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Be Careful What You Do

1: Dirty Dawn

She slowly, almost methodically, sipped her champagne as she watched the party from the back of the hall. She scanned the crowd of well-dressed, glad-handers, looking for her prey. Through all of the formal tuxedoes, dresses, and business suits, it was not hard to find whom she was searching for. The young woman that she was watching had a way of standing out in a crowd for some reason, even if she was not doing anything special. The hunter frowned deeply as she caught sight of her quarry, smiling politely as people came over to talk to her.

The predator continued to scowl while keeping a close eye on her prey, a fellow redhead. She noted that her target was quite pretty and had an air about her that made her attractive beyond the cuteness of her face. It was the way that she carried herself and her physical presence that brought her from being cute to the level of being sexy. But, really, to her, all of that was just a bonus. She would stalk her quarry regards of her looks or even her situation. The situation just made things better.

The circumstances gave the hunter an opportunity to get close to her prey without seeming strange or creepy. It was a "little" get-together, involving about five hundred very influential people. She had gotten in the same way many people had, by having money to flash. Using one of her means in life, an unbelievably large trust-fund from both of her parents got her into her hunting ground and now she was playing the lioness.

She blended into her surroundings like a big cat in high grass. Dressed in a stunning, but elegant black gown, she had to almost beat men away from her. She let her red hair hang freely down her back and it had a habit of falling sexily over one eye, which only seemed to call more old men to hit on her. She easily dismissed them and made sure not to lose sight of her quarry.

She suspected that once she finally caught her prey, everything would be sweet. That thought brought a smile to her face, a smile that looked downright primal. She suddenly appeared more like a shark than a lion; a shark that smelled blood in the water. Either way, she was going to catch her prey and then tear her to shreds. All she needed to do was get in close…and she had all night to do that. She took another deliberate sip of champagne.

It had already been such a long night, and yet it was only halfway done. Kim had never expected such a big deal being made over things, and she had no idea that she would be so openly and widely received. She was happy that so many people were with her and Global Justice.

Right now, she was moving back and forth between people, which she had been doing ever since she arrived. She was getting to know many of them, like who they were, what they did, and any other tidbits that they were willing to throw in. They were doing the same with her. She suspected that most people that she met during that first half of the gathering were sizing her up just as much as she was sizing them up.

She did hope that they did not size her up too literally. She had not changed much as far as her body-type went since her teenage hero days; she did cut her hair a bit, but nothing drastic changed about her. She did not want people to look at her as a crazy kid when she was a more than capable woman.

Soon, all the glad-handing and chit-chatting ended as dinner was about to be served and speeches were going to take place. Everyone looked around for places that they wished to sit. Kim did not get much of a choice.

"Kim, come sit with me," Doctor Director instructed the star of the evening as they walked to the front of the large, fabulously decorated dining hall.

Kim did not argue and followed her boss. Yes, Kim was a Global Justice agent, but she was a special agent. She was pretty much the whole reason for the big party going on, which her employer was throwing. It was all a part of the organization's attempt at being accepted as a legitimate global police force. They were pushing for a certain image, which happened to be Kim Possible for the most part. Kim was their poster girl.

Because Kim was the future of Global Justice, she had showed up looking sort of sweet, especially in comparison to most of the other agents. She was one of the few agents that were in a formal dress, which was light blue and white. The dress was form-fitting, but it was appropriate for a gathering around congressmen, senators, diplomats, and other high powered persons attending the party. She was also wearing white shoes that she knew she was going to be happy to get out of at the end of the night.

Doctor Director had gotten off easier than Kim, as she was able to escape her home wearing a dark blue business-suit; it was a hell of an escape too. The color was so close to what her GJ uniform was that it might as well be the same suit. Quite a few of the agents attending the party were dressed in a similar manner. They might as well be working, Kim thought.

The redhead eased into a seat that was at the front of the room. She was in between Doctor Director and a senator that she knew she had to talk to. She had no problem going back and forth with people. Kim was certainly a social creature and it shone through out the party, which Doctor Director was glad for.

Only when Kim joined GJ did Doctor Director even think it was possible for her to propose that countries around the world openly allow Global Justice to pursue criminals without having to worry about borders. Kim brought an optimistic attitude, a warmness, a trust, and just a general feel of righteousness that no one else in the GJ organization could or would even begin to bring. Doctor Director thought of Kim as a liquid because of everything that she brought to the table.

Kim was a liquid because she changed to fit her environment. She could fit in whenever she was, so she fit right in with all of the people around her right now. She knew just what to say, or do, or even how to move, to make them comfortable with her. Her ability, of course, came from the fact that she had been a social butterfly since junior high, but that had certainly expanded when she decided to attend college outside of the United States.

