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The Switch

Sasuke slept easily, in spite of the fact that he was in a small inn with three people he knew only slightly better than strangers.
When he awoke, he lay quietly for several minutes, going over his plan of actions.
Someone in the room shifted in their sleep and murmured softly, "…the birds…"
Sasuke opened his eyes and pushed himself up. Blinking at the bright sunshine flooding the room, Sasuke noted that his eyes felt sensitive.
Too sensitive.

He reached up to rub his eyes but stopped when he saw his hands.
He stared at his hands.
No – not his hands.
He was staring at a girl's small pale hands – with neatly manicured fingernails and thin fingers.
These were not his hands.

Sasuke looked down and saw his breasts.
'Huh,' He thought, 'Wasn't expecting that.'

Several miles away, in the village of Konoha, in the Hyuuga compound, in the Main House, in the bedroom of the Heir of the Hyuuga family, Sasuke's body lay asleep – far from its original owner.

Sasuke swung his legs over the side of the bed and stepped over a thin, pale man who gurgled in his sleep.
Sasuke nearly stumbled uncharacteristically. He felt strange. Unbalanced. He glanced down at his breasts again – no wonder. Hinata was a well-endowed young lady.
He walked into the bathroom and shut the door.
He looked into the mirror and stared at the girl looking back.

She was familiar-looking but Sasuke couldn't place a name.
Hyuuga, he realized. She had the memorable white eyes.
"Hinata." Sasuke said outloud. Hinata's voice sans her usual stutter and soft quality.

As Sasuke stared at the girl in the mirror, Suigetsu awoke with a start.
He'd just heard a voice that he didn't recognize.
Suigetsu jumped up and scanned the room.

Karin was there, a trail of drool on her chin. Juugo was there, muttering something about 'the birds'.
The bed was empty, Suigetsu realized.
Where was Sasuke?

Back in Konoha, Hinata awoke, stretching languorously.
She pulled her hands through her long, silky hair.
No – her short spiky hair.
Hinata's hands stopped in shock, feeling her hair.

'What happened to my hair!? Is this a prank? Is this some sick joke? Who came into my room and cut off my hair!?' Hinata's sleep-groggy brain whirled, 'And why are my clothes so tight!?'
She jumped out of bed and fell flat on her face.
Hinata sprang back up and scrambled into her bathroom.

When she saw the face in the mirror, she screamed.
At first she screamed because she thought she was looking out a window and Uchiha Sasuke – the S-class missing-nin – was staring back at her.
Then she screamed because she realized she was looking into a mirror and Uchiha Sasuke was staring back at her.

Sasuke didn't even blink when Suigetsu crashed through the bathroom door.
"Who are you!?" Suigetsu roared, pointing at Sasuke.
Sasuke turned and looked back at him.
Suigetsu giggled and blushed.

The cute, well-endowed young woman looking back at him was wearing Sasuke's very open shirt.
Very very very open shirt.
Sasuke hadn't really cared before. He was more concerned with the fact that he had breasts than the fact that he was flaunting them in front of everyone.

Sasuke sighed and closed his shirt, "Stop drooling, Suigetsu. You're getting as bad as Karin."
Suigetsu wiped his mouth, "Who are you?"
"It's me." Sasuke said, glaring at Suigetsu, "Who else?"
"Of course."
"What…? I mean… why're you doing a transformation technique? Are we doing something today?"

Sasuke turned back to the mirror, "I'm not doing a transformation technique. I woke up like this – in this woman's body."
"You woke up like that?" Suigetsu asked, wondering what Sasuke had eaten before sleeping, "Y-you're… uh… she's hot, man. Do you know her?"
"Yes… she's a kunoichi from my hometown – Konoha. Hyuuga Hinata."
Suigetsu whistled, "They make them nice in Konoha. I need to make a visit there sometime…"
"Cool eyes, too. Not too far off from the color of my hair." Suigetsu grinned, "Kinda hot."
Sasuke ignored Suigetsu and said out loud, "If I woke up in her body then that must mean that she's waking up in my body…"

"HINATA-SAMA!" Neji yelled, kicking in Hinata's bedroom door, "What's wrong!?"
Hinata stumbled out of the bathroom, weeping, "N-neji-niichan…?"
Neji roared and flung several kunai at the S-Class missing-nin, Uchiha Sasuke who was standing in his cousin's bedroom, "HINATA!? WHERE ARE YOU!?"
"NO!" Hinata cried, managing to dodge the kunai, "S-STOP! PLEASE!"
Neji stared at the fifteen-year-old boy who was weeping and pleading for mercy – that was not the way Uchiha Sasuke acted.

