For You my Love

Disclaimer- I own nothing!

A neatly folded paper glides down the farplane sky. One girl's most inner thoughts put down on just a few short lines.

You told me that we would stay together forever, but then you went away. I can't believe your gone, I would give anything just to tell you one more time "I love you" Every time I think of you my eyes water and I cry, I miss you and still need you. The day you left my world crumbled, my heart will never heal, you showed me a part of me I never knew existed. And even though I never really showed it, my heart fell in love. I wish you never had to leave; I never wanted to say good-bye. What I do, I do for you my love. You will live on forever in my heart.


This is at the end of X-2, Yuna doesn't reunite with Tidus.

I know it's short but I thought this up one night while I was on Myspace and blogged it. Only recently did I think of making this a one shot/poem thing for fan fiction. If you want I write a prequel or something. Please let me know what you think of this, is my first thing up for FFX/ X-2.