Kankuro's pov

I rubbed my cheek as I ate my rice.

" Why'd you have to smack me so hard Temari?! " She jabbed my arm with her chopsticks. " You should have knocked before you went in my room you perv!! " I snorted.

" If I knew you were getting dressed I would have never went to get you! I'd rather be sucked up through my own ass-crack than see you in your birthday-suit!! " She sneered at me. " Oh my, aren't you pleasent? And such wonderful table manners too! Why don't you just go find a skirt to chase?! "

I continued to eat without saying a word. It was times like this you just had to let Temari vent.

" Or maybe you don't really go for girls?! I mean I've never heard you talk about having a girlfriend!! "

She used her chopsticks again, this time with force.

" WELL?!! " I shrugged. " So what? " Curiosity took the place of the anger on her face. " Are you saying- " She blinked. " you like guys? "

I looked away. " I'm not saying anything. "

She did that creepy ' Girl-talk time! ' grin.

" Ohmigawd! Do you have a boyfriend? " " ...Maybe. " Her eyes got huge. " Don't tell me who! " " What? "

I thought she was going to beg me to tell her! She giggled.

" It'll be fun to get to guess! " I sweat-dropped. " Are you serious? "

" What's his favorite color? " " Um...I don't know. " " Hmm. So he must not talk much then...of course you're not the most observant so, I'm not surprised you don't know. "

Boy does she know how to deflate an ego...

" Does he have black hair? " " No. " " Hmm. So that knocked out that bug dude, that Neji kid, and Gaara's friend Lee. Oh, and we can't forget Uchiha. "

Woah, who knew such a simple question could knock out so many?

" And we should just mark off Uzumaki Because even a morron could tell his favorite color is orange. " I rolled my eyes and ignored the hint at my mental standing.

" So that leaves...Shikamru, that doggy guy, and that fat one. " I smirked. " Hmm? Does it now? How interesting. " She smirked right back.

" Well it looks like I'm going to get this in three. " I quirked an eyebrow. " Do you like fat guys? " " Not really. "

" Than you're going out with dog boy! " " Oh? What makes you say that? " " W-well... " " You're wrong. " " B-b-b-but...I'M GOING OUT WITH SHIKAMARU!!! "

She looked pissed like no tomorow.

" Good for you. I'm not. "

She went blank. " Then who!? I went through everyone!! "

" Kankuro...? "

We both turned to looked tword the kitchen's archway.

" Hey Gaara. You sleep good? " I got up and walked over to him.

He was wrapped up in my blue bath-robe, showing his milky white legs.

" Why didn't you wake me up? "

I brought my hand up, runing my thumb over his bottom lip.

" You just looked so peaceful- " I smirked. " and affter that workout I put you through I thought you would wanna take a little rest. "

" Don't make me kill you. " He was trying to hold it back but I could see the pink tint on his face.

" I love you. "

He growled and bit at my thumb. " Yeah, yeah. Me too. Now get me something to eat before I bleed you. "

I leaned down and kissed his ' love ' mark.

" But you two are brothers! You could be outcast! "

" I wouldn't mind- "

Temari's shocked expression was priceless.

" because it'd be worth it. " Gaara nodded in agreement and kissed me lighly.

Soooooo worth it.