It is short, but gives an account of a crime not uncommon among thieves who have gone around for quite some time and feel it their duty to uphold their end of the bargain.

The wooden floor creaked in the hallway outside the closed door. Leanne had been asleep for several hours. This noise was not uncommon; her mother often checked in on her late at night - especially when the weather had been bad or if something was bothering her. What made it strange this time was the fact that the night was peaceful and that she was out of school for the summer and had no worries. Even so, Leanne feigned sleep, as usual, and waited for the door to open. It did. Now, Miss Doris usually called out Leanne's name, with a soft voice, when stepping into the room, but she didn't this time. Leanne now opened her eyes and looked out into the surrounding blackness to find out what the matter was with her mother. Her eyes roved around the room and lighted on some huge bestial being that had crawled, on all fours, in through the doorway.

"Mom?" Leanne whispered. She clung to the covers in fear.

The shape made no reply, but moved over the floor, towards the bed, in a stealthy manner. Leanne wanted to scream, but her throat had become dry and her heart pounded in her chest. Her body had become stiff as if paralyzed; only her eyes were capable of movement.

The beast moved through a patch of moonlight that had filtered through the lace curtains. Leanne now saw that it was not a beast at all, but a human. It was not her mom. It was a strange man!

The man came to the side of the bed and then straitened up to full hight. Leanne shut her eyes and began a silent plea to God to save her and her mother from this intruder. She felt something heavy weigh down the mattress. Then, she felt a hand slide under her back and she was lifted up into, almost, a sitting position. She felt a shiver go down her spine and her stomach became agitated. Please, no Lord . . .

The man's hand now moved up toward her neck and then stopped. The pressure on the bed lessened and the he drew nearer. He let go of her for just a second and then she realized that he had wrapped his arm around and under her shoulder blades and that he had also slipped his other arm under her legs. She was lifted out from the covers.

"Say one word an' yer done fer," the man growled in a low tone.

Leanne did not respond aloud, but silently she vowed to do as she was told. She could not speak, even if she wanted to; she was so terrified. Her stomach did a summer-salt and she could feel some nasty substance leap up into her chest as she smelt the man's whisky tainted breath.

It was then that she realized that they had traveled down the stairs and to the front entry. He set Leanne down on the floor and began to slowly unlock and open the door. Once he was finished and the door stood wide open, he lifted her into his arms, once more, and stole away from the house. . .

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