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The three genins' hearts hammered in their chests as they took quick shallow breaths. Not too shallow though. It wouldn't do to hyperventilate the way one of the members of Team Five had, and wouldn't that be embarrassing, fainting on the field. Still, it was an effort to keep their extremities from trembling. They couldn't help it though. This was the biggest day of their entire lives.

None of the members of Team Thirteen had ever considered themselves to be particularly religious. At that moment however, they were all praying. Just a few moments more and they would know if they had made it.

"And from Hidden Leaf," the Hokage continued. "Mai Danno, Mizu Haruno, Rei Ogawa, and Daiki Urama."

The named shinobi shared a look, wide smiles spreading across their faces as they stepped forward to accept the vests that signified their new rank. It took Mai a moment to realize the roaring in her ears was actually the cheering of the crowd. One loud, distinctive voice stood out.

"Go Team Thirteen!" a certain violet-eyed nukenin shouted with wild abandon, waving his colorful sign in the air.

Jaws dropped, he wouldn't of, he couldn't. But obviously he had because standing there in plain sight was Hiraku Kazama. He seemed headless to the fact that he was heavily outnumbered, in the middle of one of the largest Shinobi Nations on the whole of the Hidden Continent. Someone else wasn't.

Akira groaned, reaching up to snag his partner by the ankle. "Get down from there you idiot," the brunette hissed, pulling him out of sight. He almost wished Hiraku wasn't immune to his poisons. A simple sleeping brew could have prevented this situation, and the jinchuuriki was much more reasonable when he was asleep.

Unfortunately, Hiraku was and they were presently in Konoha. His partner and he did agree on some points however. Such as the fact that the approaching ANBU announced that it was time to go.

Part Two

"Y-you," Sasuke stuttered as he tried to lever himself back to his feet. "You can't do this to me. I am an Uchiha." He had managed to track the two nukenin down well enough, engaging them had been a different matter all together.

Hiraku smoothly moved behind his former teammate, knocking him out with a quick blow to the back of the neck. He snorted. "Uchiha, Smuchita," it was all the same to him. What the hell did he care about what his opponent's bloodlines were? If you asked him, an individual succeeded or failed on their own merits, not those of their family.

That was one of the points the jinchuuriki knew he and Itachi agreed on. The elder Uchiha had never relied on his clan's reputation to get him through life. He had done it on his own. And how sad was it, Hiraku considered, that he had a higher opinion of the brother who was trying to kill him than the one whom barely knew he existed.

After a moment Hiraku shrugged, moving back to the task at hand. He slipped a small container of makeup out of his pack, taking to opportunity to decorate Sasuke's face. The eyeliner especially was a nice touch he thought. The final touch though, was the large L he had painted on the black-haired shinobi's forehead. The demon vessel snickered, rising to his feet to leave, only to be stopped when his partner grabbed his arm, jerking him to a halt.

"Wait," Akira told him softly. The older ninja's brow furrowed in concentration, his hands flickering through the signs of his genjutsu. A moment later he was done. "The marks will be visible to everyone but him," he explained.

Hiraku's puzzled look faded, a foxy smirk passing over his features. Playfully he gave his partner a friendly slap on the shoulder. "I've taught you well padawan," the jinchuuriki praised. He offered the other his arm. "Shall we?"

The brunette nodded, threading his arm through Hiraku's. "We shall," and with that the two friends walked away. The woods echoing with the sound of their laughter.

Yes, it is done. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this endeavor.

It meant a lot. I intend to take a break from the Naruto fandom for awhile now. I will be back though. I have the greatest idea for this fem!Naruto story I want to write someday.