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Here we have all the plunnies that did not quite make it into my story From the Ashes

Not all of them are centered around Hiraku

They are mostly in order

Note: This is not a sequel; that might happen later

Drabble One

A soft sigh emerged from Hiraku's throat. He wasn't quite sure what was wrong with him. Really, he had no reason to be dissatisfied. Still, there was something lacking in his life. For a while he had kept himself busy sorting out exactly who he was. Naruto had spent so long hiding behind a protective mask, he hadn't been quite certain who he was without it.

But now, the jinchuuriki had fallen into a rut, he traveled, he trained. The occasional mission was accepted. Violet eyes widened as he realized the source of his unease, boredom. Since the day Naruto was born, the entire world had been out to get him, and he knew it. That had created a unique personality as he had grown. Now though, they all thought he was dead. The ninja was safer now then he had ever been.

It didn't suit him. What to do, Hiraku mused. He had already decided the current situation was unacceptable.

Brat, the other tenant of the ninja's body made itself known. You're not going to do anything foolish, are you? The quiet life suited him just fine.

A lazy grin crossed the demon vessel's face. Who moi?

Oui vous, the fox didn't sound amused.

Hiraku laughed. I suppose that depends on you definition of foolish. I like to think of it as advanced stealth training.

In his cage Kyuubi surged to his feet. What do you mean? He demanded.

"I think," Hiraku murmured softly. "It is time to pay another visit to the Hidden Village of Sound."

Don't, the demon growled. Don't you dare. He tried to influence the kit by sheer will alone.

Typically, his vessel ignored the fox's protests. Hiraku whistled a jaunty tune as he slipped off the direction of Rice Country. This would be fun.


This one was more an intro then anything

The funny stuff is coming soon