I am back after almost 10 years of not updating this story. Seriously, Moffat hadn't taken over or just had started by the time I updated last. Wow, long time ago. But back to it and will be updating about once every 4 days with my plan, if it holds.

And for this episode, there are hugs.

The Impossible Planet

The Doctor couldn't help himself really.

He had just lost his TARDIS, he had already hugged the Captain and he had just stopped clinging to Rose like she was the last thing he had in the universe when the idea struck him.

There were other brilliant humans aboard and he was lost and alone and they were too.

So, he decided to cheer them all up.

By hugging them.

He started with Scooti, went on to Danny and Toby, followed shortly after by the man in charge of security, whom he couldn't remember the name of because guns.

It felt good, made him feel better and now every human on board the base felt like he was completely mad, but hey.

He could always blame it all on the black hole.

Now all he had to do was figure out how to live a life in one place for the most part, without his TARDIS.

Too bad, really.

This was a nightmare scenario for him, and had been since his third incarnation.

He doesn't do too well with linear time living in one spot.

Now, if only he could get Rose to understand that...