Chapter 4

"I. Am. Going. To. Fucking. Kill. Him."

Artemis was pissed off. Not only had Matt refused to give back her crest, but he had mocked her like she was a child! Where the hell did he get off treating her like that? Was she not a human that breathed air? Was she not a person who felt? Yeah, she was hard as nails on the outside, but inside…Well, that was a different story.

Who did Artemis have in the world? No one. Not a single person. She was alone in the world, and everyone seemed to make her remember it 24/7. Had she always been that way?

"No," Artemis answered herself silently. Tears came to her dark eyes as memories flooded back to her.

When she'd been a child, life had been amazing. She seemed to be living a charmed life. Her parents were successful owners of an electronics company. They did business just about everywhere imaginable. But not long after she turned 7 her parents had broken the news to her that they were moving from their longtime house in New York, to a town in Japan that would mean better business for them and a better life for Artemis.

Of course, Artemis had been young, and she didn't really understand that she wouldn't be coming back to New York. She always thought that they were just going on a trip to Japan for a few days and that they'd return back home safe and sound. But before any thought of New York could stick in her mind, she began school in Japan, and most thoughts of her old lifestyle were forgotten.

But then, the world seemed to crash down. Artemis returned from school one day to find a bunch of men in uniforms outside of her house. There were police cars with flashing lights everywhere.

"There's the child," One officer said to another.

"Where're my mommy and daddy?" The younger Artemis had asked quietly, intimidated by the police officers.

A kindly female officer bent down and took Artemis by the hand.

"Something's happened to your mom and dad," The officer said kindly….

Artemis snapped out of the memory with a painful gasp. All of her breath seemed to leave her. She was suddenly breathing in short, painful gasps, and every breath she took in seemed to just stab at her lungs.

"Oh my God," Artemis whispered, tears flowing down her cheeks as her breath continued to come in and out in short bursts.

"Someone help me…."

More to Come!

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