Just a really short sort of drabble, following the events in one of my stories, "Prove Me Wrong."


Allan slowly opened his eyes, wondering when his eyelids had become so heavy. He moved to sit up, but someone held him down by the shoulder. He winced as their hand brushed against one of the many whip marks that covered his upper body. Everything was blurry. He blamed it on the fever. Still, he tried to get a look at the person holding him down. He could hear him talking, but the words were muffled and distorted, as if they were traveling through a door.

His eyes slid in an out of focus, but he did his best to at least see who was in the room with him. He could make out a head of dark hair framing a face. His mind felt like it was floating. It occurred to him that his eyes were barely open, and that he would be able to see better if he opened them just a little bit more. Easier said than done.

"Rest." The voice was calming and familiar. Allan clung to the only clear thought in his head. Tom. No, no. That didn't make sense. Tom was gone. Allan stretched the thought, wondering why his brain had tried to tell him that the man in the room with him was his dead brother. No, it wasn't Tom. Allan made the connection in his head.

"Brother," he mumbled, not knowing if the man in the room could hear him or not, succumbing to sleep before he could find the answer. Will removed his hand from Allan's shoulder, aware that the man had passed out and would no longer try to sit up. He thought about was Allan had tried to say, wondering if he'd heard correctly. Brother.

Will hadn't initially come to visit him. He'd initially come to retrieve Morgan, who had fallen asleep on the bed next to Allan. Will gently scooped his surrogate sister into his arms, carrying her from the cottage, heading back to the camp. He paused momentarily as he stepped outside, glancing back at Allan's feverish form.

"Get well soon, brother."


I wish that I had thought of this while I was writing the story, but it just occurred to me now. Sigh.

I was trying to write the next chapter of one of my other stories, "Let It All Out," but I got roundhouse kicked by writer's block. Blugh. If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears.

That aside, I suppose this is like a supplementary piece. It's short, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! Please review!