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Now No More
By Em

"I had you and I have you now no more."
- E. St. Vincent Millay, "Interim"

How long had she been with them?

Not even she knew anymore. It would be something easy enough to look for, easy enough to find out, but she had closed up and put away that aspect of her life and she no longer counted days. Her new life, this life, was separate and apart from that other life. She should have changed her name, but she didn't bother. The fact was, nothing mattered. Not the life that she lived, not the lives of those around her or those that cowered before her. Not the world in which she lived or anyone left in it.

Everyone thought she had a plan, but she was just existing. They assumed every move she made was deliberate for a premeditated goal, but it wasn't. Why would she care about dominating a city when she didn't care what the hell happened to it? Why would she find pleasure in killing someone when the life she extinguished meant nothing to her? She found no point in anything, no pleasure anywhere.

She took control because she could. She followed through with plans because it seemed like something to do. She killed because it was what she said she would do that day so long ago…the day of her rebirth.

Days? Weeks? Years?

How long did it take her to get used to the stench of blood?

How long since she stopped feeling pain?

How long since he had died?


A/N: (An explanation). Once upon a time, this was part of a larger whole. An angst-ridden ride, a future fic, inspired by bleakness, a song, and a 'what if?'. Then, I read more TT fic and I realized this fic with scenes so clear in my head was really a kind of trite and cliché'd. So, I didn't go back to it.

Then, one day, about a week ago, I read it to GuardianKysra on a lark. She heard the above bit as an independent 'chapter' in the fic and said, "That could stand alone."

Of course, she was right. So, now it stands alone.

(The plea). What do you think?