A/N: Hang on to your knickers, I know this is rated M, lol, but I wanted to get the part where they actually FINALLY admit that the loooooove each other before I send them humping into the night like wild monkeys on crack. On a side note... my story Frustrated will most likely be a much stronger M then this ever was.

P.S. I will not be going each of the six things (You will understand as you read) because I don't think my brain would or could process it all. Enjoy and Happy reading.

Last time:

"Thank you Ron, thank you so much." she whispered into his ear as she squeezed him with all her might. The pair were soon joined by Harry, Severus, Draco and Lucius, who patted Ron on the back and gave Hermione hugs, all knowing that they may finally find some peace in a world that had controlled them for so long.


6 months later...

"You just cant sneak up on someone while their trying to shower!" she squeaked

"I can, and will" he laughed, pushing her against the shower wall.

"Oh really, and what if I protest?"

"You wont." he answered nonchalantly.

"How do you figure, I can say no anytime I waaaaaaa----" her sentence died in her throat as he pushed two fingers inside her while stroking her clit with his thumb.

"Because if you said no, I would stop and you don't want me to stop do you?"

"No" she answered meekly, "Don't stop."

"Thats what I thought." he said with a smile before pushing himself closer to her. He kissed her on her forehead while still moving his fingers inside her before moving his mouth lower towards her ear.

"I can think of at least 6 naughty things I want to do to you tonight, do you object?"

"6? are you trying to kill me." she panted as he pushed his fingers in deeper.

"Do you object?" he asked again, knowing she was turning to putty in his hand.

"No, no I don't" she breathed

"Good" is all he said before dropping gracefully down to his knees and putting her legs on his shoulders. She didn't have time to react to the sudden change in position as she quickly felt his tongue licking slowing around her swollen clit.

"Oh gods" she hissed, throwing her head back, loving what he was doing to her. He didn't reply but smirked instead, mentally adding the 7th naughty thing her could do to her tonight. Her hand extended, clutching his hair on the very top, pulling him closer.

"Please...faster...harder" she moaned. Severus complied, speeding his pace and the power of his licks, making her tremble with need. He placed his arms behind her, pulling her up from the wall and laid her down on the shower floor.

"I want to watch you" he growled, "I want you to cum with me watching."

He positioned himself between her legs, staying on his knees as he started to stroke himself. Hermione watched him for a minute, growing hotter and hotter as he pulled his hand over himself, back and forth, over and over. Her hand quickly went down between her legs, spreading her lips so her clit would be completely exposed. She ran her hand over herself, spreading the silky moisture around before she started rubbing fiercely, never removing her eyes from his. The faster she went, the faster he stroked, hissing every time her body would quake, letting him know she was almost there. Suddenly her back arched, signaling she was edge. The moan she let out sent him over the edge as he shot hot streams of cum onto her stomach and moving hand. The feeling of the hot drops sent her over the edge, causing her to shudder and moan loudly. He slumped down over her body, "Your going to be the death of me witch." he panted.

Hermione laughed, "not yet, we still have five naughty things to do." she said with a wink.

"Minx" he growled.

They finished showering and went into the bedroom where a fire was blazing in the fireplace, causing to room to warm completely. Hermione started to put on her nightgown but Severus stopped her.

"Don't waste your time dressing, It'll only waste time when I remove it in a minute."

"You think so?" she said with a smirk, knowing she was only egging him on..

"I know so" he smirked back, walking up behind her. Hermione could fell him press against her, he was already hard as a rock and she, still wet from the earlier encounter.

"Now my little Gryffindor" he said with a grin, " Bend over like a good girl."

Hermione couldn't help but giggle as she complied, leaning over the edge of the bed with her feet still firmly planted on the ground. Severus used his index finger, and slowly traced the tattoo on her back, the one that matched his own, making her shiver at the light touch. It reminded him every time of what they had been through, what they had fought for, the bond that had formed between them because of this mark, a mark only 4 shared.

