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Summary: Cagalli is a nerd and a geek with a not exactly great appearance. A transfer to the school is going to change her life. There, she meets Athrun Zala. A really hot guy who is a total playboy. Will love sparks between these two or will it turn into hatred? Mostly AxC with KxL and other pairings.

This is my new fic.The prologue will be written in Cagalli's point of view. But, the rest of the story would be in normal point of view. I really hope you all enjoy this and please leave me a review for me to know how was it. Arigatou.


Hello, I'm Cagalli. Cagalli Yula to be exact. And just plain Cagalli Yula before you start to ask any questions. Before this story starts, I'm going to tell you a little bit of myself.

I, Cagalli Yula am an orphan living in Orb. I'm currently living with the Hijiri family in a house which is just nice enough for the four of us to live in. Mr. and Mrs. Hijiri adopted me when I was only a baby. Or that's what they told me. But, they asked me to call them Uncle Hitomi and Aunt Shizu.

They told me that they found me in a park. They didn't know who my real parents were but they knew my name was Cagalli Yula because my name was stitched on the blanket I was wrapped in.

They have a little cute son named Youichi Hijiri whom treats me like his own sister. Although the Hijiris are not very rich, we find life to be good the way it is. And I'm happy to be adopted by them and not by some perverted freaks.

About my appearance, well….I'm not really sure whether I should say it out loud. I am of average height and not too skinny nor fat. I have a perfect figure and good curves. So, why don't I have any boyfriend in my life you ask. That's got to be the way I dress.

First of all, I wear these horrendous glasses that make me look like a nerd. My eyesight isn't bad. I just like wearing them. My clothes are more to boy's attire. You know, the usual baggy pants, jeans and baggy t-shirts. And no, I have NEVER wore a mini-skirt in my life and I WILL NEVER EVER wear one!

My long hair is usually tied in plaits and I rarely let it down, except when I'm at home with the Hijiris. I don't really care about my appearance and I am immune to how those girls at school call me stupid names. In my opinion, it is so much better than wearing clothes that makes you look sluttish.

Now, speaking of schools, I am going to transfer to a new school tomorrow. Uncle Hitomi and Aunt Shizu thought that it would be a great idea. Sure, it would be a great idea. If not for the fact that this school is a prestigious school only for the rich.

Being the usual cautions person I am, I have already made a total research about this school and their students. This school apparently seems to be the school which the top 4 goes to.

What is the top 4 you ask? Well, let me get you started with the basics.

Allow me introduce you to the top ten richest family in Orb.

1. The Zalas

2. The Yamatos

3. The Athhas

4. The Clynes

5. The Campbells

6. The Joules

7. The Elsmans

8. The Seirans

9. The Hahnenfuss

10. The Asukas

Those are the top ten riches and as you can see the top 5 of those listed have sons and daughters who are all 17 years olds. Talk about coincidence. They must have agreed to give birth at the same time since the top 4 families are really close to each other. I don't really know much about the fifth one though.

Now, the top 4 are the top 4 richest and most popular students in the school. Naturally that would be the Zalas, Yamatoes, Athhas and the Clynes. But, according to the information I received, the heir of Athha had gone missing since young so obviously the family in the fifth place gets to be in the top 4 which is the Campbells.

Let's start with the first one, Zalas. They have a son who is called Athrun Zala. Well, at first glance, he sure is hot and has looks to die for. He has really nice emerald eyes and midnight-blue hair.

But, beware, this is what makes this guy a total jerk. He is a playboy at school. That's not surprising since he has girls flocking to him as if he is some girl-magnet. He has really good results and is the captain of the basketball team. What more can a girl ask for from her ideal guy?

However, he dumps girls way too easily as if they are some playthings to him. Hundreds of girls had cried from heartbreak because of him. But, still, the number of girls flocking to him doesn't seem to decrease. Those girls sure have weird taste. What do they see in a guy like him anyway? Well, I'm never going to be one of them. You can mark my words.

Fine, lets go on to the next one. Kira Yamato, heir of the Yamato family. He too have killer looks which girls would die for. With his brunette hair and his amethyst orbs, once he smiles, girls would start swooning.

Sadly, he also belongs to the same category which I hate. Playboy. The number of girls he dated and dumped can match that Zala guy. No surprise since they are both hot and almost as rich as the other. He too have great results and is the captain of the soccer team.

Maybe he is influenced by his best friend, that Zala guy. That's why both of them are of the same type and category. I'm surprised how their 'official' girlfriends can actually stand them. About that topic, I'll get there later. Please be patient. One topic at a time.

The next one would be the Clyne family. They have a really sweet daughter named Lacus Clyne. She has long pink hair and aqua eyes which makes her a total beauty.

She is not those kind of sluttish girl whom people thought they are when they are rich and pretty. Surprisingly, she is the total opposite. She is a down to earth person and is extremely humble. Sure, she also took part in those kind of dating games whom the top 4 does but at least she doesn't always do that.

Overall, I think she is fine and should make a really great friend. That is if she wants to be my friends. A sweet girl like her have tons of admirers queuing up to date her. She is very popular in school because besides being a beauty, she has brains too. And did I forget to mention that she has a great voice?

Now, the last one is a total slut. I am affirmative of that. Her name is Meer Campbell. She acts like she is the queen in the school. She have looks just like Lacus but she has colourless orbs instead of the aqua ones Lacus have. Thank god for that. Who knows what a snob she would be if she has those orbs too.

Meer wears clothes which I think are way too revealing for her own good. Obviously, that is part of her sneaky plot to attract boys' attention. She doesn't really have a voice which is as great as Lacus (thank god!). Maybe that's why she is jealous when she hears people praising Lacus's voice.

She is the head cheerleader of the cheerleading team. No surprise. She probably bribed people into that. She also has tons of admirers whom she seems to be really proud of. And I think I did mention that she is a total arrogant, spoilt brat. Well, my opinion of her is, I HATE HER. I think this is what people call hate at first sight. Or photo to be exact.

Now, going to the 'official' girlfriend part. The top 4 are pretty much in relationship with each other. Zala is of course with Campbell. That girl seriously likes to show off because of that fact. Which rich brat wouldn't if you were dating one of the top two hottest guy in school?

Yamato is with Lacus. Notice that I did not use her last name because I think she is a nice person and therefore, no last name basis is required. I kind of pity Lacus because her boyfriend is such a playboy. Amazing how she is patient with him, though.

Ok, I'm pretty done with this. I guess I told you all I know about the information I gathered. As for the remaining top 10 and the rest of the characters, they will slowly unfold in the story. At first, I thought that my life couldn't get any worse than this, getting news that I will transfer to that school.

I'll just pray to fate and god that I would just have a peaceful life and those rich brats would leave me alone.

But, unfortunately, I guess, fate has other plans for me.

My life is about to become a living hell.

How was that? Was it really bad or was it good? Please leave me a review to tell me about your opinions. And, I'm sad to say that I might not be able to update that often for this story as I would like to finish my other fic first. But, still let me hear your opinions whether should I continue this story or not. Till then.