by Naia Zifu

There she is, right on time
I've been watching her so long I know her schedule
She's wearing her red racing suit now
I blush just as red, thinking how sexy she looks in that
I know her name, "Haruka"
Such a lovely name, so fitting
She wears it well
Wears _anything_ well
Such a beautiful girl
So tall and strong, with hair the colour of sand
Just waiting for the sea to come caress it
God knows how I've wished I could
How I ache to feel her strong arms around me
To hear her lovingly whisper my name
The way she has so often in my dreams
Reality hasn't been so kind
Her eyes bore through me with resentment
And she yells at me to stop investigating her
I understand why she's so cold
Haruka is rejecting her duty
She's rejecting me
How can I make her understand?
We're two halves of the same person
Who need each other to be whole
I need you, Haruka
We were meant to save the world together
Maybe I'm being too selfish
She deserves the choice I never had
She deserves a normal life
And I care enough to let her decide for herself
Or at least that's what my voice says
My heart begs her to accept her duty
To accept me
I've been watching her so long
I know everything about her
Perhaps the only reason I can tell her to choose
Is because I know the choice isn't really hers to make

©1999 Naia Zifu All rights reserved.
Haruka and Michiru are Sailor Moon characters I own no rights to. As always, I'm not trying to
make money from anyone else's ideas.
Sorry if you hate that this poem makes Michiru seem like Haruka's obsessive stalker, but if you
think of it honestly, she kind of was. Try not hold my questionable poetry skills against me too
much. This poem popped in my head one night and I just had to write it. Yeah, I know the title
sucks, but it was the nearest to the purpose of the poem I could come up with. Titles aren't
everything, you know! I just hope the intent comes through despite bad titling and bad poetry