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Chapter 12

"Are you certain that the Ring is still safe, Mahaado?"

The former Priest of the Ring shook his head, sighing. "I am afraid that I would be wary of using it. The Ring is certainly happy now, but I've found that generally, we don't share interests."

Besides, it clashed with his Black Magician armor.

Set nodded thoughtfully. "Perhaps the powers of all are Items are waning…"

That led to an uncomfortable silence. If that were the case, they would no longer be able to use the Items to protect Egypt. What were they to do?

"We could create a new set." Karim said innocently. Aishizu blinked. Shadah stared. Karim blinked and looked at this Scales. "What?"

Mahaado coughed and Akunadin turned as white as his hair. "No." He choked out emphatically. "That would not be a wise move."

Yami frowned. "But without the Items, how will we control the Shadow Realm?"

"Perhaps there is a way to seal the Realm, at least temporarily?"

"Perhaps. We should start looking."

None of them mentioned that true, they would lose their main power source if they sealed the realm, but also, so would Princess Lily."

The jailers had not been exceptionally cruel to her. After Bakura's death, she had been moved from the jail cell into a comfortable suite, three maids attended her every whim, and it was just like being Queen Lily again, except….

Now she knew they didn't trust her, and now she knew how easily a man could die. She's seen Bakura's death after all, even if a small part of her mind pointed out that raping a High Priest did carry severe penalties.

But... they had arranged it.

She wasn't sure who was playing whom at the court, but she knew that Mahaado hadn't been unconscious for the ordeal after all, what with his illusion spells. So… it hadn't been rape.

Why had he bothered doing that?

Just because someone was a thief was no reason to lock him or her up in a magic item! And Bakura hadn't really hurt her…

Why were they so angry with him?

Lily's cheeks flushed as she realized where that train of thought was leading. How could she be thinking like this when her poor sister was dead? Oh poor Desert Rose…. Scorned simply for her choice of a lover. Admittedly, Bakura wasn't that bad looking – banish that thought right now! With a growl and a traitorous blush, she summoned a maid and asked for date wine.

Maybe getting properly drunk would take her mind off such thoughts. Hah. And maybe Yami would finally fulfill his duties as her husband.

Well, she couldn't blame him that much. But she wasn't damaged goods like her sister! How dare he treat her as such!

"Well, well…."

"Did it hurt?" Yami asked, ignoring Set's whistling.

Mahaado half-smiled. "Not as much as it could have. I drank pain-relieving herbs before I went down."

"A very daring but impressive piece of spell work." Akunadin said, handing back the Sennen Ring. His Eye glinted faintly in the light. "Not at all what I would have expected, but it is useful."

The unspoken comment of 'We may have to use it again' escaped no one.

"One more thing, Mahaado… what are you using to keep him contained?"

Mahaado's answering smile was vicious. "My magic."

Akunadin nearly dropped the Ring. "You gave up your magic? But…"

"It's the only thing that will work." Mahaado said apologetically. "The Ring can be a very corrupting influence, and, well… I've had three years to learn how to get by without it."

Akunadin's jaw dropped. Three years?

Aishizu laughed. "You've been working hard, Mahaado. I hope it all went well."

"Difficult." Mahaado admitted.

Akunadin finally snapped his mouth shut. He fixed a piercing gaze on Mahaado, then on Yami, and shook his head.

"There are probably some things that an old man like me is better off not knowing." He finally conceded. At least his son was normal…

Set caught that train of thought and laughed. "Don't worry about me, father. I'm not leaving Kisara."

Aishizu, Karim, and Shadah exchanged looks and caught on, laughing. It was at this point that Queen Lily entered the room.

One thing caught the attention of all of them immediately.

It was the glowing golden item on her arm. There was an Eye of Ra on it. But… how could such be possible? There were only seven!

Akunadin froze. Had she gotten her hands on the Sennen Spell-Book? That was impossible! It was safely locked and sealed in his quarters!