"I-It's m-me… N-neji!" Hinata sobbed, "H-hinata! I… I woke up l-like this…"
She gulped and buried her face in her hands, "W-what do I… do?"
Neji activated his Byakugan and realized with horror that Sasuke was speaking the truth – the chakra signature in his body was not that of Uchiha Sasuke but of Hinata!
"H-how?" Neji whispered, "How could this have happened?"
Hinata shook her head, "N-niichan…" She looked up, horror on her face, "If I have his body…"
Neji gasped, "Then he has yours!"

Suigetsu's door-exploding and yelling escapades had woken the other two members of Hebi.
Karin did a double-take when she saw Sasuke but didn't over react.
"Aren't you surprised?" Suigetsu asked, seeing her lack of reaction.
"I can tell it's Sasuke in there." Karin said, "I sense his chakra signature…"

Juugo's eyes went wide and he blushed furiously when he saw Sasuke.
"Y-you're in the body of a kunoichi from your hometown…?" Juugo asked, "S-so she really exists?"
"Indeed." Sasuke said, "She's out there… walking around in my body."

"Okay, let's go to the Hokage." Neji said, "I'm sure she'll know what to do! We'll sent a message back to your father, telling him where we went. Let's go."
"I-I can't go out like this!" Hinata said, "Look at my clothes!"
Sure enough, her clothes were too tight over Sasuke's well-muscled body.
"I'll let you borrow something."
Hinata blushed furiously, "A-and… some underwear… t-these panties are… killing me."
Neji made a face, "Just go to my room and pick something out, okay? And afterwards… burn the underwear. I… I won't have any use for them after having been on Uchiha Sasuke's body…"
Neji shuddered in disgust, "And we never speak of panties again!"

"Do you have any extra clothing?" Sasuke asked Karin when Suigetsu and Juugo left to get breakfast, "I can't walk around in my regular clothes."
Sasuke kept forgetting to close his shirt and kept accidentally flashing Suigetsu and Juugo, leaving them blushing, giggling idiots.
Karin stared at Sasuke's breasts jealously. She wished she was that curvaceous.

"N-nothing that'd fit that body." Karin sniffed, "But I can go find something…"
"Make it quick." Sasuke said, "I'll be waiting here."
He grabbed a senbon – a shinobi needle weapon – and used it to close his shirt, "Try and get back before the other two."

Hinata blushed and kept her eyes to the ceiling as she undressed and redressed Sasuke's body.
She nearly screamed when her hand brushed against something as she tugged up the underwear.
"Oh god…" Hinata whispered as she realized what she touched, "I… I have a… dick…"
Tears filled Sasuke's black eyes and spilled over onto his handsome face, "I don't want to be Sasuke!" Hinata wailed.

Sasuke peered down at Hinata's body, examining it with interest.
He wasn't blind and he still had some sort of sexual drive in spite of his obsession with finding and killing his brother.
Hinata was a healthy specimen. Sasuke had never noticed before because she always hid her body beneath her thick jacket and formless pants.
But Hinata was very nicely built – all rounded, curvy edges and soft bits.
"Tch." He said out loud, "If Hinata showed her body to that moron, Naruto, he'd be all over her."
Sasuke shook his head.
Still, nice body or not, he missed his dick.

Neji pushed a cap onto Sasuke's head and shoved a pair of sunglasses onto his face, "Just keep your head down and follow me. We'll run over the rooftops and we'll be at the Hokage's before you know it, okay?"
Hinata nodded wordlessly.
"Good. Let's go."

Neji pulled Hinata along behind him, looking around to make sure no one saw them or really noticed them.
They were making good time and they would soon be at the Hokage's door in moments.

Suddenly there was a flash of orange and a cry as Neji collided with someone else.
"Watch where you're going!" A familiar voice barked, "I'm in a hurry, Neji. I don't appreciate you getting in my way."
"You got in my way." Neji snapped, before he could stop himself, "Naruto."
Naruto sneered, "I thought you were supposed to have the 'good eyes'."
Neji narrowed his pale eyes.

"What're you in such a hurry for, anyway?" Naruto asked, "And who is… that…?"
Hinata kept her head bowed, "H-hyuuga… uh… Jin." She said, lowering her voice to sound different from Sasuke's usual tone.
Naruto tilted his head, trying to see the obscured face, "Why're you hiding your face?"
"Why does Kakashi-sensei hide his face?" Neji asked quickly, "It's the cool thing to do, I guess. We've got to go. Nice to see you this morning, Naruto. Have a good day."