The redheaded hero had grown a lot when she was away at college, even though she had not changed much physically. She had broadened almost everything about her, though. She pretty much had to start all over again as far as relationships of all kinds went, which was not a problem for her. She managed to get even better at building and maintaining all sorts of relationships while she was overseas. It was an experience that she would not trade for all the world.

It was while she was away at college when Doctor Director made her move to recruit Kim for Global Justice. It was not as difficult as she thought it would be once she started explaining to Kim her goal for Global Justice, looking to make the world a safer place by shrinking the space that criminals could run. Kim had no problem getting on that dream and helping out as much as she could…once she graduated school, and also once she did graduate school. Kim now held masters' degrees in four different subject areas. She was still debating with herself if she was going to get a doctorate, which her parents were pressing for, but she was not sure if she was going to have the time.

So, now Kim was sort of Doctor Director's right hand. They worked together and pretty much enjoyed it. They respected each other, and had for years. They had found out that they had other things in common beyond what they did on the job and how they wanted to help make the world a better place. Some of those things were more stressful and controlling than others, but those things were not with them that night.

While dinner went on, Kim talked to the senator sitting next to her. She found out that he had a very low-brow sense of humor. It was a good thing that her best friend was still Ron, even if they were not around each other as often as they were in high school. Thanks to Ron, she knew enough off-color jokes to keep the senator laughing through out the whole meal.

Doctor Director also had to speak with the person that she was sitting next to, who happened to be a foreign diplomat. Unlike many of her agents, Betty was quite comfortable in social situations, so she had no problem engaging in deep conversation with the woman next to her; she was actually quite gifted in speaking with women. She could only hope that the other GJ agents were doing decently in talking back and forth with other people. She did wish that she could have left Will Du behind.

Will had not done a lot of growing in his years with Global Justice. He was still arrogant and quite stuck up. Kim had started a joke going around the office that he was actually a robot. Now, every now and then, some wise guy would follow him around with a magnet, claiming to be jamming his circuits. The strange thing was that Will was a year older than Kim, but whenever he was near her, he seemed years younger than she was.

Will had the nerve to come around Kim earlier in the party. Most of their coworkers thought that he might start some trouble and try to bring Kim down to his level, as he often tried to do; it seemed he expected her to get aggravated with him like she did when she was teenager. He did not even get a chance to say anything to her before shrinking away because of her ability to move around the crowded room so seamlessly, in a way that he never would be able to manage. She had not seen him since then.

When the dinner was over, the speeches began while dessert was served. Doctor Director had to get up and make a speech. She outlined her dream for what Global Justice could and should be. She wanted it to operate without borders, with various countries' permission of course. She wanted her agents to be able to go out and chase bad guys who might escape one country and believe that they were safe in another, only to find out that Global Justice was indeed just that: global. They would be able to go into countries and remove criminals, extraditing them to the countries that they were wanted in.

Betty understood that there would have to be guidelines for her organization to operate under, and she was open to talks about those. She was just looking to get the ball rolling with the new look of Global Justice. She knew that most people that were aware of Global Justice thought of them more an intelligence agency and distrusted them because of that. She was looking to make a new "enforcer" division, who would have arresting powers in any countries that agreed to it.

Kim would be one of these enforcers. The idea of Kim Possible being an enforcer agent did bring a level of trust and comfort that Global Justice would not just be running around in whatever country and snatching whoever they desired. After all, it seemed to be just Kim doing what she always did while working at Global Justice.

Kim was next up for a speech. She was not nervous or anything, having taken classes in public speaking for just such occasions. She had also given a lot of presentations in her life, so she had no problem with standing in front of an audience.

She had to explain just what the Global Justice Enforcers would do. They would not spring into action unless they were asked to do so by governments that they were in agreement with. They also would not enter another country without gaining permission there. They were not going to hold any criminals, merely deliver them to the country that they were wanted in. They did reserve the right to examine all of the evidence in regards to the crime to make sure that they were going after the right man. They reserved the right to turn down a request and to withhold reasons for why they did so. Still, they would try their best to get any and all dangerous criminals that they went after.

There were other speeches to be made, of course, and then there was more mingling. Champagne was being passed around again as the guests spoke with each other. Many of them were now talking about the speeches and the idea of having a sort of global police force like Global Justice. It was easier to swallow since Kim Possible was there. After all, she had been saving the world since she was a preteen, meaning she had been saving the world for over a decade.

