Iruka was dreaming. He felt like his body was floating. It was warm, like he was basking in the sun. He could feel the warmth all the way down his body, the source of this pleasant heat pressed along his back, stretched head to toe against him. Iruka moaned. Even in his dreams, it felt like Kakashi was molesting him. He could feel lips soft on his neck and hands moving slowly down Iruka's stomach. Inside... it felt like Kakashi was inside of him, moving languidly, their hips gently sliding together.

It felt perfect, like only a dream could.

One of Kakashi's legs pushed between Iruka's, spreading his hips slightly wider. Iruka could feel pleasant heat building in his belly as he started the inexorable rise to climax. A hand circled him, drawing down his length slowly, matching the push of Kakashi's hips inside of him.

"Ruka." Kakashi whispered in his ear before licking the rim of his ear. He moaned again and tilted his head to the side, allowing Kakashi easier access to his neck. Gentle fingers brushed Iruka's loose hair over his shoulder. Wet kisses pressed down his neck, pausing occasionally as Kakashi would bite down, leaving a trail of kiss marks along Iruka's skin.

"Ruka." Kakashi's hand sped up slightly as he started to pump more firmly. Iruka gasped as Kakashi's other hand scratched his chest lightly before stopping to tease one of Iruka's nipples into a hard nub.

"Kakashi," he gasped, feeling suddenly helpless under Kakashi's onslaught. He was getting close, just a little more, a little harder. "Kakashi, please..."

"What do you need, Ruka?"

He couldn't think that far ahead, he just needed more of any of it, all of it. He needed Kakashi. "Please," Iruka repeated.

"Are you going to come for me, Ruka?"

He was so close. Kakashi's fingers tightened, pulling high-pitched moans out of Iruka with each stroke. "Yes, Kakashi, please... please..."

His head was turned until warm lips fitted over it, Kakashi's tongue settling inside and pressing hard against the roof of his mouth. Iruka keened in desperation and sucked on the invading tongue. So close, so close he just needed... needed...

Kakashi briefly released Iruka's erection as he switched hands and reached down to grab Iruka's leg, pulling it up to Iruka's chest. Kakashi slammed inside of him, hitting deep, and that was exactly what Iruka needed. He cried into Kakashi's mouth as he came.

The kiss broke as they rolled, Iruka's face pressed into the pillow as Kakashi reached down to pull Iruka's other knee up to his chest. Kakashi bucked hard into him, once, twice, another hard slam and he came, fingers digging into Iruka's hips and pulling him back tight against Kakashi.

Iruka opened his eyes and struggled to catch his breath as he finally woke up fully. Kakashi was draped over Iruka, an uncomfortable weight considering the way Iruka was curled up. Reaching back, Iruka swatted lightly at Kakashi's hip.

"I need to move."

"No problem."

Kakashi rolled onto his back, arms around Iruka's waist bringing Iruka with him. Iruka shuddered as he felt Kakashi slide deeper inside of him. "Kakashi..."

They were both still for several minutes, their erratic breathing slowly steadying. Iruka stared up at the ceiling and tried to work up the energy to move. He had to be heavy. He couldn't imagine that Kakashi was actually comfortable like this, and Kakashi was still inside of him. He needed to move, clean off the sheets before they stained, but he couldn't quite seem to get his heart rate to settle and his limbs still felt sluggish.

The jounin's knees came up between Iruka's legs, slowly parting to spread Iruka wide. Iruka's eyes widened as he realized Kakashi wasn't as limp as he should be. "Ah, no..." He couldn't, not this soon. "Kakashi... stop."

Hands on his hips lifted him just enough to give Kakashi room to thrust up. "No," Iruka moaned, his head rolling back against Kakashi's chest. It was too soon. He felt like his nerves were on fire, each touch amplified on his over-sensitized skin.

Kakashi's muscles strained on either side of him, lifting him and then slamming up before letting their hips down onto the futon again. He wasn't sure what to do with his hands, not without getting in the way and as much as he wanted it to stop he couldn't bring himself to. It felt like he was going to shatter, to break apart under Kakashi's hands and hips but if he had to die, that was the way to go, with Kakashi deep inside of him.

"Aaah! Kakashi! Kakashi..."

