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Where is it?

Where is it?

I know it's around here somewhere; I can smell it.

But I can't see it!

Oh, Mistress Kari, do you know where it is?

You have an idea?

If so, tell me!

Why are you giving me that look?

Hey, wait a minute.

Your hand's behind your back.

Why's that, Mistress Kari?


You have it in your hand?

Why did you do this—?

Hey, don't do that!

Don't tease me by shaking it above my head!

My catnip's in there!

I want it!


"Go get it, Miko!"

You bet I will!

It's here.

In her room.

My mouse is here somewhere.

Aw, shoot!

It's gone!

Well… if I can't find it by sight, I'll smell it out!


C'mon, my working nose.

You can find it.



Wait a minute.

A tuff of fur needs cleaning.

Ah, okay.

Now I'll get it.

Be a good mousey, my little kitty-nippy friend, and entertain me!

Ooh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Kitty-nip on my back.

Now, roll along with me, my good little mouse.

Back and forth, forth and back.

That's it…

On my back, my stuffy, gorgeous little mouse.


Peaceful, high, and furry.

I love it!


Or, should I say, Meow!

Ah, being with my husband feels so good!

Now, time to return to my mistress, drop it in front of her, and continue to be high on my catnip.


Here's your present.

"So cute."

Thanks, Mistress Kari.

"Well, Miko seems happy."

Well, ain't that obvious, Master Tai?

Of course I'm happy.

…And high on kitty-nip.

Now, if y'all excuse me, my furry husband and I have some "quiet time" to take care of.

C'mon, little mousey.