"Kim Possible, a brand name you can trust," Doctor Director joked, speaking to Kim in a whisper.

"Or so we hope," the redhead replied with a smile. She would hate to have come all that way only for them to fall on their faces now. She thought that the Enforcer division of GJ was a good idea because it was going to be just what she already did, but with more people, meaning that they could get more done.

"Damn it, this better come through. Heaven knows we didn't decide to get killed later on just to have the world turn us down before hand," the brunette remarked, sharing a little inside joke with the younger woman.

Kim scoffed. "Hey, you're the one that'll get killed. If anything, I have a decent excuse."

"I'm not dying alone. I've got things on you to make sure you follow me to Hell," the boss joked.

Kim laughed a bit; she could not believe some of the things she and Betty kidded each other over. They separated as they went to talk to other people. Now that Doctor Director brought up the fact that they might get killed when they got home, she started to think about her probable domestic killer.

"I should call," Kim muttered to herself, but she ended up getting roped into another conversation before she could go through with that.

An anxious feeling slowly bubbled up inside of Kim, which caused her to sip her champagne more. She was trying to push the feeling down because she did not think that it was as serious as her stomach and nerves were trying to make it out to be. She pressed on, continuing to socialize, which included talking and toasting to whatever might come up.

The night was coming to a close and the lone predator still stalked her prey. She had kept a close eye on her quarry while she moved from senator to diplomat to noble in flawless motions with a cheerful smile as her face turned a bit red as the night pressed on. Right now, she was watching the slightly intoxicated redhead sitting at the bar that was at the far side of the room. The bartender was speaking with her prey and the woman of the hour was smiling a bit, even though she was clearly out of it. The bartender was smiling too, apparently happy to be meeting the slender hero. Soon it was going to be time to move in, though.

"Thanks a lot, Miss Possible," the bartender said as he folded a piece of paper up and put it into his pocket. He was pretty much grinning from ear to ear.

"Please, call me Kim," the redhead said in a low voice. When she got drunk, she tended to speak low, as if she was trying to avoid slurring. It worked wonders with her, or so she thought anyway.

"Cool," the bartender replied with another grin.

The bartender was a young man, probably no older than Kim. He was talking to her because the party was starting to clear out and there were not many people coming over to the bar. Kim was the only one sitting at the bar, which he was rather happy about, and it was clear to see from the fact that he was close to splitting his face open from the size of his smile.

"You look a bit down, Kim. You okay?" the bartender asked curiously. His smile faded into a look of concern. His mouth drooped a bit, as if he was pouting for her.

"I'm fine. I just need to call home," she answered.

"Then why don't you?" he inquired with a puzzled expression.

"Well, between you and me, I'm a little drunk right now. I don't want to cause any worry over that," she replied with a bit of a chuckle. She also did not want to get in trouble over it, which she knew was a possibility.

The bartender could not help laughing either because she was dead serious. "You don't live around here then?" he asked. He figured that if she lived around there, she could easily call home and get someone to come pick her up, thus avoiding any concern.

"No," Kim said with a long drawl. She slowly shook her head to emphasize her answer too.

He laughed a bit more. Kim was a cute drunk. She was not as intimidating now as she was when he was watching her work the room, moving about with a purpose and disarming any guest that she came across with her numerous intangible weapons. She seemed like an ordinary girl while drunk, not the Kim Possible.

"Well, maybe you should call anyway. I'll vouch for you that you're all right," he offered with a smile as he leaned onto the bar, resting his elbow on the countertop.

"I could have the president vouch for me and she'll still worry," Kim replied, laughing again. She could not control the laugh, she silently realized, but that did not help her stop.

"Well, at least you're loved enough for someone to worry about," he remarked with a slight shrug.

Kim nodded and smiled. She really did want to call, but she felt like she needed to get her act together before that. She took a deep breath with the hope that would help. She was about to bite the bullet and just call, but she was suddenly flanked on her right side, distracted from her task now.

"Hey there," a sultry voice with a British accent said, turning Kim's head as if it was on a string.

Kim was suddenly looking at a gorgeous redhead in a sleek little black dress. For a moment, her eyes went wide, stunned apparently. The bartender's jaw looked ready to hit the floor too. What he and the hero were looking at was a shapely woman with long, flowing crimson hair that went to the middle of her back. Her sapphire blue eyes seemed to beckon Kim and her full, painted red lips seemed to beg for kisses.

"Um…hi," Kim said lamely. If her tone was a person, it would be a corpse.

"I've been waiting all night to meet you," the woman said, accent still going, so she did not seem to be faking it. She seemed to purr as she spoke too. The bartender was ready to turn into puddle of goo for her.

