Title: What Your Eyes Saying
Author: a1y-puff

Genre: General/romance… maybe…
For now… K+
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-Chapter 1-

It was never a secret to the Seigaku Tennis club members--especially the regulars--that their captain and the tensai could communicate with their eyes. Sometimes, they would wonder how the two do it, but not even Inui could figure out.

"There's not enough data on them to figure out how they do that and what they're talking about in their telepathic communication. And it's 89.7 chances that they have a sixth sense so as not to let me take enough data on them," would be Inui's explanation if anyone ever ask him that.

That day, as usual, they had practice. As usual, Tezuka did not tolerate any lateness. As usual, those who were late were already running their laps, when Fuji walked calmly into the court.

Tezuka swiftly threw a small glare at him, while the tensai only smiled in response.

"Fuji," Tezuka called to the tensai with a low tone of voice. To the other members, that kind of tone was intimidating, but it seemed that it didn't work on Fuji who stayed calm and kept his smile displayed to the captain.

"I know. Will 10 laps do?" Fuji asked calmly.

Tezuka stared at him, with his eyebrows twitched a little, saying 'it-should-be-twenty-laps-and-you-know-it'.

Fuji calmly approached Inui, taking a glass containing some greenish liquid form the taller boy and promptly emptied the glass in one, big gulp. His brows frowned a little at the weird feeling attacking his throat and stomach. He never drank this juice before. A new recipe, he figured.

He then smiled at his captain, eyes still closed, but it contained a rather long message for Tezuka, which only the buchou himself seemed to understand.

'That should do for another 10 laps, ne? It didn't taste pretty good actually; I feel a little sick here.'

Tezuka sighed in defeat. "Fine, 10 laps, now."

Fuji did not answer, and just gave Tezuka his usual smile. Before he started his laps, though, he said to Inui, "I like your previous juice better. This one's has a weird taste. Maybe you could add some wasabi in?", and without waiting for an answer, he started to jog out of the court.

"But Inui's juices are always tasted weird, even without any wasabi added to them," Kikumaru shuddered; he never understoodwhat kind of tongue Fuji had

Tezuka just kept silent as he watched Fuji ran his laps. It's rather unusual for him to be late. There must be a reason, but Tezuka needed to treat everyone equally here, so he had to assign him the laps. And he knew Fuji understand that.

"Ah, I just remember," Kikumaru suddenly approach Tezuka. "You know, Fujiko was absent after lunch break for about 20 minutes to take a nap because he was kinda dizzy," he explained. "He probably went to the nurse office to take his medicine before going here."

Tezuka stared at his teammate and sigh, silently blamed Kikumaru for not saying that sooner, and blamed Fuji who should've said something if he wasn't feeling well.

"Fuji, you can stop now!" Tezuka shouted a little louder than his usual tone, for Fuji was a little too far from where he was standing.

Fuji stopped running, and walked slowly to his captain. He gave the smile that seemed questioning.

'Why do you stop me? I still have another seven laps'

Tezuka stared at him in rather demanding eyes.

'You should've told me if you're not feeling well.'

Fuji's lips curved into one of those 'I'm sorry' smile, though he didn't look like he was sorry at all.

Tezuka closed his eyes in defeat, and sighed.

'Whatever, just stay here.'

Fuji just smiled a little before walking slowly to his usual standing position: beside the captain.

Kikumaru shrugged a little before leaving the two. He never knew that silence actually could talk that much, as he would never know what those two were saying.


"So, as you guys may already know, we will have a training camp starting tomorrow. Be ready, okay?" Oishi announced after practice.

The regulars seemed excited. Well, it has the name of training camp, but it seemed they took it as a vacation. Oishi then turned to Fuji.

"You'll come, ne?" he asked, with a concern look. Kikumaru had told him that Fuji seemed unwell.

"Of course. I'm not that sick. It's just lack of sleep, you know. I'll be fine in no time," Fuji smiled.

"Good, then. You should get more sleep tonight, ne?" the mother of Seigaku said in a rather commanding tone. Fuji chuckled a bit, somewhat happy with his friend's concern.

"Alright then, dismiss," Tezuka said to the regulars. Soon, the boys were bidding each other goodbyes as they walked out of the clubhouse.

Fuji was about to sling his bag to his shoulder, when he found Tezuka's eyes were fixed on him.

'Don't push yourself.'

Fuji could only smile as a reply to his captain before walking out of the room. As soon as he stepped out, though, his heartbeat was fastened a bit. Again, Tezuka just gave him this certain look that was somewhat… different.

It's been a while since Fuji noticed the different stare Tezuka would give him from time to time. Not that it was too often though, so Fuji was uncertain of what the stare might mean. But it seemed like that certain look became more frequent lately. And somehow he felt certain warmth from that stare.

Yet he still had no idea of how to interpret the stare.


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