Mahaado winced. How had she gotten ninety-nine people to sacrifice?

Aishizu glared. So that was why… her Tauk could not tell the future of those who held Sennen Items…

"I call upon the power of the Sennen Bracelet…" She intoned, and turned to Yami, "Give me the Pharaoh's heart!"

Three things happened at once.

Set tried to control her with the Millennium Rod, hoping to stop her actions quickly. It might become a shadow duel, but he was sure he could defeat her. He had more experience, after all, and he had been trained as a Priest. She was just some foreign weak woman, not like his Kisara… and her Ka… disgusting!

Aishizu tried to shield her Pharaoh with Supiera's Rainbow Barrier, summoning her Ka monster.

Karim rushed forwards to stop Lily, but tripped over Shadah's foot and the Sennen Scales clanged on the ground.

There was a sudden explosion of gold light, that caused even Akunadin to close his eyes and look away.

When it cleared, Lily was… well, rather traumatizing to look at. She had somehow been merged with the Great Mother Goddess Kilissa, and now the monster – she? Had three heads, and a mix of flesh and blue-toned skin. Oh, and assets. Very generous assets…

"My eyes…" Akunadin groaned, covering his face. The old man looked ready to melt into the ground.

"Spell of Illusion!" Mahaado snapped, his priest robes melting into armor as he snapped his emerald staff forwards and the ring of dark energy materialized around the woman's waist.

"If she's a monster, she can be sealed!" Set raised his voice. "Guards! Bring a Sealing Stone quickly! A big one!"

The guards hustled off and soon returned with the requisite item. Seth wasted no time in using the Sennen Rod to seal her Ka – and now her self – away, but to his shock and horror, it refused to work.

Aishizu gave a cry of pain, and the Sennen Tauk around her neck flared gold. The others quickly summoned their Ka to aid them, not sure what was happening. But… if this girl had an Item… then…

"We must destroy her. The Items are losing their power rapidly, and she is the cause. Her Ka is the death knell of Egypt… and her Item can cancel ours." Aishizu whispered. "And then, we must seal the Items."

There could not have been a clearer death knell.

Without a word, all the Sennen Item holders and their friends attacked with their Ka, Yami powering Mahaado since he had no monster. Under the furious assault of Dios, the Blue Eyes White Dragon – for Kisara desired to protect Set, Gadius, Twin-Headed Jackal Warrior, Curse of Dragon, Black Magician, and Supiera, Lily was destroyed, though the Six Priests and Pharaoh all collapsed afterwards, along with Kisara and Mana, who had been peeking in on a secret session but had come forwards to fight. And fight she did, for her Ka was born, as the Black Magician Girl.

A horrible wrenching scream rent the Palace.

Their bodies were beginning got dissolve. Strange. He hadn't quite expected death to be like this… Yami reached for Mahaado's hands as all of them began to vanish, their Items pulsing with dark light.

"Is this… the end? What we have worked so hard for?"

"We must believe… that this was not in vain…" Akunadin coughed. "We must… believe, that our sacrifice stopped the Shadows..."

"We must… remember… so the tragedy will not be repeated." Shadah coughed. Karim cast a painful glance at both Aishizu and Shadah, and opened his mouth to speak, but without a word, he disappeared completely, and the Scales clattered to the ground.

The Tauk followed, then the Ankh, the Rod, the Eye, and finally, the Puzzle. Shimon's last sight as he made a desperate grab for the fading remnants of his Pharaoh was a peaceful expression on Yami and Mahaado's faces as the glow from the Puzzle enveloped them. A moment later, it shattered.

"No." He breathed. "This cannot be!" And yet, it was the case. And so, the Royal Advisor – accompanied by Mana and Kisara, with tears in their eyes, took the Seven Items, yes, the Cursed Ring as well, and buried them deep within the sands of time, waiting… waiting for a time when they would be called again.


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