It was a cold night in The Village Hidden in the Leaves.
Red eyes pierced the night and its victim was targeted while they stared at the large building in front of them. It defiantly was one hell of a cold night for spring.

Slightly moaning the innocent looking girl turned around in her bed. Blue bruises could be seen on her arms and legs, when they exposed themselves underneath the silk blanket under which the girl lay.

It was a cold night and the girl shivered when her silk blanket fell on the ground. Suddenly she rose from her bed and almost yelled with a clear voice. "Byakugan!"
Veins became visible and made the girl's milky eyes cold and strong as the Hyuuga Bloodline Limit was activated.

"Wh-ho's there?" She said with a loud yet trembling voice. A voice grinned in the shadows. He had heard her stammer, this must be the Hyuuga Heiress. Yes, this would be a piece of cake.

"Please come out!" She almost screamed and the shinobi thought he heard anger in the kunoichi's voice. He didn't spoke but moved slowly towards the girl. Her black hair seemed to be shining in the moonlight, and a blue glow appeared when she tilted her head to see who was coming from the shadows.

"I'm wa-a-arning you-u! Don't co-ome a-any closer!" She said with a low voice, for she could see two red eyes stare at her and she didn't feel the braveness she felt before. She was dead sure about it, it was the Sharingan! "Sa-sasuke-kun"? She answered the silence coming from the red eyes who were still staring at her.

"No." A loud voice replied. "Although you might see some resembles, hehe"

"Who a-are…" She tried to ask but she could never finish her sentence, the red eyed man trapped the poor little girl in a genjutsu and she fell unconsciously on the floor the moment she looked straight into his eyes.

"Foolish girl…"


She felt the cold wind brush her faces gently when she opened her eyes. Where was she?
Her eyes started filling with tears when the wind blew in his eyes, she couldn't fully open them without hurting herself. When she tried, all she could see was a blurry landscape flashing past her. She closed her eyes.

When she tried to open them again she looked directly into the same cold eyes she saw before. The Uchiha clan's Bloodline Limit stared at her with a cold emotionless glance.

"Can you stand up?" The still unknown shinobi asked her with a low voice.
She blinked a few times to let her eyes get used to the darkness surrounding her.
When she tried to stand up she felt like she could fly and passed out.


When she woke up she could hear voices whispering close to her. She felt the warmth of a fire nearby.
"Where was she?!"
"Would her parents know she was gone?"
"What would the kidnapper do with her?"
She felt like she was suffocating, she wanted to run away and she started to breathe heavily.

The young girl never had such a heavy panic attack. Except for that one time she was taken by a strange man when she was 3 years old. She was rescued seconds after she was taken and her father managed to comfort her when he killed the kidnapper. She wanted her father.

She wanted to yell, scream and shout out loudly! She started coughing, and then she remembered the voices and tried to calm herself… She couldn't.

"Looks like she's awake…yeah" A woman's voice said clearly.

"You should check at her, that's one nasty cough she has there!" Said another.

"You go check her, I don't take commands… yeah!" The woman's replied with annoyance.

"Hey, don't start like that you fag! I'm the one who made this camp!"
"If you wish to enjoy it you better go check on her now!"

"How dare you! It was you who…" But nobody would ever know what the woman wanted to say for she was interrupted by a low yet clear voice: "I'll go check on her."

The girl gasped, "she knew that voice!" She started coughing even harder when she held her breathe and felt tears of pain well up in her eyes.

"Feeling sorry for the girl eh?" A man's voice asked.
"No." The shinobi replied.

"Whatever, we know you feel sorry for her, there's no other reason you would talk so much about her and help her."

The girl stopped coughing, only to begin a minute after again heavily panting.
"Stop." The low voice commanded.

"I wish I could but I can't… I need air!" She thought.
She felt someone pick her up, she was flung over a shoulder and patted on her back.
She immediately felt it worked and almost stopped coughing instantly.

The shinobi with the low voice spoke to her, whispering: "Are you okay?"
"H-hai." She replied softly.
She felt his warm breath on her cheek as he spoke. His arms stop holding her waist while he slowly lowered her to check her face.
"Her pale skin seemed to be perfect and her eyes… her damn gorgeous eyes!" He thought.
"She's... beautiful!"

"You can stop holding her Itachi-san. She isn't couching anymore...yeah"
The both persons laughed when Itachi put the girl on the ground.

"Follow me." The person said with a cold voice.

