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Laughing, the two went downstairs one last time. Elizabeth reached into her bag to pull out something to amuse the baby with when she remembered what was still in there. "Goodness Will, I almost forgot." She pulled out the pieces of parchment and handed them to him.

"What's this for?" he asked looking at them slightly confused.

"Just the other day I purchased 50 sheets of parchment. 25 sheets for myself and the other 25 were to go to you. I was thinking that we could write down all the adventures of our lives over the next 10 years and give them to our son when you came back."

Will looked at the papers again and nodded. "As you wish. At least I'll have something to do on the long days."

Elizabeth smiled before suddenly frowning. "How much longer do you have?"

Will closed his eyes and looked as though listening for something she could not hear. "Not much longer I'm afraid. Calypso should be here within the hour."

She ran over to him and pulled him into a hug. Whether or not he was feeling the movement of his mother or knew about his Father, baby William began to cry which in turn caused both of his parents to tear up as well. Will motioned that he wanted to hold the baby one last time so Elizabeth handed him to Will.

As soon as Will took the baby, he stopped crying, it was almost as if he felt secure in his arms. Will looked down at his son, "I love you so much little one. Please be good for your mother and protect her in my absence. "Elizabeth looked at him funny, "He'll grow up fast and he is my son after all."

Elizabeth laughed, "He is at that and I'm sure Jack will be giving him a sword for his first birthday." Elizabeth's mood changed suddenly, "I don't want to be separated from you."

Will put his free arm around Elizabeth pulling her close. "I don't want it either, you know that but I have a duty - one that I can not ignore."

"It's just so hard Will and -"

"And now you have our son. If I hadn't stabbed the heart, I would be dead right now and you would be a widow and have no son."

"I know you are right Will. I know that in my heart but I long for you to share my bed every night and walk beside me each day."

Will was silent. He was feeling the same way but he had to be strong for his wife. The baby cooed once more and they both looked down and smiled. "We best go up so I can say my goodbyes." Elizabeth nodded in silence and followed Will as he carried the baby up the stairs.

The crew had already gotten back to their duties by the time they came back up. Noticing their frowning faces, they all stopped doing whatever they were and moved to shake Will's hand.

"Wonderful seeing you again boy…er Captain," Mr. Gibbs said.

"Good luck," Marty said.

"Try not to become all tentacly," Ragetti said, to which Pintel smacked him in the arm before saying his good bye to Will as well.

Finally, he came to Jack. Will crossed his arms and looked out to the sea and licked his lips. "Can you-can you make sure that Elizabeth stays safe for me? Keep an eye on her and my son."

"I'll do that so long as you don't do anything stupid, savvy? You know, like you tend to."

Everyone around them chuckled as Will extended a hand. Jack smiled slightly as he shook it.

"See you in a few years, Captain Turner."

That was the first time Jack had actually acknowledged Will's title. Finally, he stood before his beloved wife. His only love. His Elizabeth.


"Shh," he said placing his finger against her lips. He then lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. This was going to be their last for awhile so its best to let it be special. When they broke away, Elizabeth could barely hold back her tears.

"I thought it would take ten years for me to see you again. But now that you've returned I don't want you to leave. Its selfish of me to think that because you have an important job to do. I'll wait for you Will Turner. I'd wait for you for eternity if I had to."

Will was about to respond to that when Calypso appeared on deck.

"Tis time ta leave dis place," she said talking directly to Will.

Will nodded adding a quiet, "I know."

"Calypso," Elizabeth called.


"Thank you. You fulfilled my most precious Christmas wish," Elizabeth told her.

"Ya welcome."

"Calypso, please take watch over him," Elizabeth added.

Calypso laughed, "He watches ov'r lost souls. I doubt he needs watch'n himself."

Jack walked over to Calypso, "we did a good thing 'ere love."

"Jes, we did Jack Sparrow," she said smiling at him.

"Maybe we should do it more often," he whispered to her.

"We'll see. Ye nev'r know. I am unpredictable."

"Yes ye are love, yes indeed," Jack said turning to look at the family saying their finally goodbyes. It was a sad scene, Will was holding his son then leaned down to kiss him before handing him back to Elizabeth. Will may be the Captain of the fiercest ship on the ocean but that didn't stop him from tearing up, just like everyone on board the Pearl witnessing the scene. Will touched his forehead against Elizabeth and they both closed their eyes repeating a familiar scene. When they finally broke, silent tears were running down Elizabeth's face.

"I love you Elizabeth with all that I am. Look at your ring and remember I'm always with you and a part of me lives within our son. Take care of each other and try to keep Jack out of trouble."

Elizabeth nodded and let out a small nervous laugh, "Will, I. I love you so much. I look forward to your written stories. Don't forget for your son."

"Yes, I'll try."

"Will Turner, it is time," Calypso said looking towards the setting sun.

Elizabeth handed the baby to Jack quickly and embraced Will one last time. They kissed passionately then Will pulled away. He placed his hand along her cheek and she in turn placed her hand on top of his. They both closed their eyes then when Elizabeth opened her eyes, he was gone. She turned back to Jack and took the infant back into her arms. She then went below for some time alone and no one said a word as she went.

"Jack," Gibbs said, "do ye think she'll let 'em meet before the ten years be up?"

"Ye never know with Calypso but if Captain Jack has anything to say about it – well there be plenty of excuses for celebrations within ten years and I think Calypso just might have a soft spot for those two not to mention what she feels for me." Gibbs gave Jack a funny look and Jack walked up to the helm. "Time and tide. We'll just have to see."