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SUPER Gant! - Chapter 1 - "That's NOT Yogi Bear"

The day started like any other.

Or maybe it did not. Who would have been able to tell on such a sunny, cloudless day, in the middle of the hot July sun? Besides, no one was at work today—it was Saturday! And as such, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, a very typical nuclear family (those still exist?) wandered into a park for a peaceful picnic lunch. Barely waiting to be able to munch down on the yummy sandwiches, salads, and treats that their mother had packed away in the wooden-woven basket, the young brother and sister skipped ahead of their parents and explored random berry bushes and chased squirrels…because chasing squirrels was the cool thing to do when you were like, ten years old.

"Momma, momma, there's a spot right up there on that hill!" the little boy excitedly called back to his parents, pointing to an open spot on a very green and grassy mound of earth, the sun shining on it as though it came from the heavens. Mother, however, simply shook her head and waved her hand dismissively.

"Oh dear, we cannot sit up there, my children. It is so hot, you may burn—here, let us set up our blanket and snacks in the shade provided by our friendly trees," the mother's sweet voice answered, and as she elegantly waved her hand the area she directed the children in seemed to look way better…things always looked better when mothers pointed them out like that.

Mother neatly unfolded the blanket and set it on the grass while the children and father quickly and helpfully began to unload the contents of the basket; of course, mother had to be the one to organize said contents. She instructed the rest of the family to wash up while she began setting out small plates and plastic utensils for their delicious lunch; the father and his two children obeyed and the three of them ran off in search of the water fountain.

Standing in the middle of the cracked, cement path, the lonely stone fountain stood and patiently waited for attention from thirsty travellers or, in this case, dirty hands. The three family members gathered around it and began to splash the cool, clear liquid on their faces and hands, scrubbing and rubbing whatever dirt particles they could get off without the aid of soap.

It was then that they stood, frozen, when observing a sudden flash of emerald green light, which temporarily filled the sky and the entire park—it originated from where their picnic was to be held. They were embraced by panic as they bolted for the picnic area, the children screaming, "Mommy, mommy!" and the father screaming, "Clara!" which would be embarrassing for him later for his wife's name was really "Jane."

Pushing through trees and bushes in a desperate attempt to reach their family member, they found their way back to the blanket to find that mother appeared to be safe, however horror-stricken. She shook madly and the father fell to his knees to hold her and comfort her, rocking back and forth, while the children sat close to her with tears forming in their eyes. "What happened, what happened?!" they all cried at the same time.

"He…he…he came so fast! I could barely see him!" mother stammered and the family's eyes grew wide.

"Who? Who?!" demanded father. Mother pointed at the half-empty picnic basket with a shaky finger.

"I don't know…but he…he was flying, he flew! He flew by so fast, and took our lunch!"

Gasps filled the air, and the afternoon was temporarily ruined for one family as they quickly gathered their things and loaded it back into the car, heading straight for the police department to report this strange happening.

And meanwhile, high up in a tree observing the scene, Damon Gant scarfed down a turkey sandwich he had just acquired.

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