strength. My hips are high and he holds me or else I might collapse.

I slide my hand between our legs into his crotch and I start to fondle his testicles. So soft and I make him moan harshly. I cannot take anymore and I cum screamingly into his hand. My whole body clenches and twitches all over. I can feel my muscles tense around him and with few powerful thrusts he empties himself in me. He calls my name with those amazing lips, pants away perfect breathes.

He collapses on me, we are both sore from the best sexual encounter in our lives -at least I am. My legs are shaking, yet, I have enough power to let him rest his head on my back. After a moment we both collapse on top of each other and we try our best to inhale oxygen as much as possible. Holy fuck, I say. Never been fucked by a guy before and my brother in particular…not that it really matters, since we are not real brothers.

I feel so content lying under him; he encircles me with his arms and keeps me close. Oh and the carpet feels so soft and nice…Then the door bell rings. We both raise our heads and look at each other, fuck. It is our parents.

Sasuke stands up fast and takes me by the hand, run, he orders. He grabs our clothes and we run like no tomorrow upstairs. He pushes me first into the bathroom and comes soon after and locks the door. We listen to the noises downstairs. I am right next to the door and he is standing right behind me. His soft and deep breathe tickles my skin as we both pant in panic. Somehow I find it kind of erotic.

We had time to put our boxers on, nothing more. I know I am blushing but I cannot help it. I just had sex with my stepbrother! I feel something poking me from behind. It seems he is as aroused as me thanks to the situation. Boys, where are you, mom yells. Sasuke turns me around so that our faces are only few inches away from each other. He looks at me intensively and kisses me longingly. He licks my lips and makes me shiver. I have got a plan, he whispers.

Mom opens the bathroom door (without thinking I assume and no, it was not locked at that point anymore -too suspicious if it had been because two guys were missing…) as she is about to call for us. I am brushing my teeth and I look at her. I hope she does not notice that my legs are about give upon me nor that cum leaks down the back of my thigh.

I face her dumbfoundedly and just then Sasuke steps out of the shower only wearing his towel. Mom laughs a little and says that good thing, we can get along. Before she steps out of the bathroom, she turns and whispers that our secret is safe with her. Sasuke and I gaze at each other confused. I ask mom how she knew. She grins and says that I should cover those hickeys before dad sees them. Fuck.

Mom and Sasuke just grin and she continues that Sasuke should take good care of me since I am her only son. Sasuke ruffles my hair and promises my mom just that. Then she leaves us and I sigh. Sasuke pulls me close to him and kisses me and yeah, I correspond to his kisses. You know, it will be hard living under the same roof now that mom knows and father kills us if he discovers, I tell him.

I have got a plan for that one too, he softly whispers into my ear. You graduate soon, he murmurs. Where do you want to live? Huh? I say. With me of course, he continues. I little smirk is formed on his lips as he tells me that then no one would bother us and well, we are old enough to move on our own then. Happiness is about to drown me. Before I can say or do anything, mom shouts and orders us to eat.

We put our clothes on and walk downstairs hand in hand. We let go when we reach the kitchen since we do not want our father to snap. Mom, I say. What dear? She asks. I have always wanted to study abroad and now that Sasuke is transferred too, we thought that maybe we should live as roommates in order to save money. Father smiles and says he is happy that we get along and that we think financial issues too. Mom smiles knowingly and suddenly I get shy.

She comes and hugs us both. Without father hearing she whispers that we should remember to use condom. What the fuck?!? I do not want my mother to say such things! I am beet red again. Too late for that mother…Should I open the window, father asks -it seems that Naruto is feeling hot and there is no oxygen. I cough and the only thing I can think is that I have hots for this person's son, my brother. Sasuke strokes my back lightly and I wish I would graduate soon. Yeah, I do want you Sasuke; I do need you. Badly, since I am ready to undergo all this…