What the Future Holds

"What happened?" Bella exclaimed, "I look exactly the same. My eyes are still brown, I am slightly paler, but not much. I don't understand. I'm not even thirsty."

"Bella, here, this is left on the table," Rose walked over and gave her and envelope.

"Thank you, Rosalie," Bella turned it over to read who it was from, all it said was Read in Private.

"Excuse me please." Bella walked out of the room with the same glide as her family.

Once inside her bedroom, Bella opened the letter and began to read:

Dearest Isabella,

By now, you may have noticed your appearance is not the same hard, cold features of your family. That is because of the witch that is inside of you. You will still have the speed, grace, and immortality; however, you will not be cold, but warm. You will not need the blood to survive, eating like you still do. Bella, please do not be sad about this, you are a person that has great power. There is no way to take the witch out of you, just like I cannot make you a full vampire. But, truth be told, the only thing that your heart desired was to be with Edward for eternity, you saw that as getting turned. You will continue to live and love Edward, forever, through eternity. You are forever nineteen. Yet, if ever comes a time that you do not want to live like this, you want mortality back, there is a spell in the Book of Shadows, but be careful, in is not reversible. Once spoken, done deal.

Now, you are probably thinking of Elizabeth. Never fear she is fine, and will grow up to be powerful just like you. The future shows her to be half witch and vampire the same as you. The time for the change will be up to you, this however will require both you and your husband to bite her, but never to drink or even taste the blood. The two of you will just need to break the skin. Her transformation will not be typical. Just like you she will just see minor changes and appear to be human on the outside.

I know that you have many questions, with few little answers, everything will come in time. It is time for the rest of destiny to play out. Go down the stairs, walk out the front door. You will go towards the direction of the river. There you will find the future. Your family may not follow, use your powers. Until we meet again...

Blessed Be!

Bella took a big breath, she knew that the only way to not have the family family them, she will need to freeze them. Walking down the stairs, she saw that everyone was standing up waiting for her. Bella held her hands in front of her, and flicked them slightly. Walking over to Edward, she kissed him on the cheek, "I'll be right back," she whispered, then she ran. With the speed same speed as her family.

Walking through the woods, towards the direction of the river, the sounds and smells opened up her mind, never before has the senses been so awake! Then she heard it a small cry, the cry of babies. Puzzlement crossed her face as she looked down the river bank. There in a giant basket wrapped in blankets were four babies. All pink and rosy! Taped to the basket was a type written note:

The future and hearts desire of Rosalie, Alice, Esme and Bella.

Two boys and Two girls, one for each of you.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Thank You, The Elders

Tears started to stream down Bella's face, knowing that these children will end up being so loved. She picked up the basked and ran through the forest back towards the house. Hoping to make it home before her freeze wore off. Now, she understood. She looked down at the babies in the basket, all of them with little hospital like bracelets, each with a name and birth facts. Bella did not know what the future will hold, or how destiny will play out, but she did know one thing: All of our hearts desires were answered.

Bella took in a deep breath before opening the door, "Everyone, we're home." Bella whispered, "Finally home."

A/B: This is it the end...Unless I see that a book three is a welcome sight! I can continue, but I figured that this is a good stopping point! Everyone got what they wanted! In the end, they all wanted to love!