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"Mmmmmmmmm… this is really good." Sakura said after digging into some curry the chefs had whipped up for her and Sasuke. Afterwards the servants had left the two alone so they could go to the garden and gather herbs for cooking. Kakashi-sensei was long gone "to make sure his thrown didn't catch a cold".


"Yeah Sasuke-kun." Because of those memories they couldn't help but call each other the way their other selves had.

"Do you think that if we allowed them to talk to each other like fully that…?

"They could figure out the rest of this mess?" She finished. "Probably should we try it?"

"I think so."

"Willing to see his perverted mind?"

"If I must."

"Your both pervs."


"Sakura-chan you there?" Sasuke's eyes had taken a misty look to them showing that he was being controlled by his other self.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura's eyes have become misty too.

"I missed you."

"Me too."

"Do you know what's going on?"

"No. Not really."

"Hn. Well what do we know?" They begin to talk about the fact that the couples are now together. Meanwhile, in their unconscious minds both Sasuke and Sakura became very aware of every single memory that their other selves had including their deaths. Sasuke actually had one about Itachi that was very important…


"Sasuke. You know what your doing may send the entire kingdom after you right?"


"Sasuke, I'll always try to protect you. You're my foolish little brother whom I have to protect even with my life." Sasuke just looked at him.

"Are you suggesting that I give up on Sakura?"

"Sasuke I'm trying to protect you not destroy you." Sasuke looked at him in surprise. "Which is why I'm promising on my life that you will always be with her no matter what happens." Itachi finished holding up a gigantic scroll.

"What's that?"

"The key to your happiness." Sasuke just looked at him questioning.

"I hate reading for pleasure you know that."

"Who said this book was for pleasure? A book for pleasure has naked women in it." Sasuke just raised a brow. "No Sasuke this book holds your eternal future with Sakura. I will hide it one day where it will be most safe. I think you'll figure it out." Sasuke just looked at him confused as he walked away.


As Sasuke watched the memory his other self saw it too.

"The book. It has to be in the book."


"Yeah. Itachi once showed me a book that must have something to do with us and our reincarnations."

"So that means…"

"…if we find the book…"

"…we can all leave our reincarnations behind to live their own lives."

"I think so."

"Well where could it be?"

"I don't know where do you think Itachi could have hidden it."

"I don't know either. But, what I do know is that we better go back inside our reincarnation's heads soon because I'm starting to get a weird feeling."

"Hn. Same." With that they each looked at the other one more time before switching again.

"Sasuke? Is it you or your other self?"

"Hn. It's me.

"Alright so the book?"

"Do you think it could be in a place where only our other selves could have gone?"

"Like where?"

"Well where can we go that no one else would?"

"The garden? My room? The stable?" Sakura said remembering what her other self had told her once about her and the other Sasuke sneaking off to those places in order to keep out of the sights of the king and queen who were probably the only two who hadn't known about the romance between the two inside the castle walls.

"Well were closest to the bedroom so…" With that in mind they both got off their stools in the kitchen and walked toward the bedroom.

Once they reached there and they both had some interesting flashbacks they got to work.

"Everything is cleaned out!" Sakura called from her place in the closet.

"Hn. Then what if the book had already been found." Sasuke said looking up from under the bed with his hair gray from the dust collecting under the bed. Sakura took one look and immediately folded over in a spurt of laughter. "What?" Sasuke asked with one brow raised cautiously.

"You…" Sakura started gasping for air. "look like and old man!" she finished holding her gut.

"Whatever." He said starting to shake his hair out making dust go everywhere. He started to walk over to where Sakura was standing when all of a sudden he was in GREAT pain.

"Oh my gosh! Sasuke are you okay?" Sakura got out before once again falling into a fit of giggles. A board had flung up and hit Sasuke right in his manhood. "Hey what's this?" Sakura said looking at a little book and a note that had appeared from the hole.

"Is it the book?" Sasuke spoke out from his place on the ground sounding like he just sucked a gallon of helium.

"No, I think it's a diary." She said looking at it. She opened the first page and started to skim it. "Wait, no it's not!" On each page there was a letter written and then signed by one of the two.

"It's a letter system." Sasuke said appearing over her shoulder finally recovering from his little mishap. "Hey what does this say." He said grabbing the piece of paper left in the whole and reading it.

Sasuke and Sakura-

Nice try! But, no.



"Wonderful. Sakura it's not here." Sasuke said with a twinge of annoyance.

"Well then to the gardens." It wasn't there either nor the stables.

"Where could it possibly be." Sasuke said with his face all red from the many flashbacks. Frustrated they started to walk on a trail in the woods.

"Wow. It's so gorgeous." They have stumbled upon a meadow in the middle of the woods that surrounded the castle. The meadow was absolutely amazing with trees bordering all around and flowers of every color sprinkled among the grass. In the middle was a giant sakura tree and oak tree.

Sasuke and Sakura started to feel a pull towards the two trees and came upon a sword that had been stuck into the ground and rusted. The handle was carved into the branch of a sakura tree and had an Uchiha fan on the metal.

"What if the book is buried?" Sasuke said as he started to dig. After a while Sasuke said "Sakura go get everyone I think it is here."

"What if I can't get back?"

"Your other self should help you she's got to remember the place."

"But Sasuke I can't feel her!"

"What?!" He replied before realizing that he couldn't feel his either. That's when appearing from the trees all around people started to appear. There were the two's reincarnated friends and behind them were the other selves of the people of the castle. Everyone had one. There in between the two trees kissing were their now visible other selves.

"TEME! SAKURA!" Naruto shouted as their friends came running.

"What's going on?" Tenten asked.

"I don't know but, you have to dig we think that whatever sends everyone home is buried here!" Sakura told them.

"What's this?" Neji exclaimed as he uncovered something hard and white. As they uncovered more they soon realized that it was two bodies. Sasuke and Sakura turned white.

"These are…"

"…the bodies." Sasuke finished from where Sakura trailed off. Touching both of the skeleton's hands was the book that Sasuke and Sakura were so desperately trying to find. Quickly picking it up Sasuke opened it to the first page only to have it flip until it got to a specific page. The friends looked up to see Itachi's other self looking down and smiling then staring at the couples kissing beneath the trees and the people surrounding the meadow.

"It says to join hands around the book." Sakura breathed out. Once they joined hands they put their energy into their hands and pretty soon the circle glowed and spread through the flowers until there was a flash of light and the meadow was empty with only the friends holding hands in the middle. The bones were even gone along with the book. It was silent and the only sound was among the wind…

"Thank you."

All of them walked towards the castle whispering to each other about what had happened.

"So how did you guys know to come?" Sakura asked her and Sasuke looking at their friends carefully.

"Well Forehead, we followed our other selves of course." Everyone else just beamed and nodded their heads.

"Nothings left of them. It's like they never came back." Hinata said without stuttering.

"That's not true." Shikamaru said. "Look at how we are now. We used to hate each other but now I don't think one of us don't want to be together."

"You're right. I don't want to be away from Sasuke." Sakura said.

"Me neither." Hinata said.

"No sir!" Tenten called out.

"I can't argue with Shika-kun!" Ino said.

"Hn." Neji replied.

"What he said." Sasuke said smirking at Sakura who beamed back.

"I WOULD GIVE UP RAMEN FOR HINATA!" Naruto hollered. Hinata blushed at this.

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