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Chapter 4 - "Shunned"

And now is about the time where the reader asks, "Why is this still up?"

And the author replies with something like, "They keep taking it down but I keep putting it back up, that's why."

We then enter the actual story and find that Phoenix and Maya carefully climbed out of the crushed taxi, amidst all the earth-quaking chaos, and found the police trying to cut a few deals with Gant.

"Sir…" one of the officers coaxed, "if you come back down to the station with us, we'll uh…buy you ice cream!" His colleagues looked perturbed, but in this day and age, everyone loved ice cream. Gant was actually silent for a minute or so before he lowered himself back to the newly washed ground, looking at the officer with a considering look. Before the officer could continue, Gant blew breath of icy air at him, freezing him solid where he stood. The other police officers backed up away from Gant, hoping they would not be next.

"Sorry, I like popsicles better," Gant smiled, and, out of the corner of his eye did he catch the glimpse of a familiar head of black, spiked hair. Phoenix froze as Gant's eyes grew wide, enthused, and Phoenix swore they had started glowing a gold colour. With big, cement-shattering steps, Gant walked towards Phoenix and Maya.

"Wrighto, my boy…how have you been?" as Gant stepped closer, Phoenix backed himself back towards the crashed taxi. Gant twisted his smile a bit more playfully. "You're quiet; that makes me worry."

"I-I'm not quiet. It's just…really good to see you?" Phoenix heard his own voice crack as he answered. Gant let out a loud "HA" before he continued.

"Wrighto, you're a poor liar. Come on, you can tell me anything—I thought we were friends, after all."

Phoenix thought about what to say to this. He never remembered them being 'friends' at all, though obviously he could not lie to him, either. He slowly opened his mouth to answer, still trying to think of a clever response, "Well, I…"

Gant then held his hand up at Phoenix to silence him. "HUSH. Hold that thought, Wrighto—HEY, BEAUTIFUL, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!" And again, with a flash of green, Damon Gant sped off through the streets, a tidal wave of cars flying on both sides of the road.

Phoenix's eyes grew wide and he stood, shaky, and absolutely stunned. Even Maya was quiet as they surveyed the destruction around them.

"Nick…what was that…?!"

Across town, having ran into each other at the supermarket, the judge and Lana Skye were just leaving from their grocery shopping. Both were rather happy with their purchases—Lana was going to go home and try out the new pasta dish she had brainstormed, and the judge was anxiously waiting to dig into the ooey gooey chewy peanut butter bars he bought. Lana was surprised he still had teeth.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the ground before them exploded in a green light as Damon Gant posed like he was in an action movie…and he probably was…in his mind. Lana's heart raced as he looked toward her, a malicious grin on his face.

"G-Gant…I thought you were…" she tried to remain calm while he took slow, cool steps in her direction, his grin widening as he did so. He chuckled a bit as his eyes seemed to bore into her, and he said, "Hey, Gorgeous. You feel like a ride?"

Lana dropped the bags she was carrying, and she readied her fist to attack Gant. He was faster though, shooting his arm passed her, grabbing the judge and flinging him over his shoulder before turning around and blasting back off into the sky, laughing maniacally as he did so.

Lana stared up at the sky in disbelief, quite honestly unsure if she should have felt relieved or insulted at that point in time.

And back in the slowly progressing traffic jam, Miles Edgeworth face-palmed because he had just remembered that it was really Saturday and he had no work on Saturday.

If you guys are actually wondering, no, my story has not been taken down at all. I was just being a jerk.