He slowly bent over her, nipping on parts of her back then drawing his tongue down her spine as she squirmed below him, ready to feel him inside her.

"Severus... I need you." she whispered. Severus reached down, pulling her right leg to his waist, leaving the other one on the ground as she continued to bend over the bed. He ran his hand over her center, spreading the lubrication around before he entered her. He finally pushed inside her with a growl, the position causing her to be tighter then normal.

"Fuck." he hissed, feeling like the it was the first time for him. Hermione instantly moaned at the feeling of being filled to the hilt.

"Don't stop... don't ever stop." she moaned as he pushed into her hard, hitting her cervix. He placed his left hand on her shoulder to hold her in place while he stroked deep and hard, memorizing every inch of her.

"I don't intend to" he finally replied, closing his eyes and letting his body take control. Hermione was being practically pushed against the bed, but she didn't mind. All that she cared about was that he continued to hit that spot inside her that was making her body tingle, the spot that would bring her to the edge of breakdown, the spot that made her leg weak and her body arch, the spot that would eventually scream with release, sending her into a world of complete, sated bliss. He continued to speed up, pumping harder and harder as he felt his climax coming, something they both desperately needed.

"Hermione I'm going to c---" he didn't get to finish his sentence as she suddenly arched her back, screaming and shuddering as she finally broke, clenching her walls around him, massaging him until he final let out another growl and shot deep inside her, jet after jet hitting her cervix, warming her from the inside. As hit last shot of release left his body, he finally said what he had been wanting to say all night.

"Marry me"

Hermione froze, but was expecting those words sooner or later. They had only grown closer over the last six months and had talked about it from time to time, yes, she was expecting it and didn't need time to think about it.

"Yes Severus, Yes I will marry you." she said through shaky breath, still not full recovered from her orgasm.


A year later, Severus Snape married Hermione Granger in the great hall of Hogwarts. The room had to be magically expanded to hold all the people that came to witness the union that had at one time, shocked everyone. Severus stood in the front of the room and watched with heated eyes as the witch, his witch, made her way down the aisle with Harry and Ron in tow. Lucius and Draco stood at Severus's side, supporting the man they considered their own, holding him as one of the family the same way they did with Hermione. A bond had been formed between the four, one that would never be broken no matter how hard anyone tried, through their marks and their past, they were connected as one.

As the ceremony was performed, bright white lights shot around the couple, showing the world they they were in fact, perfect for each other, Their souls joined as one,, their hearts beat in the same elated rhythm as their lives finally joined to one, binding them together for life.

Cheers erupted through the large room as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife, again showing the world that they had beaten everything that had come their way and came out stronger in the end.

Severus and Hermione remained married for the rest of their lives, eventually having two sons and a daughter, all three of which were stubborn, proud, and perfect replications of their parents and extended relatives such as the Malfoys, the Potters and the Weasleys.

Draco eventually married a girl named Athena, she was sweet, non judgmental and funny enough...a muggle born. They married two years after Severus and Hermione, producing two sons that loved their grandfather and Uncle Severus dearly.

Lucius eventually found love again, after finally leaving the loveless marriage he had with Narcissa. Draco wasn't really surprised at the divorce, he knew it would eventually come, but he hadn't expected his new step mother to be Hermione's mother, who coincidentally had a falling out with Hermione's dad while they were still serving Voldemort.

Harry had married Ginny, not great surprise there either and had a son and daughter, both named after Severus and Hermione one way or another.

Ron had also found love in non other then Pansy Parkinson. They had surprised everyone most of all, but somehow, some way, they clicked and no one could dispute their feeling for each other. They had 6 children through out their marriage, making Molly a very happy woman.

Each and every one of them had overcome something in their life, for some it was pride, while others it was the fear of being killed or being responsible if the world had fallen into the hands of Voldemort. Everything worked out for each of them in the end, allowing the victims of a once cruel and relentless world to find happiness that was once though to be out of reach.

The End