Title: Of Hair Ties, Grief, and moving on.

Author: Lady Taevyn

Rating: PG

Summary: He dug a small dip into the earth at the base of the plank, tied the ribbon into a knot and lay it there covering it back up with dirt.

Disclaimer: They belong to the great and powerful Blah, Blah, Blah.

As DG neared the broken man kneeling in front of the small wooden marker she knew there were no words she could offer him. So she offered him strength in the form of a hand on his shoulder. She stepped back as he made motions to get up but before he rose to his feet he leaned into the marker and pressed his lips to it in one last desperate act to apologize, or say goodbye. Then he pulled something out of his pocket and pressed a kiss to it; it was a length of old white ribbon. He dug a small dip into the earth at the base of the wooden plank and tied the ribbon into a knot then placed it in the hole.

Tears welled up in DG's eyes as she realized she recognized that piece of ribbon. One of the longcoats had pulled it out of Adora's hair, wrapped it around his fist and punched Wyatt. That hologramed time loop wasn't something DG was going to forget anytime soon. Wyatt must have found it near his house and carried it in the hope of returning it to his wife so she could put it back in her hair. As they prepared to bed down later DG fished around in her jacket pocket knowing she usually had a couple of elastic bands stashed there, for when she was at work. It wasn't till they were at Fin-Aqua that she could finally do what she wanted with the hair tie. While Wyatt was dealing with tutor she slipped the band in his jacket pocket; knowing he'd find it eventually. It wasn't necessary for him to notice it right away.

He tried to give it back to her before they stormed Azkadellia's tower. While DG was giving her pep talks.

"I'm not really sure when you managed to get this in my pocket, but you should have it back." He said pulling her into a quick embrace.

"Do me a favor and hold on to it, until this is all over with." She held up her hand to forestall his argument. "Please Cain, just do it." He nodded once quickly and slipped the tie into the inside pocket in his vest. The message wasn't lost on DG as she turned and headed toward the tower.