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Epilogue: The law was on her side

The morning was calm, so the assault came without warning as far as Dawn Killigan was concerned. She had been in her kitchen, getting coffee when out of the blue Doctor Director and Shego joined her. Her eyes went wide as they pulled up chairs at her kitchen counter, flanking her.

"Where's the baby?" Shego asked, as if what was happening was utterly normal. She leaned an elbow on the counter and rested her head in her palm, looking almost curious to go along with her question.

"How did you two get in?" Dawn demanded to know, an edge of panic in her voice as she looked back and forth between the uninvited women. She had an excellent security system, so she wanted to know how they possibly breached it.

Shego rolled her eyes to the question. Obviously, Dawn had not completely done her homework on who she was messing with. Big mistake, both intruders thought.

"That's not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that you thought you could waltz around ruining Kim's good name and then leave like nothing was going to happen," Doctor Director commented in a business-like tone, which sort of hid her anger. The frown on her face did imply her current emotional state, though. And there was the glare that was coming from her onyx eye, even though she was not aware of it.

"I haven't committed a crime," Dawn pointed out, calming down to make sure she was not on the defensive. She was sitting straight up, like there was a rod in place of her spine, so she was still giving off quite the nervous air.

"And, what's your point?" Shego asked curiously, an eyebrow high on her brow. So, she did not think she committed a crime? Who said she did? Certainly not Shego; since if it was a crime was neither here nor there as far as Shego was concerned.

"You don't have any authority over me. I simply made a mistake—" Dawn started, obviously having her excuse all mapped out. Unfortunately for her, her guests were not interested in hearing it.

"You're damn right you made a mistake. You made a mistake the moment you targeted my Kimmie for this bullshit plan you had, dragging her name through the mud and all of this other crap. Now, you knew for a fact you hadn't slept with her, so you knew that baby wasn't hers," Shego stated soundly.

"Therefore you willingly and maliciously lied about Kim," Doctor Director chimed in, sounding just as serious as her momentary partner.

"Well, as you Americans say, so sue me," Dawn remarked, smirking as her air of confidence and arrogance began to return to her. A haughty, amused look invaded her sky-colored eyes.

"The thought had crossed my mind. I could use trust fund money as napkins at the dinner table," Shego retorted thoughtfully. It seemed like it would be quite fun to take Dawn to court and strip her of every dime that she had due to all of the emotional suffering she had caused Kim and all of the lying she did, but that idea was shut down by her lover when she started pitching it.

"But, making you poor would hurt your daughter and Kim was utterly against that," Doctor Director explained in a tone that showed she really did not care. In fact, she was mentally damning Kim's kind heart because she believed that Dawn desired to be crushed for such a horrible stunt that could have cost Kim so dearly.

Dawn's eyes went wide for a moment, letting the duo know that they struck a cord within her. She frowned just from the mention of her daughter and glared at the both of them as if she was trying to will their deaths right then and there. They better not try anything to separate her from Kendra, she thought.

"So, we'll settle this out of court," Shego said, smirking demonically.

"Way out of court," Doctor Director concurred, an expression quite similar to the former thief.

"What? You're going to bully me?" Dawn inquired. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"No, we're going to get you to go on international television and admit why you did all of this. Admit that Kim is not the horrible person you made her out to be, and that you were trying to hurt her," Doctor Director replied in a dead serious tone.

"Or else what?" the redheaded Scot demanded to know.

"Or little baby Kendra goes bye-bye," Shego commented, having the nerve to wave at the end of that statement.

Dawn snarled and turned to grab Shego. The former villainess caught Dawn's hand and pressed on her wrist. Shego locked eyes with Dawn, each showing their most serious expression. For the first time since they met, Dawn blinked.

Doctor Director started talking while Shego continued to glare at the Scottish woman. "You caused a lot of trouble, and for you to think that you could just walk away after the test results come in with nothing happening to you is a dream that you're being rudely awakened from," Doctor Director said.

"And you think this will solve the problem?" Dawn asked bitterly. She knew that she unleashed a dragon that could not be put back in the box completely. Kim was forever tarnished and that was good enough for her. Her father was still avenged because no one would look at Kim quite the same way thanks to her.

"It'll make things better than they are now. And don't think that's the end of things," Shego replied strongly, still gripping Dawn's wrist. She put a bit of pressure on the part, causing the redhead to hiss in pain.

"Wha-what else?" Dawn asked while trying to hide her discomfort. She was failing miserably as her mouth was bent up into a grimace, her eyes were slightly wide from pain, and her brow creased from tension. She was also twisted to the side, trying to alleviate the pain shooting out of her wrist.

"Doesn't matter at the moment. Right now, get ready for you press conference," Doctor Director commanded.

"What? Right now?" Dawn asked in shock through gritted teeth.

"We'd like to get to that as soon as possible. Well that or get to putting the ball in motion for you to lose Kendra. Whichever one you want us to do first," the leader of GJ commented calmly.

Dawn scowled, her anger overriding the pain in her wrist. "Fine," she hissed.

