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Summary- On a class field trip Sakura goes to an old castle unknown to her that she is the reincarnation of that very owner! So now she starts to regain her past life's memories along with her best friends Ino, Tenten and Hinata and the boys she despises so much but they secretly all love Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji. SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno and NejiTen.


Today is the day. Sasuke and I will finally get married. We are planning to go into town and get married. So what if he is really one of my servants along with his older brother and my parents want me to marry a prince so that my kingdom can truly be mine, I don't care give it to my little brother. I love Sasuke and he loves me. After we marry in town we are going to go live in an old castle on the other side of the lake. Not even the man who is going to marry us knows who we really are. All of our friends know and won't tell a soul. I'm going to miss them even though they are all servants; they are also my best friends.

Hinata Hyuuga, she is such a kind and sweet girl. She is so shy but, yet such an important part of the group. Also, although she would never say it she is absolutely beautiful with her pearly whitish purple and pupiless eyes and midnight dark hair. Her and Naruto are in as deep of love as Sasuke and I. Shall they be together forever. Her father was once a noble but sadly, lost his life and my dad took Hinata, her little cousin and her sister in. They didn't want to be adopted and instead demanded to be treated as servants to earn their keep.

Speaking of Naruto, that's Naruto Uzumaki, he is such a blond-haired blue eyed, obnoxious, silly and kind idiot. But, he is also Sasuke's best friend. Naruto was an orphan that Mikoto, my mother's favorite servant and Sasuke's mother, took in and raised as a servant for my family's castle.

Neji Hyuuga, as I said is Hinata's cousin. He has a face that shows no feeling a lot like Sasuke actually except, unlike Sasuke, his eyes also show no feeling. Hinata says that he hadn't always been this way.


"Hinata-chan!" I yelled out to her. She was sitting in the garden with Neji probably talking considering they had the day off. I saw Neji get up and after giving a curt nod to Hinata walked briskly away. She got up and faced me slightly bowing.

"Good morning Sakura-sama. How may I help you today."

"Oh Hinata-chan! Don't use the sama call me Sakura-chan. After all you are going to be one of my friends now right? Anyway, why didn't your cousin stay around? I wouldn't have minded if he stayed. I would become friends with him, too. And why doesn't he smile?"

"A-Alright S-Sakura-chan." She said looking away. "I-I don't really kn-know why Neji-san doesn't s-smile. A-All I kn-know is th-that he stopped sh-shortly after his father d-died in battle tr- trying to save my father. Th-They were t-twin brothers. Although my d-dad got the t-title of a n-noble since he was b-born first."

"Wow." Was all I said.

End of Flashback

Anyway he and Tenten are in love I swear. Sasuke and Neji always have glaring contests but, then again they both do that to Naruto too, it is probably a boy thing even though Shikamaru never does it.

That, of course, leads me to Tenten Kunai (A/N- Not her real last name but, I can bet that not one Naruto fan knows her REAL last name. Anyways…). She is another of my servants and dear friends. She has long brown hair that is ALWAYS tied up in two buns and pretty sparkling brown eyes. I don't know how I could have gotten through so many things without her and her older brother.

The last other girl in the group is the girl that I have known my whole life, she is Ino Yamanaka. Ino is nice and caring with a HUGE attitude. She has pretty flowing blond hair which is usually tied up in a ponytail and sparkling blue eyes. She of course is in love with the last guy other than my Sasuke of course, Shikamaru. She has an annoying little brother that gets her in trouble a lot because it often involves messing up the castle.

Shikamaru Nara is well to put it simple a lazy, but kind-hearted, genius whose favorite word is troublesome. He has dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail that looks like a pineapple's leaves and has the laziest eyes that are perfect for his personality. He has an adorable younger sister.

Now I am going to tell you about Sasuke Uchiha, who is the love of my life and future husband. He has black silky hair that sort of resembles a chicken's butt which I told him when we were younger and he got really mad and didn't talk to me for a while we obviously got over that though and now it is a joke between us. We also has these dark eyes that though his face almost never shows any expression his eyes show sooo much feeling and I have gotten lost in them more times than I can count. He can be downright nasty to those he doesn't like or just plain out doesn't know. Actually I think he may only be nice to me considering that even though his best friends are mine too especially Naruto like I said before even though they are huge rivals.

By the way my name is Sakura Haruno, Princess of the Land of Spring. I have cherry blossom pink hair and emerald green eyes. And like I have already told you many many times am in love with Sasuke and by the way he says my name and told me his plan to take me and marry him I know he loves me, too.

I sigh as I turn to look at the window only to gasp in surprise it was time to meet Sasuke to get married. I rush out the door and run into the garden to see him waiting for me with all the patience in the world.

"Come on Sakura-chan! We have to go…" He said moving to grab my hand only to freeze as a bang was heard through the air and Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Neji and Tenten came running.

"Run! The castle is under attack! We gotta go all of our siblings are already in the shelter and all the adults are fighting there are so many of them." Naruto said panting.

"What, what are you talking about dobe?!" Sasuke said in shock. That's when eight throwing knives soared through the air hitting each one of them in the head not even allowing them to know what happened.

After the fight

Not one person from the castle remained except for the siblings and cousin in Neji's case, although all the teachers who weren't at the castle at the time survived obviously, they came to circle around the eight friends and four couples's bodies. Sasuke's brother nodded and everyone looked at each other and nodded. Itachi spoke the words of a spell like thing and made it that all the castle members would live again in the descendants of the siblings and cousins. Then they buried all the dead in a cemetery in the woods found the teachers who had become a part of the spell also and they all left the ruined country never to return again until everyone was reborn in 500 years. Sadly none of them will have their memories until they come back to the castle not even the ones that cast the spell. Although they will all get their old names again.

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