Only You


KK, so I am reposting this story…completely re-done and revised….with hopefully very few errors. I do apologize for the errors in my story and for all the confusion because of them. This is one of my firsts and I am learning as I go so please bear with me :)

A HUGE thanks to my beta breath-of-twilight for all the time she spent with me going over these chaps and working through them with me.


I stood there lost in thought; I couldn't believe what I had heard. It couldn't be true. But Dad had been clear about the fact that we were expecting new neighbors and the new neighbors would be them. People who had caused me so much pain as a human. When I was Bella Marie Swan.

Bell Swan no longer existed I was now known as Isabelle Elizabeth Costello, Bell for short.

The daughter of the infamous doctor. The perfect freshman. I was the perfect girl. Or so they thought… I am referring to the humans of course. I may walk among them but I wasn't one of them, however each and every one of them could be mine. I mean my dinner...ok, well maybe not all of them, just the occasional old person walking all alone on the street.

But now I'm afraid, afraid of what they'll say when they find out what really happened while I was in college, and that I in fact didn't die but had been in South Dakota with my new family. A family who loved me unlike the Cullens. But I doubt they'd even remember me now, it's been twenty years, since they thought I was killed by a drunk driver.


Edward is going to get a little surprised, when him and the Cullens arrive and meet there new neighbors.