There are very many things that Uzimaki Naruto and Namikaze Minato have in common besides blood.

There are the looks of course: blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin.

There is the determination.

There is the ambition.

And there is the liking of red-heads from other countries.


To be quite honest, it was not a great day in the leaf village. The usually bright blue sky was a murky purple and the cold wind was blowing fiercely. Many merchants had already packet up their carts and closed their booths in fear of the wild storm they knew would be coming. The street was almost completely empty except for the pedestrians.

Uzimaki Naruto strolled up the street, listening to the scratching sounds his zori made on the sidewalk. He shoved both hands into his pants pockets and spared a glance upward.

The clouds had suddenly rolled in, and after such a bright morning of training, it turned cold and froze the sweat on his skin. He stopped by a super market to pick up a few items for dinner. After realizing that it was what was causing his stunt of growth, he cut back on his ramen intake. But not that much.

He got a fresh carton of milk, a loaf of bread for tomorrow's lunch, some fresh sliced ham, some tomatoes, soy sauce, three pints of chocolate ice-cream, and two instant bowels of pork chow mien. He went up to the front of the store and waited while the casher rang up his things plus a bottle of Pepsi.

Soon he was back on the street, jogging now that rain was starting to fall. He turned onto his street and happily bounced up the stairs and out of the rain. Naruto fumbled with the keys and slid the proper one in. He twisted the door handle and heard a series of clicks and the door fell forward.

Normally having good balance, Naruto did not take a face plant. He merely stumbled and quickly regained his posture. He pulled the key out of the knob and put them back in his pocket. He swung the door closed behind him and made a bee-line for the kitchen.

After putting away the goods, he stepped out into the living room and looked around. Naruto's head went back and forth as if he was watching a slow motion tennis match. After about seven sweeps, he kicked off his shoes and quietly crept into the back of the apartment. He went past the bathroom and the guest room and the closet and the other bathroom.

Pushing the door to the master bedroom forward, Naruto blinked at the sudden darkness. He stepped forward closing the door behind him. He peeled off his jacket and t-shirt.

Then he crawled on to the king sized bed and settled onto his side facing the other person. His eyes had just adjusted to the dark and he took in the person fast asleep.

Her long red hair spread out on the entire mattress; actually she was lying on most of it. Her eyes were closed and she looked peaceful, a ghost of a smile on her lips. She was lying on top of the comforter and he could see the pale green dress wrapped snuggly around a belly you'd be insane if you didn't think there wasn't a baby in there. Third trimester.

Her eyes pinched slightly but she didn't wake up until he pulled a small blanket from the edge of the bed and over her shoulders. She opened her eyes when he lied back down.

"Hey, shit head," she whispered.

"Hey, what did you do today?" He asked, closing his eyes.

"I made a lung, what'd you do?" her voice was laced with sarcasm.

"I picked up dinner."


"Yes, dear?" He added his own sarcasm.

"You stink."

"Yeah, I know," Naruto whispered. He scooted forward and tucked his head into her collar bone.

Tayuya sighed, relaxing and trying not to think about the way he smelled.

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