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The burning in his arm started, "Shit" he swore, as he held it tightly. When the burning eased, he ran for his wardrobe, pulling his mask out and taking off for the apparation point outside the grounds. Luckily for him, it was late and students were tucked into the common room. As he neared the gate, he heard a small pop in the distance, someone had apparated , but who. Deciding he had no time to think of that, he continued out the grounds and disappeared with a pop.

The dark Lord sat on his throne, waiting for all to appear. When he was sure all had arrived, he started to speak.

"I am most displeased with the lot of you" he hissed, eyes glowing red. "two months and not a single one of you has brought back any information on Potter or his plans."

"Forgive us My Lord" could be heard through out the ranks.

"SILENCE" he yelled, and the group ceased to speak another sound. "I have given you plenty of chances and each of you have fail miserably."

"Malfoy approach" Lucius stepped forward and bowed, not happy that he was the first to be called.

"Have you convinced that son of your to join my ranks?" Lucius bowed lower.

"Sorry My Lord, He refuses to join at this time and is unaccessible being at Hogwarts."

The group flinched, knowing what was coming. This was the third time Lucius had failed to get Draco to join the ranks and Voldemort was growing impatient. "CRUCIO" he yelled with vengeance as Lucius dropped to the ground, withering in pain.

"He will join my ranks soon. If you fail again – you may not survive the next time" Voldemort lifted the curse off the man twitching on the floor.

Lucius crawled his way back to the ranks, unable to stand fully yet.

"Bellatrix, Rabastan, Rodolphus – approach"

The three Death eaters stepped forward and bowed.

"I expected the three of you to complete your task – yet you fail to capture Arthur Weasley."

Bellatrix stepped closer, "My lord, The elder Weasley is constantly surrounded, getting him alone has been... harder then expected."

"Crucio" was yelled again and three streams of light landed on the death eaters, causing them to drop as well.

Voldemort went one by one, Macnair, Dolohov, Nott, Yaxley, and Rockwood were also called out and given the curse – all that was left was Severus and the unknown death eater.

"Severus" the snake like man bellowed "Have you not learned anything about Potter?"

Rather then come up with an excuse, "No my lord, I have not."

Severus was dropped to the ground and the curse held on him longest so far. Once Severus had made his way back to the ranks, he observed the skinny death eater that was left.

Voldemort did not speak, but merely pointed his bony finger at the lone death eater who approached silently.

"I will question you through the method we established, you will respond the same way – understood?"

The death eater nodded. Severus was curious to who the death eater was, they appeared at a meeting some months ago, but never spoke to anyone.

Voldemort started his Questioning without words, none that the others could hear in any case.

"I expected greater things from you." the man hissed

"I'm sorry my lord, Potter has been silent, closing up to even his friends." the death eater answered without words.

"Is there anything you can tell me?" Voldemort asked as the death eater nodded.

"Potter has been disappearing for around an hour at at time, we have no idea where he goes and he never brings anyone with him."

"Interesting" Voldemort hissed

"My lord, I need to back off Potter for a time, he is growing suspicious of even his friends."

Voldemort shook his head in disgust, "You will continue to observe him as we planned."

"But My lord," the death eater started but never got to finish the sentence as they were hit with the cruciatus curse. Voldemort was extremely displeased that the death eater dare interject an opinion while he was speaking, The curse was strong – even the surrounding death eaters had shivered through the intensity of the curse.

The death eater dropped to the ground with a loud thud, as they twisted and jerked at the severe pain, but never screamed. Severus knew that who ever the person was would need medical attention for this one. He watched in awe as the death eaters back arched at a sharp angle, yet they remained silent. Dumbledore was going to have a field day with the information of a death eater that spoke through the mind to Voldemort.

Voldemort finally lifted the curse, but the death eater continued to twitch and convulse.

"I want all of you to leave me at once" Voldemort yelled

One by one the death eaters disappeared, Severus was the last as he watched the lone death eater continue to tremble. Just as he started to apparate away he heard Voldemort shout the Sectumsempra charm at the still fallen figure.

Severus reached the gates of Hogwarts, still thinking of the scrawny death eater who would most likely die from the combination of the two curses. He knew what the Sectumsempra curse would do, after all-- he had created it.

He started walking to the castle, when about half way there, he heard another pop and a sickening thud hit the moist ground. Severus figured the death eater to be a student, so he rushed back to gates. The figure wasn't moving and blood was pooling from their body.

Without thinking, he picked up the limp figure and rushed back to his rooms. He examined the person, removing the long, blood soaked robes from the body and checked for vitals-- they were weak and he had to act fast. He rushed to his cabinets and pulled a blood replenishing potion, a healing potion and a pain potion from his supplies.

He reached the still unconscious figure and started pulling clothing off, he needed to heal the wounds caused from the final charm Voldemort had thrown. He gasped in shock as he slowly revealed the body of a woman. Pushing that aside in his head, he healed the deep wounds as best he could, the last step was the potions. He gently pulled the mask away from the female and almost fainted "Miss Granger"