Neji pulled Hinata past Naruto, realizing his mistake too late.
"N-no!" Hinata cried as Naruto knocked off her cap.
"I can't stand when people hide themselves." Naruto said, laughing, "Cool or… or…"

Naruto stared at the face of his best friend.
Naruto's face was pale. His breathing was irregular.
Neji attacked before Naruto could fully understand what he was seeing.
"RUN!" Neji cried, shoving Hinata away, "I'll distract him!"

Hinata nodded and began running at top speed, her hat now long gone, Sasuke's noticeable black hair flying in the wind.

"SASUKE!" Naruto cried as Neji began aiming punches and kicks.
"WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Naruto demanded as he dodged a punch aimed at his stomach and failed to dodge a kick to the back of the knee.
"It's not what you think!" Neji said, "It's not Sasuke-kun!"
Naruto roared as Neji landed another hit, "Why're you attacking me!?"
"Because if I don't stop you, you'll go after her and she needs to see the Hokage!"

"You moron!" Naruto yelled, "And you think the guards will just let him waltz into the Administration Building?"
Neji stumbled backwards, realizing the truth in Naruto's words, "H-hinata-sama!"

Hinata ran, oblivious to the people on the street who saw her – him!
Oblivious until she heard…
"UCHIHA SASUKE!" Someone yelled, "He's a dangerous criminal! Someone! Call ANBU!"
"Eeeek!" A woman screamed, pulling her child off of the street.
"Has he come to kill us all?"
"What's going on?"
"Are we under attack?"
"I-is Orochimaru here, too!?"
"Oh no! Another attack!"
Hinata wanted to stop and assure everyone that she wasn't really Uchiha Sasuke but she didn't think they'd believe her if she told them who she was so she ran faster.

"It's not an attack!" Naruto yelled to the people as he ran after Hinata, "It's not what you think!"
"It's a technique!" Neji was calling out as he followed Naruto, "Calm down! There is no attack! Orochimaru is not in the village!"
"We apologize for the distress!" Naruto said, "Please do not overreact. There is no dangerous situation!"

Hinata knew she couldn't just walk into the Administration Building and while she would never dream of doing something so disrespectful as crash through a window into the Hokage's office, desperate times called for desperate measures.
Hinata crashed through a window into the Hokage's office.
"Godaime-sama!" Hinata cried as several ANBU surrounded her, appearing from no where, "D-Don't attack!" Hinata screamed, covering her face.

"Stop!" Neji cried, jumping through the broken window.
"What's going on!?" Tsunade yelled, still trying to understand the fact that Uchiha Sasuke had just jumped into the room, crying like a girl.
"Don't attack him!" Naruto shouted, jumping through the broken window.
"Her!" Neji corrected, "It's Hyuuga Hinata-sama, Hokage!"

"Everyone FREEZE!" Tsunade yelled.
Everyone froze.

Tsunade stood up from her desk and pushed a couple of ANBU aside.
There, in the middle, sitting on the floor was Uchiha Sasuke, trying to hold back his weeping.
He looked up at her and sobbed loudly.

"S-sasuke…" Naruto whispered.
"It's not!" Neji said, "It's Hinata-sama. Something happened to her! She's in Uchiha Sasuke's body."
'Hyuuga Hinata is trapped in Uchiha Sasuke's body?' Tsunade thought, 'That explains why Sasuke's crying so much… and here I thought he was just proving me right when I said he was a scared little girl…'

Sasuke sneezed suddenly and sighed.
Karin was taking too long and Suigetsu and Juugo hadn't made a reappearance either. He was getting hungry.
It was then that he realized he felt the strange sensation of being watched.
Sasuke moved Hinata's white eyes around the room.
There! In the window! Sasuke realized. Two heads were doing a terrible job of hiding as they… peeped!?

Sasuke sneered and appeared at the window before the two could realize he'd caught them.
"I sent you to get breakfast you perverts!" Sasuke hissed, opening the window, "NOT stand outside my window and peek at me!"
The senbon keeping his shirt closed fell out and his shirt flapped open and fell off his – her – shoulders.

Juugo and Suigetsu knew that if they stood there and stared at the glory before them, Sasuke would kill them.
It would be worth it, though.

Sasuke shoved Hinata's small fists into their faces.
Juugo toppled backwards. Suigetsu's head exploded into a watery mass.
"I'm back!" Karin called from the door, "I got a couple of changes of clothes and some panties!"
Sasuke turned to her, his shirt still hanging off.

"No need to brag!" Karin said, "Here – I'll help you wrap the twins."
In the bushes outside the room, the two still-male members of Hebi shuffled off to retrieve breakfast. Their faces hurt and Juugo was bleeding profusely but they had been right. It had been worth it.


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