"Meet me?" Kim's mind seemed to forget that the whole night was about selling her and Global Justice to countries around the world. She spoke as if she did not understand why anyone would want to meet her.

"Yes. You are Kim Possible, are you not?" she asked, as if she did not know. She put a manicured finger to her cheek to look thoughtful, as if trying to figure out if she had made a mistake. While making that move, she slide one of her arms underneath her breasts and rested the opposite elbow on that arm. She was now pushing her breasts up and getting attention for it.

"Oh, yeah. Yes, I am," Kim answered confidently. Sure, her brain was a little foggy, but she was sure that she was Kim Possible at the least.

"It is a pleasure. I'm Dawn," the woman introduced herself.

If Kim was a bit sharper at the moment, she would have noticed that a surname had been left out of the introduction. She also would have noticed the lustful gaze in Dawn's deep blue eyes and called Dawn on just what was going on; it was not like it was new behavior to Kim, after all. Instead, she just reached out and shook the woman's hand. Dawn smiled slightly, looking a bit like a demon, but that went right by Kim.

"Can I get you anything?" the bartender asked Dawn because he noticed the expression.

"Some space would be nice," she replied in her dignified little accent, which made the words seem less rude to him surprisingly enough.

The bartender bristled for a brief, shocked by her words. He waited to see if Kim was going to say something, but she was busy looking down at her phone, obviously still pondering if she should call home or not. He stepped away, but did not go too far.

"Hard to believe I'm standing so close to a hero," Dawn commented as she turned her attention back to Kim. Once again, her voice had a hint of a purr to it.

"It's no big," Kim replied with a shrug. "So, who are you?" she asked curiously. She had not called home yet because she was still a bit bothered with causing some worry. She figured that she would be fine and it would be unfair to cause any concern when she was going to be all right anyway.

"Well, in one way, I'm the thing that you need," Dawn said in low, seductive whisper as she leaned in closer, staring Kim right in the eye. She put a hand on Kim's leg, upon the thigh. Her fingertips pressed in just a little bit shy of the inside of Kim's leg.

The hero was not so drunk that something so blatant would go by her. It was not the first time that someone tried to seduce her. She found that her little bit of fame gained her enough groupies for her to be concerned. When it first started, it went over her head; she was naïve to it. She was very aware of it now, though.

Kim almost fell on her face trying to get out of her seat. She moved away from Dawn, who merely followed her. Dawn cornered Kim, pressing her into a wall. Kim's head was spinning from moving too quickly for her own good. So for a moment, she was trapped.

Dawn pushed her body slightly into Kim's slender form. Their bodies pressed against each other, much too close for Kim to be comfortable. Dawn leaned in, her cheek nearly touching Kim's face. Her breath disturbed Kim's skin, causing her to shudder. Dawn took that as a good sign.

"Why don't you stay with me?" Dawn suggested in a low, husky voice. "You can do anything you want to me."

Kim's brain jumpstarted again thanks to that insane question. "I can't. I've got to go. I've got to call my girlfriend," she replied hurriedly.

"Why? You could just as easily leave with me. I'll be all that you need for the night, all that you ever want. I'll do things to you that she'd never imagine and let you do things to me that you only imagined," Dawn said and she seemed to move in for a kiss.

The hero got herself together enough to escape Dawn's weight. She moved away, heading for the door. Dawn pursued her, despite being brushed off. She was on a mission, after all. She reached out for Kim, who had finally worked up the courage to call home. She had been shaken up enough to where she figured that she better call home.

"Hey, Shego," Kim greeted her girlfriend, still speaking low. She was trying her best to downplay her drunken state.

"Hey, Kimmie. I'm glad you called. Your little party over?" Shego inquired, sounding almost like she missed Kim. She actually did.

"Yeah, I'm headed back to my hotel room now," Kim informed her. She did not notice her stalker coming up behind her.

"Actually, she's headed to my hotel room," Dawn said confidently, loud enough for Shego to hear. She practically snaked around Kim to speak into her phone.

"Pumpkin, who the hell was that?" the pale woman demanded to know. Her girlfriend better not be headed back to any woman's hotel room or there was going to be Hell to pay!

"Some woman that won't leave me alone. I'm going to lose her and then I'll call you back when I get to my room," Kim promised as she had to slide away from Dawn by dipping her shoulders.

"All right," Shego agreed.

The call was disconnected and it was never returned. Kim woke up the next day with a throbbing headache, telling her that she was drunker than she thought last night. She was still in her dress, and alone, in her hotel room.

Next time: Kim has a good day ruined with a shocking surprise.