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Queen Lucy's Fears

By Cecilia Friesen

Queen Lucy sighed as she remembered the day she first entered Narnia. The happiness she had felt mixed with a few other emotions. Emotions of longing, pain, and fear.

Longing for her siblings to see this, pain of past memories of playing in the snow with her Mum and Dad, who she could hear laughing gaily, and fear of what was ahead of her.

Of course she never told anyone these feeling, for fear of them mocking her. Neither did she tell them about her first tea with Mr. Tumnus, her dear friend. She was afraid they would turn their backs to him because of what the White Witch made him do to her. The friendship she had with him was unlike any she had ever had with any of her school mates or her siblings. He understood her and never teased her in a mean way. They told each other everything.

She also never told anyone how sweet and kind Mrs. Mcready had been that night Professor Digory had found her in tears.(Or should I say when she ran into him.) Mrs. Mcready had treated her with utmost respect and comforted her with kind words. She had even given her extra chocolate in her hot chocolate. She had never told anyone for fear of them making fun of Mrs. Mcready.

A tear threatened to spill over as these thoughts came back to her. As you can see she had many good memories and fear was in all of them. Finally the tears spilled over and turned into uncontrollable sobs.

This is when Mr. Tumnus walked in. She was embarrassed that he saw her crying but couldn't stop the tears.

"Are you alright?", He asked her.

"Sniff. I'll be fine. Hiccup", she answered.

He came and sat next to her and held out his arms, inviting her into his embrace. She accepted hid invitation and let him say comforting words as he stroked her hair. Finally the tears subsided and she blew her nose. Then he asked the question she dreaded answering.

"what's the matter? Why are you crying?"

She sat silent for a moment, pondering on thoughts of fear. Fear that he would make fun of her. Fear that others would find out. Finally she answered.

" I miss all the things from back home."

He sat there studying her face and knew she was telling the truth.

"You'll likely return one day and then you'll miss Narnia. All of your bothers and sister probably have the same emotions."

Lucy pondered his last comment."But they're always so happy and they never talk about home.It's like they don't care if they're going home or not."

Tumnus sighed thinking that he would never satisfy her curiousity.