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Chapter 1 After math

It was chaos, there was fire everywhere, and the house was falling down around there ears. They didn't stop; they kept running until they made it out and away to safety. They looked back at the destruction and knew they had been betrayed. It wasn't long before an aged wizard showed up to make sure that all was well.

"What happened James my boy? The monitors in my office went off almost 20 minutes ago while I was in a staff meeting or I would have been here sooner. Was there an accident?" Albus Dumbledore asked with a tinge of curiosity.

"Peter betrayed us Headmaster. You Know Who showed up and stunned Lily and me. Leila ran up stairs to save the kids that's all I know." He said just as bewildered as the Headmaster but no less relieved his heart was racing a mile a minute. He nearly lost his entire family thanks to that spineless traitor Pettigrew. Wait until he got his hands on him!

They all looked to Leila for more information. She took a shaky breath before beginning her side. "I ran up stairs and was just about to scoop up the twins when a Petrifying hex caught me in the back." She said visibly shaken. "He wanted me to witness my nephew's deaths, but something happened." She said as she cradled baby Harry close in her arms his younger brother safely held in his mothers arms. "I'm not sure how it happened but the killing curse failed it bounced back on him. He was consumed in a bright green light. When it faded he was gone, there was nothing left but a pile of ash. His death must have ended the hex because I could move again and Lily came racing in. We each scooped up one of the boys and ran as fast as we could to get out of there." She said in obvious relief at their good fortune, as she looked at her nephew's. Harry's little forehead was bleeding and he was out cold. His twin was bleeding from a small wound on his chest and was crying loudly.

Dumbledore looked between the two contemplatively. He could feel the power coming from Robert where as their was little more than a flicker in Harry. "Well then…." Dumbledore said as he looked between the two and made his conclusion. "It seems that Robert defeated Lord Voldmort leaving him with that scar over his heart." He said in a serious yet mysterious tone believing that once recovered Robert would be even more powerful considering how much magic he still had even after such a feet of magic. It never even crossed his mind that Harry was so weak because he was in fact the one who defeated the Dark Lord. Lily and James looked at one another and beamed at Robert before pulling out there emergency port-key and activating it before Leila even had a chance to get near them. She cursed loudly as the Headmaster fallowed after with out any of them even looking back at little Harry. She looked down at him worriedly and disaparated to the gates of Hogwarts and started running for the infirmary, and the tender care of Madam Pomphrey. She would deal with her families negligence later.