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Only You

Epilogue - We Break The Dawn


The fog that hung around the harbor was thick, making it impossible to see through it. Edward's eyes scanned the area as we scurried quickly towards the edge of the forest. My vampire senses kicking in as we reached the edge, casting one last glance around we started to run at full speed towards the Costello's home.


Edward's eyes darkened as the smell of smoke and burning wood grew stronger. Running faster, we broke into the clearing where the edge of the property started. The columns of smoke rose billowing into the sky, I gasped, where the house once stood a pile of ruble now lay. Then across the wide space, five more fires burned low.

Gripping Edward's arm, we moved closer to the fires.

"Three to a fire" he murmured his eyes observing the wreckage, he was oddly calm his face drew tight, eyes hard. "Then they had one left standing" he whispered walking towards the fire that seemed to be burning the brightest.

"Carlisle" I whispered watching the fire burn away the two families.

"Or Alice. You know that Aro and Caius always held a soft spot for them both".

Standing in silence we watched the fired burn, anger ran around in my head as I restrained myself from going after whoever did this to them. Edward watched me out of the corner of his eye as he turned away from the fires and walked back towards the woods. Running after him, I grabbed his hand pulling him tight to my chest staring up into his black eyes.

"It's me and you" I whispered into his chest, my voice muffled by his jacket" It's only me and you now, and it's us against the world".

"No" his eyes softening lifting my chin with a thin, pale finger "It's only you, it always has been."

Our hands intertwined as we walked away from the ashes of our loved ones.

Never forget who loved you ran through my mind.

I'll never forget.


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