Title: Not Such A Hard Question
Rating: G
Character(s): Roger Smith, Dorothy Wayneright
Pairing(s): Roger/Dorothy
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Notes: Post Act 26. Written for pennycentury in the Holiday Drable Challenge on LiveJournal.


"I have another question, Roger Smith."

"Is it another hard question?" he asked her.

"That depends on your definition of a hard question," she said immediately.

"One I'll have to think about for a while," he clarified.

She gave that small, almost smile that meant she was amused by his answer. She resumed the familiar tune on the piano.

Something...about a...Christmas tree?

She finished the song. "I wanted to know, since Big Venus reset the world, if this Heaven's Day would be different," she said.

Her song played on in his mind. "Yes," he said slowly. "I think it will."