That Line - 3/3

Hermione snuggled deeper into the quilt surrounding her, letting it's warmth cover her. The light was hitting her eyes now, but she wasn't ready to acknowledge the days presence just yet. She could feel something skimming her skin, a light pressure that she could hardly feel. Instantly she knew it wasn't Crookshanks letting her know he wanted his breakfast, this didn't have fur. Hermione somewhat reluctantly opened her eyes, and the finger tracing the line of her face stopped. He looked like a child who'd been caught with his hand in the biscuit tin.

"Good morning," he chuckled, laying his head on the other pillow.

"Morning, sorry to disturb you," Hermione smiled, stretching slightly.

"It's fine, I'll do it another time," he grinned at her.

She reached over, brushing the lock of hair that fell down covering his eyes away. Smiling to herself, as she brushed the eyelash from his cheek. She sat up slightly, holding it in her palm, "Blow it away, and make a wish."


"Just do it, you have to."

"I don't need to make a wish, but if you insist," he leaned over, and gently blew on her palm.

Hermione watched him fall back against the pillow, "Why don't you need to make a wish? Everyone has something they want, even the most stupid things can be wished for."

"Well I'm lucky Hermione, I have everything I want. I got my Christmas wish," he whispered, fiddling with the curl that lay over his pillow. "It was you."


"You were my Christmas wish, and I got you, early I might add. So I have no need for anything else."

Hermione smiled, "Then I guess we both got what we wanted this year. Is George home?" She asked, looking at the closed door, shutting them away from the world.

"Not yet, not sure where he ended up going."

"Do you think it was a witch?"

"Could be," he said thoughtfully. "He hasn't said anything, but he may have said something. I have been a bit distracted lately, by the witch laying in my bed."

Hermione couldn't help the blush that quickly developed. She should have known he would make it into something more than it was, her sleeping in his bed. It sounded like so much more than it was, making it sordid, when all it was him being kind. He had slept on the lounge after all.

"You are rather cute when you blush, especially with your hair all messed like that," Fred smiled, sliding closer to her on the bed, running his hand through it.

"I should get going, Harry is going to wonder where I am," she said quietly, moving away from the center of the bed.

"Wait," he reached over, and held onto her arm. "Harry is fine, now me, not so fine."

"Why is that?"

"Well a certain witch took advantage of my hospitality, and hasn't even thanked me properly," he sighed, shaking his head.

"How can she make up for said grievance? I'm sure she feels terrible," Hermione could see where this was heading, and became convinced of it when the feral gleam in his eyes became set.

"A simple kiss would do, I'm easily pleased."

"Ah, well normally she would happily oblige, she just feels that this isn't the best time, nor the place for payment."

"She needn't worry, I'm fully aware of the boundaries, I would do nothing to overwhelm her."

"She still feels maybe later, she'd gladly take part then, just out of the bed."

"Hermione, stop," Fred said firmly, pulling himself up and leaning over her. "Like I said, there are boundaries, I know exactly where they are, and I wouldn't dream of pushing them. You know that?"

"I do," she sighed, closing her eyes. "We are in your bed, no matter how much we pretend to know where to stop, the bed kind of makes it easier not to stop."

"Hermione Granger, I will stop whenever you want me to. Right now, we need to stop talking, we do that too much. It's holding us back from the good stuff."

Fred didn't give her a chance to respond, before she could blink, or make a move to stop him, his lips were upon hers. Her hands came up, threading themselves into his hair; lips parting as his tongue coaxed them open. She couldn't control her response, she knew this would happen. Hermione could fight it, protest it, but the second it happened, she was all for it. He made a noise from the back of his throat as her tongue tangled with his, his body pressing closer to hers, the quilt separating them, and Hermione wanted it gone.

"Fred," she gasped wrenching her lips from his.

He blinked rapidly, pulling himself away from her.

"No," Hermione said quickly, kicking the quilt away. "It's the quilt, it's in the way." He grinned at her, pulling it off her, and throwing it to the bottom of the bed.

His eyes widened as he took in her form laying in his bed, and he turned those feral eyes on her again, "Something you forgot to tell me Hermione?"

"I couldn't sleep with those pants on, so I didn't," she whispered. "You said something about us talking too much?"

Her arms wrapped around him as he all but threw himself onto her, their lips meeting instantly. He wasn't gentle this time, something had changed in him, his lips seemed almost brutal in the way they moved against hers. They were taking pleasure, and giving it back tenfold. She didn't want him to ease the pressure he was applying. Other kisses hadn't felt like this, not from Seamus, or Ron. What she had thought was too much, it wasn't enough. Hermione could feel her body pressing itself closer to him, her leg wrapping itself around him, holding him to her.

Her head falling back as Fred moved down, kissing, nipping, suckling on all that he could reach. Hands smoothing down his back, grasping his jumper, and pulling it up and off. Hermione felt them roll, and she was then leaning over him, as his hands in turn danced at the bottom of her shirt. Taking the question away, she reached down and pulled it off. It landing at the bottom of the bed with the quilt. The feel of his skin against hers as she lowered herself down to him, the brush of the fine hairs against her chest, started the pangs of arousal that she hadn't felt in a long time. The intensity and speed frightening her, but not enough to make her protest, and stop this.

His eyes held hers as his hands cupped her covered breasts, they both closed as he started to familiarise himself with them. Molding them, his thumbs running over her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips as his lips joined, the lace moistening as his tongue laved against the material. The pressure intensifying, more, she just needed something else. His arousal was just there, if she angled her hips just the right way it rubbed against hers the right way. She moved quicker, harder, pressing closer, taking more from him. Her breathing loud in her ears, his hands falling to her hips, guiding her movements, hips rising against hers.

Hermione fell forward, burying her face in the crook of his neck as the pressure spread through her. A hand coming up, and running through her hair, he started whispering in her ear. She could hardly hear him, it had all come down to that feeling, spreading through her, leaving her gasping as she shook in his arms.

She could feel him shifting her slightly, then the warmth as the blankets settled over her. It was some time later that her eyes opened again, and saw Fred watching her closely. He reached up, brushing her cheek slightly. Gently rubbing the sleep out of her eye, he lay his head beside hers on the pillow.

"I slept."

"Yeah, like a baby."

"I'm sorry, I didn't think I would," she said quickly. "It was really rude."

"Hermione," he smiled. "It's fine, better than bloody fine."

"But you, and I just didn't even think about what you needed," Hermione groaned, closing her eyes. "I was selfish, and I am sorry."

"Shush, that was bloody brilliant. And if you try and apologise one more time, you don't need to, and I don't want to hear it."

"Fred," she sighed, moving closer to him.

"Was it too much?"

"No, not at all. I wanted it, all of that," Hermione said, with hand on his shoulder, snuggling up to the side of him. "I want all of you, all that I can have."

"Well in good time, you shall have all of that."

"In good time, I like the sound of that."