Title: Flying With You

Author: Hawkeye/Katy

Beta: Alex/Odysseus, Nox/BJ

Fandom: Bones, but very AU.

Rating: FRT

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Jack stared at the radio on the desk as Goodman's voice came floating out. He tilted his head around to Zack, who had the same stunned look of shock on his face. Zack's eyes rose up to meet his. A small smile crossed his face, then broke into a broad grin. Jack let out a startled laugh. The French radioman, Robidoux, looked up at them both with a smile of his own. He stood up, gesturing Zack into the chair. Zack blinked, then sat down.

He picked up the equipment almost gingerly, despite the fact that he knew full well how to use it, "Sir?"

"Addy?" Goodman's hope-filled voice came across the line, "Addy, is that you?"

"Yessir," Zack's grin grew impossibly wider.


Goodman, despite his previous grievances against Jack, sounded like all his Christmases had come at once when Jack leaned over Zack's shoulder.

"Aye, sir, I'm right here."

"It's good to hear you both," a soft chuckle came over the line, "Though I will deny that wholeheartedly should you choose to repeat it."

They both grinned at that, "Wouldn't dream of it, sir," Jack returned, still leaning over Zack's shoulder.

They could practically hear Goodman's raised eyebrow, "Indeed, Hodgins…" there was a slight pause and a sound almost like the rustling of papers could be heard, "There is a cargo ship crossing the Channel to Dover in four days time."

Zack quickly gestured back to Robidoux, who took command of the radio once again as Goodman continued, "If our French counterparts can get you to Calais…" he waited for a response.

Robidoux looked over at Durand. Durand tilted his head slightly as he listened to Zack's rapid-fire translation of everything Goodman had just said to them and nodded. Robidoux gave Durand a return nod and turned back to the radio.

"Sir? It is Robidoux again. I will handle all preparations necessary to bring your men home to you safely. Can you repeat your last call please?"

Goodman's voice came through, "Thank you, son. As I said, a cargo ship will be leaving Calais for Dover in four days time. If you can get my men to Calais, we can take it from there."

Durand had been listening to Zack's translation the entire time, "Dites-lui que nous allons assurer la sécurité de ses hommes jusqu'à ce qu'ils quittent le port de Calais."

"My CO wishes to inform you that we will see to your men's safety from now until they leave Calais," Robidoux dutifully repeated Durand's words.

"Thank you. Thank you very much," the relief in Goodman's voice could be heard even through the white noise on the radio.

"We will contact you closer to the date," Robidoux told Goodman, "It is dangerous if we keep this channel open too much longer."

"Roger that," Goodman returned, "And I shall contact you if any conditions change."

"Roger that," Robidoux repeated, "Resistance over and out."

Jack stared at the now silent radio. He looked over at Zack who was finishing a translation for Durand. When he finished, Zack turned and looked at Jack, face breaking into a slow grin. It was matched by the wide grin that crossed Jack's face. The Irishman let out a wild whoop that startled everyone in the room and threw his arm back around Zack's shoulder, enveloping him in a one-armed hug, mindful of both their injuries. Zack returned the awkward hug with equal fervor.

"We're going home…"