What would you do if you had gotten a bad grade on a math test, and got grounded as punishment? Well, Donna Jo "D.J." Tanner learns about this the hard way...

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The Bad Grade

It was a big day at school for seven-year-old Stephanie Tanner. For one thing, she was class president, and she had bodyguards – the two Coreys, that is.

They wore black sunglasses and earpieces for talking to the Tanners. And they were dressed the way they looked in "Dream a Little Dream".

Whispers flew around the halls. Everyone was buzzing.

"Did you see those guys with Stephanie?"

"Those are the Coreys!"

"They look so cool!"

Of course, Stephanie just went about her business, which, as usual, happened to be her schoolwork. When school let out, the Coreys escorted her home.

That afternoon, while Stephanie was perusing a magazine with the Coreys in her room (which she shared with her twelve-year-old sister D.J.), D.J. walked in.

"Hey, Steph," said D.J., sounding a bit sad.

"Hey, Deej. What's up?" asked Stephanie.

"Well, I have some bad news – I'm grounded," D.J. replied.

Stephanie looked confused, as did the Haimster and the Felddog. So D.J. explained.

"Well, I had gotten an F on a test, and Dad found out..."


"Donna Jo, I am very disappointed in you. You should've studied harder," said Danny as he first looked at the test, and then at D.J.'s guilty expression.

D.J. replied, "Dad, I tried my best. Really, I did."

Danny then said, "Your best wasn't good enough in this case. You are grounded, D.J.. That means no hanging out at the mall."

Shocked, D.J. replied, "But, Dad…!"

End flashback…

"Wow, Deej. I don't know what to think," said Felddog.

"Hey, what test was it you got an F in?" asked Haimster.

"It was math," D.J. replied.

Stephanie was silent. Usually she was "born to blab" (as Danny Tanner, the girls' father, once put it). But now, of course, she didn't feel like talking for a little bit.

Then she asked, "So what are you going to do, Deej?"

"I'm going to do the only thing I have to do – pull my grades up," D.J. replied.

"We'll help," said Haimster. "Right, Felddog?"

"You got it, Haimster," said Felddog, smiling. Even Steph also volunteered to help in any way she could.

D.J. smiled at the encouragement. She felt she needed it after all.

The Coreys were teen idols from the 1980s. They were taking a break from making movies when they met the Tanners. DJ seemed infatuated with them. And they also had a secret crush on her as well…