"We'll discuss other punishments later. But, just be aware that I'm watching you now and I might only have one eye, but I see everything. If you so much as jaywalk anywhere in the world, I'll be on your case and you'll be that much closer to not having a daughter," Doctor Director promised.

Dawn did not respond. They had her. She refused to even tempt fate when it came to Kendra now. Vanessa made her see that her daughter was the most precious thing that she had and she wanted Kendra to think the world of her when the baby grew up; just like she thought the world of her father. She did not want to disappoint Kendra in any way, shape, or form because she knew how horrible that feeling was for a child; she imagined it was just as bad for a parent if the parent was aware of the disappointment.

So, they had her. She did whatever they wanted. They knew that she would.

Shego wore a small smile on her face as she moved around the kitchen of the apartment; she was practically gliding through the room. The smile grew as she heard the front door open, so she knew that Kim had come home. Moments later, arms wrapping around her middle confirmed her thoughts.

"Had a good day at work?" Shego asked curiously.

"Not really. We didn't get a new case, so it was mostly paperwork and getting my team to stop having a water fight in the building," Kim explained, cuddling into her lover's shoulder.

"Your team is full of little kids. How do you get them under control long enough to finish a case?" Shego remarked. Sometimes, she thought it was like her girlfriend ran a kindergarten, complete with naptime for her team.

"Promises of ice cream at the end of the day," Kim joked.

Shego chuckled a bit and turned around to hug her girlfriend properly. They shared a touching, sweet kiss and then broke apart as Kim went to go take a shower. They then had a quiet dinner. After that, they cuddled up on the couch. Shego turned on the television, her favorite news channel was on.

"Oh, come on!" Kim groaned when she saw who was on television. "What the hell is she going on about now?" The "she" that she was referring to was Dawn Killigan.

"Let's see what she's got to say," Shego commented, hiding a smirk that was trying to fight its way onto her face.

"Do we have to?" Kim groaned.

"I doubt she's making any more horrible claims about you. After all, we already had the DNA tests and everything," the pale woman pointed out.

The younger woman did not argue and decided to just tune Dawn out while Shego watched. Shego could not keep back the smirk as Dawn started talking. The Scottish woman told the world who her father was and his imprisonment started her hatred of Kim Possible. She spoke about how she took a long time, thinking of getting revenge against the hero. These words caught Kim's attention and she turned to listen to the rest of the show.

Dawn went on, explaining how she lied about sleeping with Kim. She did state that she knew for a fact that Kim was not the one that got her pregnant. And when it was all said and done and she was asked why she was coming clean now, she explained that she felt guilty.

"You know, while all of this was going on, Kim spent time with my daughter and she was so good with Kendra. After a while, I felt guilty about ruining not only her name, but her life with this farce. She's far too good a person for me to just leave things with most of the world thinking that she's done these things when she hasn't done any of them," Dawn responded to the question.

"Guilt? She expects us to believe that she actually feels guilt?" Kim shouted incredulously. She would be surprised if Dawn felt anything at all!

"Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie," Shego said while pulling the redhead closer to her. She rested her cheek on top of Kim's head.

Kim tried to turn to look at her lover curiously, but gave up when she realized that Shego's face was in her hair. "What?"

"What does it matter why she confessed? The fact of the matter is she did confess and now everyone knows that she was just playing you. That's what counts," Shego pointed out.

Kim conceded that point. "I guess you're right."

"I'm always right. Haven't you noticed?" Shego remarked with a smile.

The redhead scoffed. "I've noticed some flaws every now and then."

"Well, we can't all be little Miss Perfect. But, we can put this behind us now," Shego pointed out.

"Thankfully," Kim sighed, her shoulders flopping into relaxation.

The younger woman put her hands around Shego and brought up a leg to wrap around Shego as well. The pale woman put a hand on Kim's thigh while the other used the remote to turn off the television.

"You know what would really ruin this moment right now," Kim commented.

"Your parents calling again asking about grandchildren?" Shego guessed.

"Yeah," Kim concurred.

"You said they were going to let that go. It's been two weeks. When are they going to start letting it go?"

"I thought they would. I'm starting to think they're serious. So, I started thinking, maybe we should start thinking about it."

"Kim Possible, are you trying to say that you want to have my baby?" Shego asked in a teasing tone, even though on the inside she was flattered. It amazed her that Kim would trust her enough to think about having a baby with her after she walked out on Kim at her most trying moment.

"Well, if that's how it happens. Who's to say you wouldn't be having my baby?" Kim countered with a smile.

"And ruin my figure? Fat chance," Shego quipped, laughing a little as she spoke.

"Well, I can't chance missing work. My team wouldn't even bother coming in if I show any sign of changing," Kim argued with a smile.

"Well, then I guess we just won't be having kids."

"Well, then I guess we won't," Kim agreed and then the phone rang. They looked at each other, exchanging knowing and horrified glances. "So, yeah, you tell my parents that."

"Like hell, they're you're parents!"

"We have got to work this out," Kim said. They had exchanged one pest in Dawn for two in her parents. But, at least her parents were not out to ruin her whole life. They were looking to change it, though. They really wanted grandchildren apparently.

The end.