New Year Surprise Chapter 6

"What is that supposed to mean?" Ray asked.

"Travis!" Lily said.

"We know who wrote it, but he can never make sense." said Ray.

"No!" she said firmly pointing to the doorway. "Travis is here!" Robbie and Ray turned around to see Travis smiling at them from the door. The three of them walked out of the room and Lily ran up and hugged him.

"How did you. . ." Robbie started.

"It turned out that my parents liked it best here, so they decided to move back." said Travis before Robbie could finish his sentence.

"Do you know what this means?" said Ray as the three looked at him."If Travis is back, so is Smog. RFR can come back, without Waller suspecting us."

"You know that doesn't mean Waller won't suspect us." said Travis.

"But it will make it harder for him to prove it's us." said Lily. "When do you go back to school?"

"Next week." said Travis.

"Does Waller know your back?" Ray asked.

"No." said Travis.

"Then he won't know that Smog was ever gone." said Ray. "You come back a week later when RFR was already running it can throw the suspicion off of us."

"Why do you never think this much in your classes?" Robbie asked.

"Those aren't important." said Ray.

"Well if we are going on air, we better get ready fast because we have 5 minutes." said Lily looking at the clock. The four of them got into their normal spots. Travis made sure the equipment was still working and they waited until four thirty and then got ready. Travis nodded to them and put them on the air.

"Radio Free Roscoe is back for the new year, and please hold your surprise." said Pronto.

"Pronto's right. We know everyones surprised to hear form us, but after our new Cougar Radio DJ's performance we couldn't resist." said Shady Lane. "And even though I'm sure you all want to call in right away. Lets hold that off a bit."

"With our sudden departure at the end of last year, were sure you are wondering why we ended RFR." said Smog. "Well we want to clear that up before accepting any calls."

"Everyone has busy summers." said Question Mark. "And why should ours be any different?"

"Well, we decided for a little break, let everyone enjoy their summer, and enjoy our own." said Shady.

"And even though we were gone for the summer, we have decided to come back for the new year." said Smog.

"And start off our new year, how about a song by our one and only Lily Randell." said Pronto.

They went off the air.

"We had better take the calls soon, our phones have been ringing since we went on air." said Travis.

"Any chance Waller is listening to us right now?" Ray asked.

"I'd bet you he is." said Robbie. "Others may have been waiting for us to come back, he was afraid we would."

"Do you think this may get him off of our trail?" Ray asked.

"For a while." said Lily.