A/N: When I left off with my story Butterfly Kisses, Bella just became aware of her pregnancy, I am picking up the story, just shy of giving birth. Bella, has started to show signs of some "gifts" but confused by them all. Until three relatives come into her life, on the day of her baby shower. These are three sisters, all with a gift of their own. Please read and review.

Charmed Life

Third Party POV:


All her life, Bella Cullen, knew that she was different, but was never able to put her finger on it. After all, look at her life at present! Married to a vampire, pregnant with a vampire child against all odds, now having "gifts" that no one seems to be able to explain. All she has to do is barley touch some one and she can see something bad happening to them. Call it what you want; a vision or premonitions. Then just last week, after getting frustrated with the toaster not working properly, having her hands open wide like she was ready to pick it up and shake it; instead it blew up. That in turn brought everyone running to figure out what the noise was.

Yep, Bella, was not your normal teenage mother, something is seriously wrong, with the same answers from everyone, "It might just be the hormones and the fact that the baby is half vampire." Bella did not buy it.

Alice, stood there frozen, starring off into space. Jasper touching her lightly, "What do you see Alice?"

"Three strangers coming, not vampires. Thinking that they will have answers to the questions that Bella is asking." Everyone turned to look at Bella, wondering what questions and who they are.

"When?" was all Edward asked.

"Three days, they will show up for the baby shower baring more than just gifts for the baby," Alice was quiet, with distance showing in her eyes, turning towards Carlisle, "What do you know about witches?"

Dumbfounded, Carlisle shock his head, "Not much, I know that they exist; but like us, stay to themselves. Some have some great power, there are the good ones that help rid the world of evil and save innocent lives. Of course, there are the ones that do just the opposite. Why? Is that who you think these three strangers are?"

Alice just nodded. Emmet, rubbing his hands together, getting excited at the prospect of a fight looming in the horizon.

"Well, this is just great," Bella exclaimed, "not only do I have vampires running around trying hunt me down, werewolves that have been trying to protect me, now your saying I have three witches looking for me too?" With that she just wobbled out of the room slowly, Edward, right on her heels.