Just Another Fairy Tale

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Warnings: Too much cursing. XD


Niou paced around his room. Now, what he use to get Yagyuu back? Hmmm…

He was too deep in thought to realize Kirihara stepped in, he only realized once the boy slammed the door shut. He stared at Kirihara for a couple of minutes.

Kirihara stared back. Finally he said, "Oh, you're back…" He set down a bag on his desk.

Niou nodded, "You're back… where'd you go?" He asked.

The princess boy looked at Niou, "Why do you care?" He replied, opening up the bag.

"No reason…"

Kirihara looked at Niou, "Now really?"

Niou grumbled about something Kirihara couldn't hear and grabbed his sword, heading for the door.

"O-oi!! You're leaving when I asked a question?" Kirihara asked, following the older man.

Niou gave Kirihara a look, "I don't have the time listening to your childish questions." He headed out the door with Kirihara shouting and pestering him.


"Haru… Haru!!" Kirihara cried.

Niou woke up and saw Kirihara staring straight at him. He immediately started to move back, but his body wouldn't move. "I can't move?!" Niou thought to himself. "Don't panic, Masaharu…."

"Haru, I came to wake you up!" Kirihara announced a bit too happily.

"Thanks, Akaya!" Niou replied. "WHAT THE HELL?! WHY AM I SAYING THIS?!?!"

Kirihara grinned, "No problem… after all… you are my husband."

Niou suddenly moved forward, "Yup…" He said softly. "WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?! I HATE THAT BRAT!! IT'S YAGYUU!! NOT THAT BRAT!"

"Haru…" Kirihara said, also leaning in.

Closer… Closer…

"What am I doing? Why this brat?" Niou thought to himself.



Niou fell off the tree. Really. WOW, talk about Rikkai's fearsome knight…

"Ugh…" Niou rubbed his head. "What was I dreaming about?!"

He looked around. Nope… no Kirihara in sight… Good. Niou let a sigh of relief as he plopped down on the grass, staring at the sky.

"Yo Haru."

Niou almost jumped, did his dream come true?! "W-what?"

"You seem… disturbed," a red head said, sitting down next to Niou.

Niou scowled and muttered, "Yeah… because you're popping in outta nowhere..."

"Right, and that's all?"

"Shut up, Marui…" Niou said. "I just had the worst dream ever…"

Marui yawned, "Why are you telling me?"

"You asked!"

"Bah, I don't wanna know anymore," Marui said, getting up. "Just came here to say… tomorrow's your marriage."

Niou groaned, "Don't remind me…" He muttered, also getting up. "Marui… can I not marry that brat?"

"Nope," Marui answered, dusting himself off.


Marui grinned, "On the bright side, I'm getting what I deserve…"

"What? A frilly dress?"

The red head scowled, "No!! I'm getting sold off to that Akutagawa kid… he's rich!"

Niou raised a brow, "Your point exactly…?"

"I'm gonna live a life of luxury just liked I wished!!"

"So… lemme get this straight… you're being sold off to some RICH guy, who you have no idea why he likes you?"

Marui nodded, "Yup!" He answered cheerfully.

"Oh my god, you're an idiot!" Niou sighed, walking off. "I can't believe you're Rikkai's so called, 'tensai!' Ugh…"

"Uh… excuse me?! I am a tensai!!" Marui protested, stomping after Niou.

"Yeah, yeah… tensai."

"YES! TENSAI INDEED!!!" Marui yelled at the pony tailed man.

Niou ignored him and strolled off. Hope he doesn't see Kirihara today… Oh wait… they share a room. GREAT. Just GREAT.


Kirihara hadn't seen Niou for an hour? Half an hour? Two hours? He couldn't tell, but he was pacing around the room. Only one more day until he can run off somewhere… or he stops the marriage…

The door had opened, Kirihara looked up to see Niou walk in giving Kirihara a look.

"Why are you staring?" Kirihara questioned, looking into Niou's eyes. They seem to shine a lot more during the night… Kirihara noted. Then he realized, "Why the heck did I just think that!?"

Niou replied coldly, "I'm not staring, you're staring."

Kirihara frowned, why does he even bother asking anything? This guy's just a bundle of trouble.

"Here," Niou said, handing Kirihara a small pouch. "Got you this while I was away, might as well get you a present since you're gonna be gone tomorrow."

"What do you mean? I thought you were getting Yagyuu back!"

"I'm gonna try tomorrow night…" Niou said, sighing. "But what's the point? He's probably still gonna go after Oshitari… "

Kirihara grabbed Niou's shirt and pulled him at eye level, "What the hell's wrong with you? You're so different from yesterday! God, why can't you just try! I don't want to stay here any more."

"What's with your sudden change of attitude?" Niou asked, staring at Kirihara's eyes coolly.

"I decided I won't stay here. Yukimura-buchou would probably just make me marry someone else…" Kirihara grumbled.

"Wasn't this your first plan?"

Kirihara sighed, "This time, I'm just gonna run off and travel on my own… move from place to place."

"I don't care…" Niou replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna pack up."

"Pack up?!" Kirihara demanded. "You're following me?!"

"No," Niou answered. "I'm gonna travel around as well… maybe I can become some kinda …fighter? Hero?"

"You're dreaming," Kirihara said.

"I'm probably gonna leave today…" Niou trailed off.


"Why what? You want me outta your life… Yagyuu doesn't need me, why would you care?" Niou asked, putting his stuff in a rucksack.

"Well maybe I want to leave and to get outta your life because no one probably cares what I think!"

"Well maybe I just want to run off!"


Silence. Awkward silence.

"Oh shit… I just said that, didn't I?" Kirihara muttered, slapping his forehead.

Niou looked surprised, "Nice one, brat…" He said.

"Great…now get outta my life," Kirihara said, crossing his arms.

Niou grabbed his bag, "If you say so… Akaya."

"You're not insulting me," Kirihara commented.

"Why would I if I'm leaving?" Niou asked, opening the door.

"You're not gonna say good bye either, huh?"

"Nope, not really."

Kirihara pouted, "FINE, LEAVE."

Niou smirked, "Ok then, don't cry if you miss me, Aka-chan."

"I don't cry!" Kirihara exclaimed.

Niou ignored the boy and slammed the door shut.


"He's leaving…"

"Ahh…. He is…"


"Genichirou… would you like to start plan Axx20?"


"What do you think, Renji?"

"Sure, Genichirou?"

"Why are all the lights off?"

"…Ok, we'll start Axx20, Renji and I will start…"



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