This based on the Gaston Leroux version.

I knew that night would change everything. Of course, I thought by the end Christine Daaé would be my wife. Even I did not know the surprises in store and how they would change me, even three weeks later. For dear reader, this is my last night in this world. I can feel it. I lie here in my coffin awaiting death, but I must tell someone my last hours in this world. Perhaps it is you, daroga, who is reading this. If it is, I am glad, for you are my one true friend.

Earlier, I put on my on my special mask, the one that makes me appear normal. I decided I needed a drink. True, I have many barrels of wine underneath my lair, but I had every intention of getting drunk. Indeed, I did become very drunk. I will not go into detail of my time in the bar. I shall tell you what happened afterward…

After stumbling out of the bar into the cold night air, I was not ready to return home, and decided to roam the darkened streets of Paris. I had done this many times before in my mask to test it out. I walked through the streets avoiding people, going through as many alleys as possible, lost in my thoughts of my Angel. Dear sweet Christine! Oh, how I loved her! She was the light in my darkened world. I still recall the day I found her.

While I was making my daily inspection of the Opera House, I heard a beautiful voice coming from the stage. I hurried over there and saw two young women, no older then eighteen. One I recognized as Madam Giry's daughter, Meg. The other, who was singing, I did not. Her voice was beautiful, but had no emotion. I just stared at her; She was beautiful, with her blond hair and blue eyes. "I could make her a star." I thought, "all she needs is training."

From there, my downfall began. I loved her. I wanted her. I could not bear the thought of another man possessing Christine, I had made her what she was, and Christine would never forget it. I did not count on Raoul de Chagny and his love for Christine. I tried to stop it, but in the end, even the Phantom cannot stop love. My fault was that I was blinded by love. All my life, I have never known a women's touch. My mother hated me, the gypsies stayed away from me, even in Persia, women feared me. Christine saved me with that simple kiss. I know she loved me, she cared for me, and I let her go. I hope she returns to me when I am gone, just like she promised….

These were the thoughts that raced through my mind. Before I knew it, the night was ending. I sat on a rooftop waiting for the dawn. I had not seen the dawn in years, not since Persia. I wanted to see Paris in the light. It was beautiful. Tears streamed down my face as I walked back to the Opera House. Now my tale is coming to an end. Don Juan Triumphant, my life's work will buried with me. Perhaps death will be kinder to me than life. Perhaps no one will remember me…Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.