"We're almost outside the forest now, I will try to shake them off then." Itachi said to Hintata.
I'm all out of chakra, that last battle took it all. I need to get rid of them soon.
"Are you alright Itachi-san? You look tired." Hinata asked carefully.
"Tired?" He snorted back.
"They're catching up with us!" Hinata shrieken looking backwards.

Itachi suddenly stopped, turned around and made some handseals quickly;

"Katon! Housenka no Jutsu!"

A stream of fireballs came crashing down the unsuspected shinobi that followed them.
"Watch out!" A ninja yelled. Sasuke quickly dove aside and Kakashi simply ran through the fireballs as if they weren't even there. Both ninja had their Sharingan activated and ready were ready for battle.
They were head to head now, the other ninja were all lying on the ground covered in flames or moaning in pain of their burn wounds.

"Give us back Hyuuga Neji and Uzamaki Naruto!" Kakashi said.
I hope Sasuke stays calm, I wouldn't want to fight this guy on my own and he'll take out Sasuke with ease unless we work together.

"No." Itachi simply replied.
"Where's Neji?!" Sasuke yelled, he couldn't see him anywhere.
"He's gone." Itachi said.


"Let's go Sasuke." Kakashi said softly to Sasuke.
"Chidori!" Sasuke yelled and charged at him.
"Don't you know what happened last time you did that little brother?" Sasuke could hear Itachi's voice inside his head. "A Genjutsu?!"

"RELEASE!" He could hear Kakashi say.
I was caught so easily?!

"Don't rush in so carelessly Sasuke."
"We have to stall untill reinforcements arrive."
"But you just told me…" I was already in a genjutsu back then?!
Sasuke couldn't help but quiver in fear. "Damnit!"

"Itachi made yet another handseal and this time he yelled "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"
Sasuke and Kakashi jumped out of the way and both ran towards Itachi.
"Mangekyuu Sharingan!" Kakashi said and aimed at Itachi. A vortex of nothingness seemed the suck Itachi in. He was opening a portal to another dimension. Itachi just stood there.
Something isn't right

"Haaaaaaaaaaa!" Sasuke yelled as he pierced Itachi's stomach with a kunai, blood pouring out his wound. His coat quickly turned red as the blood dripped on the ground, "Chidori!" Kakashi yelled and pierced his already open wound. Itachi fell on his knees, then on the ground with his face down.

They turned around the untie Hinata and Naruto but… They were gone?!
What's going on here? Kakashi thought.


There was a moment of silence… And then an explosion!
"Sasuke?" Kakashi screamed as they were blown away.
"Gaaaaah." He could hear Sasuke cry out in pain, he followed the sound and found a badly injured Sasuke. What is going on? Are we under attack or…

"Are you alright Sasuke?" Kakashi asked the in blood covered boy.
"That explosion tore the flesh right from my arm."
"I see, you need a doctor, we should be able to reach Konoha in half an hour."
"What about Itachi?" Sasuke said.
"It seems it was an Kage Bunshin, an explosive one to be exactly. It's Itachi's signature."
"I fought one the last he was in Konoha, remember?"
"Yeah, I hurt my arm back there aswell. He broke my wrist that time."
"Let's retreat, he's probably already on the main road."
Danmit! He's full of tricks, I didn't even noticed it was a Kage Bunshin until now, and thay while I had my Mangekyuu Sharingan active.


"Itachi-san?" Hinata asked.
"Where's Neji?"
"Some people from Akatsuki picked him up last night. He was taken to Akatsuki headquarters."
"And what about Naruto?"
"I'm taking him to Zetsu-san, he's also a member of Akatsuki."
"And what are you going to do with me?" Hinata asked.
"You'll find out."


Another chapter complete.
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