Iruka wasn't the only one moaning. He could hear Kakashi groaning in his ear and there was no way he could make Kakashi stop, not when the jounin sounded like this.

Reaching up, Iruka twisted his fists into the pillow case on either side of their heads. He brought his feet flat against the futon, lifting his hips with Kakashi. There was no way it could last long, not this soon. Kakashi bit his shoulder, hips slamming up, and Iruka was coming again, his voice filling the room and drowning out Kakashi's low moan as the jounin came with him.

When he woke again, the bed was clean and Kakashi was gone. Iruka rolled over, wincing as pain shot through his hips.


White hair and a brightly smiling face peeked around the doorway. "Merry Christmas, love."

Iruka smiled back. "Merry Christmas."

"I made breakfast. Want me to bring it to you?"

Iruka shook his head and started to sit up. He froze before he got more than a few inches off the mattress and fell back with a groan. He knew that familiar ache. Iruka glanced at the jounin and then held up his arms. "Help me?"

"My pleasure." Kakashi was only chuckling a little as he slipped an arm under Iruka's knees and another behind his back. The jounin lifted Iruka easily, carrying him over to the couch. Iruka blushed as he realized they were both still naked.


A box landed in Iruka's lap before he could protest their current state of undress.

"Here. You might want that."

Iruka raised an eyebrow as he stared at the brown wrapped package. Slowly, he pulled the bow apart and untied the ribbon, setting it on the coffee table next to a plate of eggs and bacon.

"Can I open this?" Kakashi waved his own present.

"Of course."

Paper tore under Kakashi's hands while Iruka slipped his finger under the edge of the wrapping paper on his own present, carefully unwrapping the package. Kakashi had his box open while Iruka was still sliding off the wrapping paper. Iruka paused to watch as Kakashi lifted the lid and pulled back the paper.

"Pajamas?" Kakashi picked up the pajama top with great care, turning the brown fabric over in his hands to study the scarecrow pattern.

"I figured those might fit you better than mine."

Kakashi's smile was blinding. "Thank you, Ruka." Kakashi stood quickly, pulling the pajama pants on. "They're warm and soft, kinda like you."

Iruka blushed and tugged the last of the wrapping paper off the box. It was about the same shape as the box Kakashi's pajamas had come in, but taller. Iruka pulled off the lid and stared. His hand shook a little as he set the lid on the floor and reached inside, running his finger along the black silk.

Reverently, Iruka pulled the black silk yukata out of the box, marveling at the blue waves embroidered into the fabric. Tiny silver dolphins frolicked among the waves at odd intervals, almost hidden in the elaborate pattern formed by the waves.

"Kakashi, I can't... it's... it's beautiful..."

"It's yours." Iruka could feel the box being pulled off his lap and then Kakashi's hand on his elbow was forcing him to his feet. "Here, try it on." Kakashi pulled the yukata from Iruka's hands, holding the garment open for Iruka to slip his arms through.

"I can't! I haven't showered and-"

"It's meant to be pajamas, Ruka." The fabric slid smoothly along Iruka's arms. Kakashi folded the fabric around him, tying it loosely with a thin black obi.

Kakashi pulled him back down onto the couch, settling Iruka on his lap and then handing the box back to Iruka. It wasn't empty.


Kakashi held him tight around the waist as Iruka pulled out another black kimono, this time decorated with faint grey leaves and tiny purple flowers. Underneath laid a light purple juban then a matching obi and cord. Iruka blushed as he realized there was no hakama to accompany it.

He had no idea what to say.

"I noticed that you didn't have any kimono in your closet, so I figured I should remedy that. Do you like it?"


The jounin frowned and pressed his fingers against Iruka's lips. "Don't even think about saying you can't take it. I had it made for you, so it's yours."

Iruka placed a light kiss on Kakashi's fingers. "I love it. Thank you."

Reaching forward, Iruka pressed his lips to Kakashi, trying his hardest to convey all the emotions he couldn't find words for.

Kakashi nuzzled Iruka's cheek and held him close. "Will you wear it for me on New Years?"

"Of course." Iruka let his head fall back on Kakashi's shoulder. A wide smile split his face. "Do you think we could take Naruto with us, if he's still in town? I... I think it'd be nice, kind of like a real family."

"I'd like that, Iruka. I'd love to be your family."