"His voice seemed to change from caring to cold again when the other persons spoke" The girl thought.
She followed him to a log close to the fire, she could now easily see the faces of the person who were still grinning.

Slightly trembling she tried to sit down… She felt the warmth from the fire and it felt good.
"You're cold eh?" A strangely colored man asked her
She felt she blushed and looked at her feet, "h-hai." She replied hastily.
"I bet you are, serves you right! Making us camp her in the middle of nowhere… yeah"


"Cat got your tongue… yeah?!"
"Answer me Yariman!"

Itachi's head twitched when he heard the girlish man calling her whore.

"Leave her alone Deidara…"

"Yeah shut up fag!"


"I-I'm so-orry…" The girl said softly.

The three men turned around and looked at her.
"What? Can't hear you… yeah." The girlish man said annoyed yet interested.

"I'm so-orry" She said again forcing herself to look at the man. He had blond hair which covered his left eye.

"Why are you sorry eh?" The other man asked. She looked him in the eyes and let out a little shriek.
He looked like a shark. She didn't reply.

"Oww, isn't that sweet Itachi-san? You kidnapped her and she's sorry! Hahaha, what a foolish little bitch!"

"Shut up Kisame"



"Let's call it a day and try to get some sleep! Deidara you have the first watch. Wake me in 2 hours."
Itachi said after a few seconds of silence.

"Whatever" The sharkman replied and left for his sleeping bag.

"Why do I always have the first watch... yeah?!" The blond man replied angrily.

"You can use my sleeping bag if you wish" Itachi said softly

"His voice is caring again!" She thought.
"H-hai" She replied after shivering, it was a cold night.

She fell asleep the moment she closed her eyes and had a very strange dream about her and the skarkman, he was chasing her in het bad tub and tried to bite of her toes.


When she woke up she didn't see anybody, for a split-second she thought the abandoned her, but her hope got smashed when she heard Itachi's cold voice behind here.
"So, you're finally awake?"

She nodded and gave the missing-nin a good look. "So this is how an S-ranked criminal looks like? He looks so worried." She thought.

When he turned his head and looked at her she quickly looked away, avoiding his stare.
"Finally that bitch is awake… yeah!" Deidara yelled while walking in their hiding spot.

"I told you not to curse around her, didn't I?" Itachi said

"Let's just pack our bags and get going again. We need to reach the Akatsuki hideout in 4 days." Itachi replied to the blonde guy's silence.

"You're just in time Kisame… yeah" Deidara said.
The girl was amazed when the sharkman appeared second after Deidara had spoken. "How could he know he was coming?" She said softly, more to herself. But Itachi heard her. "We're used to his chakra and since he has a lot we notice it very quickly when he's nearby".

"Anyway it's time to move out so pack your stuff Kisame" He said shortly after he heard the girl gasp.


They ran shinobi style while the girl sat on Itachi's back.
She held him tightly around his neck. She almost fell asleep while they ran and ran and ran.
"They must've been running for hours now." she thought, "don't they need to rest?"

She laid her head on his neck to try to sleep some more but they suddenly slowed down a bit and her lips touched his earlobe. She could see his head twitch. She started blushing.

After an hour or so they finally came to a stop and noticed the girl was asleep.
Her hands falling slowly from his neck and sliding down his arms onto his chest.

She tried to turn in her sleep and caressed his chest while mumbling something.
"Hey bitch, you can wake up now!" Deidara said angrily.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw the black coat she was holding tightly onto.
When she let go she nearly fell if it wasn't for Itachi's amazing reflexes to catch her bridal style.

She blushed and stammered something. Itachi didn't seem to care and put her down on her feet.
"We're here" He said.
The girl looked around her to see where they were.
Then she noticed the amazing large building standing behind them. It was a black castle with red things which appeared to be windows.

A big sign on front of the building was colored red as well, it said "Art".
"Time to get those forsaken eyes out of your little head… yeah!" Deidara said.

The girl gasped. "They were going to do what…?!" She thought. She had another panic attack.
Itachi looked at her and picked her up just like he did yesterday night. She stopped coughing.
He reached out for her face and whipped her tears of pain with his finger. When he could see the stream ending at his fingertip he slowly moved it to his mouth. He tasted the salty liquid and looked at her milky eyes. She was shocked.


The started walking towards the red door and Kisame opened it.
When they entered the building she needed to blink a few times for her eyes got used to the darkness.

"So this is her?" a voice asked
It seemed to come from within the darkness itself.

"Yes, we got her." Itachi replied.

"Hyuuga Hinata"

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